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Beastgrave Playmat

I was sent a neoprene Beastgrave Playmat for review by Games Workshop! Now I bought the Nightvault Playmat and was sorely disappointed that it was folded up and had some horrendous crease lines. I basically just dumped it into the cupboard and forgot about it, but this is something different…

This improved packaging allows the playmat to roll out straight from the box and you can put it to use almost straight away!

The playmat’s layout has room for:

  • Objective Deck
  • Discarded Objective Cards
  • Power Deck
  • Discarded Power Cards
  • Activation Tokens
  • Turn Counter
  • Unspent Glory
  • Spent Glory

Unfortunately the designers opted to repeat the Nightvault design rather than go for the optimal layout in my opinion! Which of course was the Shadespire Grand Clash layout which had room for Scored Objective Cards!

Overall this is a brilliant product and I recommend picking one up…if you’ve not won a Shadespire mat that is.