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End of Season Tier Ranking

Now, before we get into this let me preface it by saying that EVERY WARBAND CAN WIN ANY GIVEN GAME! However it is an undeniable fact that the warbands are not equal, and some have a far easier time on the competitive scene. I also enjoy tier lists as a topic of discussion so be sure to drop a comment below if you agree or disagree.

This tier ranking is based on the two factors listed below:

  1. Personal Experience – I have won a Grand Clash, won multiple Store Events, play against a fellow Grand Clash winner almost daily, and have consumed so much content that I have a deep understanding of the game. My personal experience was my initial groundwork for ranking the warbands.
  2. Best Coast Pairings – Upon initially writing the tier list I then reviewed it against the Best Coast Pairings data analysed by Wigglehammer; specifically the win percentage and games played. However, due to the recent influx of cards, and two new factions, I have had to weigh in more on my personal experience as the win rates mentioned in this article do not include the latest cards.

The win percentage on the whole for Warhammer Underworlds is incredibly tight and all bar Eyes of the Nine and Ironskull’s Boyz fall between 40-60%, which is damned good for a game with 16 factions, and further presses the point that ANY FACTION CAN WIN GAMES.

I will be revisiting this list after the two upcoming UK Grand Clashes, the final Banned and Restricted list is published, and maybe if we get to see the Dreadfane warbands too! Then we’ll get a well rounded view of the end of Season Two.

S Rank

Stormsire’s Cursebreakers: This warband exists in a league of its own. With the full array of Gambit Spells available to them Stormsire’s Cursebreakers are the ultimate flex warband, able to be built to play aggressively. defensively, or relatively uniquely as a Magic heavy build. With on-card Magic Spells and some of the most powerful in-faction cards this warband stands head and shoulders above the rest. (55% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing).

Mollog's Mob

A Rank

Mollog’s Mob: This gigantic Mushroom has caused major ripples in the game. You cannot build your deck without this lumbering guffant in mind. He will steamroll you if you don’t have the tools to defeat him. An unapologetic aggro build that goes all-in on Mollog is the definitive way to play this warband. (55% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing).

Magore’s Fiends: A solid choice. They do what they do well and will kill you if you let them. With a strong aggro game, and a decent mid-range deck they can go on the defensive and score passively if they need to. With lots of in-faction damage reduction they can outlast all but the hardest hitting fighters. (47% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Thorns of the Briar Queen: These spooky bois can play a variety of styles; aggro with the Queen of Thorns is a strong front runner which is complimented by their in-faction objectives and strong Gambits. However they most recently claimed a Grand Clash win with a Hold Objective playstyle thanks to their efficiency in movement and flexible build style. They are also one of the only warbands that can run the dreaded Katophrane Relics effectively despite the two Glory cost. (49% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Zarbag’s Gitz: The greenskin horde! This may be a surprise for some players to see them so highly rated but they score Glory extremely consistently, and an aggressive Snirk Sourtounge can rip through fighters at an alarming rate. Their Katophrane Tome end-game is strong as is their ability to play with the Keys to rack up their end game Glory.. (51% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

B Rank

Thundrik’s Profiteers: The latest Duardin expedition to the Mirrored City brings a lot of powerful ranged firepower that gives them a truly unique play experience. With generally low health pools, until Promoted, the Profiteers can struggle into a high tempo aggro warband. I’m expecting these to be a popular choice at upcoming events. (No recorded data).

Ylthari’s Guardians: The first ever Aelves to grace Shadespire! With their strong in-faction Objectives, Gambits and Gambit Ppells they are a force to be reckoned with, however with their difficult Inspire condition they struggle to get all their warband at peak performance. (No recorded data).

