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UK Games Expo – Grand Clash Review

Welcome Back Trophy Hunters! The UK Games Expo happened a lifetime ago and I was able to attend the Grand Clash with Thundrik’s Profiteers as my chosen warband. I came 30th overall out of just over a hundred (I think) with two wins, a draw, and a loss. Overall I’d like to have performed better but I had four very difficult games against high calibre players and can keep my chin up with the result. I won’t go into the blow by blow of each game but will give a rundown of the results and my feeling of how the game went.

Oh and before we begin we used Best Coast Pairings again, which is an app I detest and wish that there was literally any other tournament organising platform in use. I spent the first half an hour of registration going down the registration line explaining how to use the app to players to speed up registration. Also, I’m SO glad that I brought my power bank as my phone would not have lasted the tournament having to constantly check the app. For me it just drains power like nothing else.

Round 1 vs Nathan (Zarbag’s Gitz)

In round one I was drawn against Nathan, he seemed like a younger player but in my years of competing in various systems it’s never worth underestimating a player due to their age. Nathan explained that he is on the Underworlds Discord as ‘A Git’ which was a pleasant surprise as we’d actually chatted a little bit on there.

Nathan was running Gitz and I was cursing having dropped Tome of Offerings immediately. Game One I was able to nuke Snirk, the fanatic, very early and Nathan held his cards close to his chest about what his gameplan was. I took game one 22-8.

Game Two saw all the Relics get piled onto Snirk so I focused fire on bringing him down. Having played relics myself I knew how important denying their scoring was, and I was able to control Snirk in the early game thanks to all the movement shenanigans the Profiteers have. It was close but I was able to take the second game 18-15 as the relics never got going.

Game 2 vs Derek (Ylthari’s Guardians)

I knew Derek was a good player from the Facebook Groups and whenever you recognise a name it’s usually never a good sign. Fortunately Bryce and I had been playing this match up a LOT. I threw everything at killing Ylthari and ignoring Gallaghan, and it paid off in both games as I was able to win 19-13 and 15-6. No losses and a +32 Glory Difference had me in good stead for the event.

Game 3 vs John (Thundrik’s Profiteers)

If you want a blow by blow of the game you can check John’s Blog here. For the most part it is accurate though there are a few mis-remembered details, for example:

His Drakkskewer charged mine but missed although did score Calculated Risk. 

I never used Drakkskewer to score Calculated Risk all tournament, because he literally can’t score it. We had a really tight set of games, John took the first 11-16, I took the second 21-18 and in the third my objective deck bricked me but the most frustrating moment of the game for me was when John rolled a defensive crit with Ironhail against my turn one Drakkskwer charge.

I had Ready for Action, Potion of Rage & Trap in hand with the intention of killing Ironhail (stopping Get Thee Hence! and making Headshot more difficult) with the plan being attack Dead Eye Lund with 4 dice and Trap to kill him (slowing down What Armour? and a good damage threat). I rolled double smash with Drakkskewer on the charge but John critted out of it and the game went downhill from there. Sometimes it’s just not your day. I lost the third game 11-18.

Game 4 vs Josh (Thundrik’s Profiteers)

Great another Profiteer mirror match. They really aren’t very fun to play. Josh was a good opponent and I enjoyed his company and shared in his frustration at how the games went.

In Game One we played the game well and ended with an 18-18 draw as nobody had any tiebreakers – that was a relief but also a bit lacklustre. Game Two saw Josh’s deck and dice desert him and I rolled in for a 21-6 win. Game Three the reverse happened and Josh won 8-21.

We had assumed I’d won the round as my Glory Scored & Glory Diff over the games was higher but at a Grand Clash this doesn’t matter as they are additional victory conditions if there must be a winner so it was recorded as a draw as we had both won a game. A bit of a damp ending for both of us I think there.

Final Thoughts

For the event I ended on 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. With 6 individual games won, 1 drawn game, and 3 games lost. Coming 30th after that performance stung. Though had my round draw been a win it would only have moved me to 21st as I lost 3 individual games.

I have since made multiple changes to the deck to make it more consistent and stop bricking my opening hand as much. The Thundrik’s mirror match, of which I experienced two, is one of the most miserable experiences I’ve had the displeasure of playing. I learnt a lot about how to handle those games and feel confident going into them now, but the Mexican stand off is a bit boring. Oh and once again I passed my swag onto other players as I really don’t need another set of Alternate Art Keys.