Sanson’s Farstriders: The Farstriders have climbed highly in my estimation. They can play a very aggressive playstyle utilising their Gambits to do unavoidable damage and with the neutral objectives focussing on ranged attacks released with the final wave their deck building has become far easier. They miss out on A Rank as Mollog still has a field day against them and they don’t really have an answer for him bar a few corner case Gambits and combos. (41% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Artwork from Warhammer Underworlds Online

C Rank

Godsworn Hunt: I wanted to put these higher in the ranking as I’ve piloted them to good success, but generally they are on the slightly weaker side due to their base stats and deck management can be difficult with them as Upgrades tend to have to go on certain fighters to score certain objectives. (49% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Steelheart’s Champions: The original boys (and girl) in blue have had a popular resurgence of late, but their main playstyle (Control/Defensive) seems to be being written out of the game, and whilst their Aggressive playstyle is decent there are simply far superior choices. (49% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Eyes of the Nine: No longer are these worshippers of Tzeentch condemned to the bottom rank! Their Librarian Blue Horror build is a decent (if predictable) end game, and with the full array of spells Vortemis can earn his keep. However, their let down is that Vortemis’ difficult Inspire Condition and a meagre single Dodge dice on his uninspired side doesn’t get you very far nowadays! (39% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Garrek’s Reavers: Having played with this faction extensively since Mollog was released they definitely have the ability to win games. With slightly outdated cards in-faction they struggle to keep up with the newer releases. This has been compounded by the most recent banned and restricted list hurting their ability to keep their fighters alive and relevant with both Sudden Growth and Deathly Fortitude being restricted. (46% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Spiteclaw’s Swarm: Skritch Spiteclaw himself is a force to be reckoned with. This faction gained a lot with the latest releases… however you know how everyone is equipping themselves with the tools to stop Mollog? Well, they also work on Skritch and if you’ve leant too heavily into aggro then you’ll be punished far and wide. If you’ve gone hold objective…there are warbands that do it better. Skritch is an unfortunate casualty of the Mollog meta. (43% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

Sepulchral Guard: The Sepulchral Guard have a soft spot in my heart. They didn’t overly benefit from the most recent set of releases as they don’t typically deal well with ranged fighters, and there are now a plethora of ranged warbands in the game. Losing Extreme Flank to the banned list, Tome of Offerings existing, and the Warden being potentially the most vulnerable leader in the game yet also the linchpin of the warband leaves them in an odd spot competitively. (41% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

D Rank

Ironskull’s Boyz: Awful in-faction objectives, all but one upgrade is character locked, ploys are sub-par. Hakka and Basha are just bad fighters. Bonekutta is fine but feels like he should have Cleave printed on his card – just look at the size of that axe!! Gurzag needs to do most of the killing but you know that whole Mollog meta thing I mentioned earlier? Well it hurts Gurzag just as much. (36% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

The Chosen Axes: The controversial one! There always has to be one! These chaps have fallen from grace. They seriously struggle against ranged warbands knocking them off objectives and we now have a LOT of ranged warbands. Grimnir’s still an absolute unit when Inspired..but the anti-Mollog tech is popular and it stops our naked loon too. (41% win rate on Wigglehammer at time of writing ).

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Hey Folks! I’ve recently come into ownership of an unopened copy of the Warhammer Underworlds Arcane Hazards and I thought what better way to celebrate the upcoming releases than to give this away to a lucky reader.

How to Enter?

Entering is easy! All you have to do is sign up to the Katophrane Relic Newsletter using the form below before Friday 26th April 2019. The winner will be drawn at random and contacted directly on this date.

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Ylthari’s Guardians First Look!

The Ylthari’s Guardians Expansion was provided for review by Games Workshop Ltd. I’d like to take a moment to thank the entire team for affording us the opportunity to review these Aelves!

Ylthari’s Guardians Backstory

Ylthari and her Guardians grew from a soulpod grove in the Jade Embassy, which long ago stood on the verdant outskirts of Shadespire. The Sylvaneth of this enclave were envoys who spoke to the Katophranes on behalf of Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood. They formed strong bonds with those who dwelt in and travelled through Shadespire, but all was sundered when Nagash cursed the city. In that instant, the Sylvaneth were cut down like wheat before the reaper’s scythe, and the soulpods that housed their spirits were imprisoned withing the Mirrored City. With the advent of the Necroquake, the Life magic of Alarielle has been able to seep through cracks in reality back into Shadespire. Some of the Sylvaneth trapped there have stirred once more, with Ylthari and her Guardians being the first to awaken. Imbued with bountiful vigour and wrath, the seek the lost soulpods of their fallen kin.

Ylthari’s Guardians Miniatures

Ylthari’s Guardians contain four fighters joining Magore’s Fiends and Mollog’s Mob as an elite warband. Four fighters provides you with an option for every activation, though you’ll likely want to make multiple activations with a key piece like Ahnslaine.

Assembling the miniatures was simple and the green colour is easily identifiable from the Orruks. My favourite miniature of the bunch is Gallanghann, they just look so imposing. Though if you’re a clumsy bugger like myself exercise extreme patience when building these models as there are many small leaves and twigs that can easily break off.

Ylthari’s Guardians
The Fighters

Ylthari – As leaders go Ylthari will not be going toe-to-toe with the opponent preferring to attack from range instead, they remind me a little of Stormsire but with a Dodge characteristic. Whilst poor Vortemis weeps in the corner at being slower and less conscious of his own safety, he can summon a friend and has an extra wound, so he’s got that going for him still.

Ylthari can be called upon to finish off an enemy fighter when needed to, with Movement 4/5 and a reasonably accurate set of attacks. Their accuracy can be boosted substantially with upgrades like Challenge Seeker and Well of Power providing a Range 3 -Focus 4 – DMG 2 attack, and you don’t need to worry about hitting that double Crit as they’ll heal it back up with their on card reaction.

As a level 2 caster Ylthari has access to all the Gambit spells from the off, and with some tasty in-faction spells like Curse of the Binding they can easily control the most deadly of fighters. Mollog, Magore and Grimnir may need to consider Revoke if this faction turns out to be popular!

Gallanghann – The tank of the warband. This aelf is a tough nut to crack. With a whopping 4 Wounds and 2 Block from the get go you’ll be hard pressed to bring them down without Cleave or a handy upgrade. In essence they’re as tough as an Inspired Stormcast, and we’ve all dealt with that at some point! To add insult to injury if they roll a crit in their defence roll you’ll be taking a damage just for trying to attack them!

Gallanghann poses an interesting dilemma to foes of Ylthari’s Guardians. With Movement 4 and a Range 2 attack they are the perfect vanguard fighter to initiate a fight and will likely be the only option to make attacks against in the first turn. Their Inspired card doesn’t present much to be desired, an AoE attack and knockback are nice but you could quite happily not Inspire this aelf.

Skhathael – Okay. This is getting interesting now! Skhathael is the aelf you WANT inspired in turn one! Be sure to run Healing Potionor Healing Amphora to get this fighter their third Attack dice and Cleave! I love the idea of upgrading them with Concealed Weapon to provide a potential 5DMG attack.

3 Health leaves the option for Challenge Seeker open (this seems like a theme, no surprise it has one of Ylthari’s Guardians on the artwork!), and any dice boosting effect will be greatly sought after to ensure they land their attacks before being removed from the battlefield.

With 4 Movement we’re seeing that this Warband can hit hard, take a punch and will likely be making the initial engagement. I’m not certain how they deal with an aggressive Skritch early in Turn One but with their controlling cards it shouldn’t be too hard to manage.

Ahnslaine – Okay. I’m in. Range three hitting on hammers is fantastic, especially when coupled with anything that gives additional dice. When you get this aelf inspired that increases to a whopping Range 4! Equipping this fighter with Upgrades before committing them is vital in unlocking their full potential.

Challenge Seeker, Gloryseeker, and Fighter’s Ferocity are all worthy mentions. However, I love the idea of using a reliable weapon upgrade such as the Shadeglass Dagger. Their reaction is not restricted to their Revenant Bow, so utilising a powerful attack to Charge and kill someone, which will trigger the reaction to make an Attack action. Then use the bow and you’ve completed three of the four requirements for Keep Them Guessing.

Ylthari’s Guardians
Faction Cards

The bit we’ve all been waiting for, and what you’ve probably skipped back to after checking out the Universal cards!

Faction Objectives

Giblin’s Top Pick

Strike Swiftly – Score Immediately when you kill with a Charge Action. Good, solid objective not more to say really.

Song of Hatred – Score Immediately for successfully casting a second or subsequent spell in this phase. I like it – on card spell from Ylthari and some tasty new spells in the Universal pool make it likely to come off whilst building into your main game plan!

Lithe Spirits – Score immediately for making a second or subsequent reaction. Well, they all have Reactions on their Fighter cards but triggering this from Potions and Gambits certainly seems the way to go! Ready for Action & Potion of Rage/Grace are a dream combo for this card!

Remaining Objectives

Reclaim the Lamentiri – Make use of Abasoth’s Unmaking and Leech Power to ensure you get an easy two glory!

Show No Mercy – Not totally reliable to score in Turn One so I’m not a huge fan, but if you’re building a hyper-aggro deck it may be something to consider.

Glade’s Pride – A Third End phase card with three glory is pretty common but keeping all these Sylvaneth alive will be a tough ask!

Glade’s Last Hope – This isn’t as difficult as it looks. If one of your fighters die you will score this as when a fighter is taken out you remove their wound tokens. Or you can try to ACTUALLY heal but that seems like a lot of effort for one Glory.

Vengeful Revenants – Not a terrible card, but a bit too situational for my liking and difficult to pull off versus Mollog/Stormsire. Two glory is a nice uplift though…

Domain Denied – I wouldn’t trust my opponent to not sit on an objective at some point in the game as I have minimal control over it.

Faction Gambits

Giblin’s Top Pick

Last Guardians – This is a personal preference – I love ‘Guard Cards’ as they build into Change of Tactics and keep your fighters fresh.

Pangs of the Great Lack – 75% chance to cause one damage to a fighter upto five hexes away, and builds into Song of Hatred.

Healing Amphora – Inspiration Strikes Plus, it helps inspire your fighters and has the added benefit of being able to heal if you need it to!

Remaining Gambits

Writhing Roots – A nice option to build into control, though Invisible Walls would be the first choice.

Curse of the Dwindling – I love it honestly, it shuts down any big hitter who relies on two dice Smash. Played in Turn One this can cripple an aggro warband for the entire game.

Springspeed Step – It’s a reaction and gives some nice mobility but with the requirement of ending up adjacent to the model that moved I’m not overly keen – though can see use to pull a fighter out of harm with the Archer during a Charge or to pull in support.

Leech Power – Nice to score Scorched Earth and Inspire Ylthari. I can see this getting played in a control deck.

Mesmerising Gaze – Removing a Guard Token feels minimal and if you’re placing a Move Token you’d be better served with Transfixing Stare to benefit from the increased range.

Strength of the Burgeoning – An easily cast gambit spell helps with Song of Anger and can catch an opponent off guard when Skathael is suddenly striking for 3 DMG and on a crit reaches 4.

Revenant Rage – +1 Dice is a common benefit. Fuelled by Fury and Haymaker are the go to choices before this one.

Faction Upgrades

Giblin’s Top Pick

Constant Growth – Who doesn’t like more Wounds?

Pinning Shot – If you’re grouping up your fighters then Pinning shot provides support where you may not normally have it. This pairs beautifully with Ylthari to keep her rolling effectively shields and both can attack from range!

Warding Stance – Three Block Defence. Nuff said. Cry when Riptooth or Skirtch roll a Crit.

Remaining Upgrades

Unflinching Guardian – Okay, lots of small font here so for your benefit:

“Reaction: During an enemy fighter’s Attack action that targets a friendly fighter supported by this fighter, after the defence roll but before the Attack action succeeds or fails, you can re-roll one defence dice.”

I’m not overly sold but could combo well with Springspeed Step, Countercharge etc.

Menacing Step – Like Countercharge but with less Push, however it is an upgrade rather than a Gambit so might see some play!

Cage of Thorns – A new spell for Ylthari. Useful for locking down big targets with lots of wounds that might not like having Move Tokens place on them…

Spiteful Thorns – It’s Blessing of Argentine but with a random roll included.

Inescapable Grasp – Dodge Cleave for not your spells. I’m not a huge fan as I don’t feel Ylthari wants to be up close and personal.

Enrage Sprite – A cute upgrade that is functionally the same as Dark Darts but less accurate.

Vengeful Blow – An attack action that scales with how many of your fighters are out of action. An interesting bit of design space but to get it’s best value then you need to be a pretty dire position though a 5 Fury 4 DMG attack is pretty baller.

Ylthari’s Guardians
Universal Cards

Universal Objectives

Giblin’s Top Pick

Lethal Repertoire – Score in an end phase when you equip an attack upgrade and make that attack action in the same phase! If you’re building for it then this is very doable!

Magical Storm – Cast four spells. Get two Glory. Cursebreakers rejoice!

Preserve their Knowledge – Knowledge is better shared than hoarded. Scored in any phase for having all surviving friendly fighters with tomes.

Remaining Universal Objectives

Keep Moving – Make four move actions in activations in the action phase. Charges count so maybe it’s not terrible for Godsworn Hunt and Ylthari’s Guardians.

One Fate – Roll three of the same dice face in an attack roll. I’ll leave this to Call it Shadespire to dissect, but it’s a real gamblers card.

Stand Firm – Put everyone on Guard for one Glory. Doesn’t seem worth it – though difficult to disrupt so might see play from some warbands.

Bloodless Skirmish – Third End Phase. Two Glory. Nobody is out of action. No thanks.

United – Bunch everything up so everyone is close by. This feels like Well Guarded but harder to score. You’re also at major risk of being a victim to Cry of Thunder.

Hold What We Have – It’s an unrestricted Perfect Planning.

Sorcerous Duel – Kill a wizard with a wizard. If Stormsires become even more popular this may be a consideration but probably a bit out there for the moment.

Preserve Life – Remove two wounds from surviving fighters. I quite like this one but getting wounded and not dying can be a bit difficult unless you like playing in Lethal Hexes.

Universal Gambits

Giblin’s Top Pick

Bolt of Inspiration – Get Stormsire Inspired and hopefully Ammis/Rastus too! I don’t see a reason to use it to Inspire an enemy fighter…but you could! Maybe because you have Cleave and they have dodge but that becomes Block when Inspired?

Entropic Curse – Cast this onto a fighter and watch them take damage at the start of each turn. This is great in turn one and useless in turn 3.

Noble Sacrifice – If you’re a large warband with bodies to spare then you can throw someone less valuable than the leader in the way to take the hit.

Remaining Universal Gambits

Felxible Strategy – Saves you an activation to dig your objective deck. Could be useful for Thundrik’s Profiteers to ensure they are promoted.

Lifesurge – It’s the same as Tainted Vitality.

Magical Damping – It’s a reaction spell (good for Sorcerous Riposte) that you cast during another spell that, if successful, reduces damage by 1 and not to a minimum of 1.

Which poses the interesting question: If an Attack succeeds but damage is reduced to zero and no damage is dealt. Is the Attack successful?

Terrifying Visage – It’s the same effect as Horrifying Armour but without the negative wounds. I think this has some major play for magic heavy Cursebreakers.

Strategic Sorcery – Double Focus but if you pull it off you can pull a discarded objective back into your hand. Keep in mind you can’t have more than three so you’ll have to discard an objective if you pull something back to a full hand.

Sphere of Ghyran – Double Channel to remove a single wound token. Vital Surge is a better choice if you’re going down this route.

Silence – …

Universal Upgrades

Giblin’s Top Pick

Tome of Insight – Great for more Tomes on the Blue Horror but if you can spare the activation learning all your opponent’s power hand could be amazing if you’ve loaded up with counter play cards.

Scroll of Recall – Did you just cast Sphere of Aqshy or Abasoth’s Withering and want to do it again in the next power setp? On a 4+ you can do just that!

Nullstone Arrows – Range 4 is just solid for scoring some of those hard to come by objectives and lets you make funky charges. With Gloryseeker and a Trap/Pit Trap this gives you a commanding presence.

Remaining Universal Upgrades

Blessing of Ignax – I don’t know who or what an Ignax is but I want their blessing! +2 Damage to the next Range 1 or 2 attack action is stellar! Can you hear it? That sounds like Mollog shaking in his boots.

Duellist’s Speed – From a successful career piloting Spiteclaw’s Swarm I can tell you that pushes to and from combat are handy!

Fading Form – Ignore blocked/lethal/fighters but can’t end in an occupied or blocked hex. I’ve never found great use for these abilities.

Well of Power – Stormsire & Ylthari’s favourite new card. Votermis can sit and cry elsewhere. An additional magic die to their Spell Attacks is so-so good.

Spinning Defence – Reaction to a failed attack. No drive back but scatter 2 and determine a final position… okay.

Quick Learner – Enemy hurt you? Draw a card. I love this for Mollog!

Fated Blade – What a card! Decent Accuracy but totally unknown damage value it could be 5! It could be 0! It’s likely two!

However…that interesting question is back again: If an Attack succeeds but no damage is dealt. Is the Attack successful?

Ylthari’s Guardians Decklist

This deck allows for you to score a lot of passive glory Score Immediately Glory without really putting yourself in harms way but also building into a lot of end of phase glory. I imagine this will be a ‘long board’ or ‘diagonal’ deployment on the Amber Forbidden Chamber board.

Thanks for taking the time to read through – please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and how you’ll be building your deck for Ylthari’s Guardians.

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Thundrik’s Profiteers First Look

The Thundrik’s Profiteers Expansion was provided for review by Games Workshop Ltd. I’d like to take a moment to thank the entire team for affording us the opportunity to review these Duardin!

Thundrik’s Profiteers Backstory

Bjorgen Thundrik and his crew of skyfarers were not the first among the Kharadron Overlords to search for Shadespire. The whispered rumours of the Katophranes’ Treasure had reached many sky-ports, but those expeditions that were sent either returned empty-handed or did not return at all. With a hardy crew and a magnificent sky vessel at his command, Thundrik set out to achieve what all others had failed to do. By following the faint scent of aether-gold that wafted across the Desert of Bones, he eventually found the dead city – but his expedition too was ultimately doomed. He, along with his crew and even his ship, were drawn in by the deathly magic of that cursed place, and found themselves trapped in the Mirrored City. Thundril now leads his bold crew of profiteers in search of their lost skyvessel – for without its capacious hold they have no way of escaping with all the treasures they acquired.

Thundrik’s Profiteers Miniatures

Thundrik’s Profiteers contain five fighters joining Garrek’s Reavers and Spiteclaw’s Swarm as a middling size warband. Five fighters provides you with flexibility in your activation choice, as not all the Profiteers will be able to activate without Power Cards, this affords you some redundancy in case one should be taken out of action

Assembling the miniatures was simple and the ‘brown’ metallic colour is easily identifiable from the Skaven, rather more in keeping with the brass steampunk look of the Kharadron Overlords. My favourite miniature of the bunch has to be Khazagan Drakkskewer with his Skyrigger Balloon. These Duardin certainly feel regimented and a cohesive force – I’ll be having mine painted as the box art suggests. Though I cannot wait to see what the community produces with the various Skyport colour schemes available.

Thundrik’s Profiteers
The Fighters

Bjorgen Thundrik is an extremely fun name to say, and an extremely fun model to use in your games of Warhammer Underworlds! With an accurate ranged attack, which only gets MORE accurate & damaging once inspired, Thundrik is able to threaten anyone within five hexes of him despite his stunty legs.

Promotion is an interesting new ‘inspire’ mechanic that I TOTALLY CALLED CORRECTLY in my predictions of this warband. Having easily scored objectives in turn one is extremely important for this warband, and getting Thundrik inspired as soon as possible is a must as he is required on the table to Inspire the rest of the warband!

His on card reaction provides an exciting prospect for area denial! When activated near a group of lethal hexes Bjorgen can force the opponent to take damage if they want to get near his profiteers!

Dead-eye Lund scores you What Armour? early as soon as possible! With his Duardin profiling you’ll want to get this profiteer promoted after Khazgan and Thundrik.

Garodd Alensen is the warband’s Danglebro. He will likely score you Martyred or Calculated Risk to ensure that Thundrik or Khazgan can get their promotion. All in a days work for Garrod, and don’t worry he’ll be brought back to life for another fight another day…he is in the Mirrored City after all!!

Enrik Ironhail scores you Get Thee Hence! and probably Martyred. Inspiring him is nice but not overly necessary unless you’re truly GUNNING for Headshot! Range three with Knockback provides a lot of utility to dictate who can engage the Profiteers, especially when you consider Seek the Skyvessel.

Khazgan Drakkskewer is your second promotion and close combat fighter! A range 2 attack for 2/3 damage is nothing to turn your nose up at. Bonus points for playing Spectral Wings, Charging in with Khazgan, scoring Cover Ground, Promote him, hit for more damage and then disappear with Illusory Fighter or Seek the Skyvessel

Thundrik’s Profiteers
Faction Cards

The bit we’ve all been waiting for, and what you’ve probably skipped back to after checking out the Universal cards!

Faction Objectives

Giblin’s Top Pick

Headshot – All the attacks you’re going to make (bar Khazgan & Garrod) are range three, and you’re pretty likely to score a Crit Hit with the amount of dice you’re rolling. Challenge Seeker just seems to be the ultimate upgrade at the moment to get these low health fighter an extra dice!

Remaning Faction Objectives

Search the City – A duplicate of Our Only Way Out I foresee some objective play for this warband but I’m not sure it’s how I’ll be running them!

Stake a Claim – Essentially this is Denial in any turn. I don’t think this card will see much play honestly, with the Profiteers excelling at range the opponent has to come to you to score any combat oriented objectives.

Live by the Code – An extremely easy to score objective turn one if you’re confident you don’t need to go digging for objectives. It DOES lock you down from discarding unscored objectives – be careful with this as you may brick your hand for the sake of one glory and a Promotion.

Sound Finances – This is a brilliant turn two or three card – having five unspent glory is easy to come by when you build for it. I think this may see play as a two glory objective is always good to have!

It’s Ours Now – Score this if two or more friendly fighters are in nobody’s territory. At best you need to occupy two of seven hexes and at worst you need to occupy two of three hexes, all the while leaving your fighters vulnerable to those who wish to do them harm. This isn’t for my playstyle.

Collect Bounty – It’s the same as Assasinate, and I’ve not seen that card since the original Shadespire core box!

Faction Gambits

Giblin’s Top Pick

Seek the Skyvessel – Oh my yes! This card is golden! Every playstyle will love this card! Ploys that let you Move are so good! Remember regardless of whether you have a Move or Charge Token you can still make this move as it’s a ploy that is telling you to do it. Great for scoring Longstrider.

Toxic Gasses – aka my bathroom after I’ve been on the boozer. I like that this allows you opponent to pick their demise. For anyone near lethal hexes this is just a point of Damage but if you can set it up correctly then you can put the screws to your opponent as they try to figure out your cunning plans.

Quiet Contemplation – There are better cards for either effect. If you want to draw Power then take Improvisation, if you want to draw Objective Cards take Rethink Strategy. This card gives you that flexibility to switch up what you want.

Remaning Faction Gambits

Unyielding – Not being driven back isn’t really a big deal – with the low health pools being hit will likely result in death. Not being driven back due to a tied result probably doesn’t do all that much.

Atmospheric Isolation – If you’ve got Thundrik alive this has the same effect as No Time but if he’s dead. Then this is a blank card.

Ambitious Attack – +1 Damage to range 1 or 2 Attacks – only relevant to Khazgan really. As most attacks will come from Range 3 I think this is a pass.

Prepared Position – The Guard Card! I love it. Great for scoring Change of Tactics and getting someone promoted efficiently.

Aetheric Augmentation – The designers loved alliteration for these cards… this card provides +1 dice. As I’ve said many times this is a nice to have but with the existence of Fulled by Fury and Haymaker available this will be left at the wayside for those with complete collections.

Timed Charge – Leave a bomb behind when Khazgan flys away from a fighter. On the roll of a Smash or Crit then all adjacent fighters suffer 1 damage. This is a nice thematic card but not one I’ll be running!

Protect the Boss – Choose a friendly fighter and push them two hexes towards Thundrik. It’s got some uses but I’ll be taking Seek the Skyvessel for my shenanigans!

Faction Upgrades

Giblin’s Top Pick

Ancestral Fortitude– More wound = more promotions!

Ancestral Might – Given to Drakkskewer for big attacks, and in-faction artwork is a nice change to Great Strength.

Augmented Buoyancy – Move 6, ignoring blocked and lethal hexes, and Range 2 attacks make even Skritch jealous, and a good alternate to Faneway Crystal to score Cover Ground.

Remaning Faction Upgrades

Rapid Reload – Double tap that minigun! As a rule I’m not a huge fan of named Upgrades unless they are particularly powerful. With Ironhail only having three health when promoted I’m not overly confident with him surviving long enough to make full use of this.

Swashbuckler – Bonus dice are great, but see above for the exact same point about named upgrades.

Empowered Aethershot – Cleave on Ironhail is amazing. But see above.

Magmalt Draught – A reprint of Potion of Constitution I like it to keep Thundrik ticking!

Paymaster – Impress the boss! If you’re planning to group up this is a solid upgrade to allow re-rolls!

Punishing Retort – I like the effect but loathe the attack. Attacking your foe when they fail an attack is great, but when it HAS to be a two fury one damage attack I’m less enthused. After using Magore’s Fiends recently I’ve learnt how pants the Gorefist is.

Breath of Grungi – Knockback 1 Darts. Good for another option to score Get Thee Hence! but I think Ironhail will have that covered.

Thundrik’s Profiteers
Universal Cards

Universal Objectives

Giblin’s Top Pick

Tactical Supremacy 2-5 – It’s nice to see more of these cards for the Hold Objective Warbands!

Calculated Risk – PHWOAR!!!! Just Move through a lethal hex and score a glory. F**K YES!

Death from Afar – Score Immediately for killing while at least three hexes away. Magic & Ranged Attack fighters got a buff here! I think Farstriders needed it. I don’t think Cursebreakers needed it.

Remaining Universal Objectives

Biding Your Time – Score this if you took no attack actions and have at least one fighter on the battlefield. Brilliant for hyper-defensive warbands!

Branching Fate – Score Immediately if you roll three or more Attack/Defence dice and they all show a different result. If you have the capability to reach that many dice then it’s not terrible.

Building Momentum – Score at least two other objectives in this phase for one glory. Essentially this is a reprint of Flawless Strategy.

Every Trick in the Book – Another reprint, this time of No More Tricks.

Versatile Fighter – Score in the end Phase if you made a Range 1 or 2 attack AND a Range 3 or more attack in the proceeding action phase. Brilliant for Sanson and the bird.

Tireless Slayer – Score if a single fighter takes three fighters out of combat in the proceeding action phase. Mollog might consider this but I doubt it’ll be overly popular outside the Mob.

Patient Commander – Third End Phase. Score if you took 2nd activation in all turns. I’ll be leaving this in the binder.

Master of Mayhem – Score immediately if you have used three or more actions/card that utilise a Scatter (hello all-in Snirk players!).

Universal Gambits

Giblin’s Top Pick

Aetherflux – Make you hard to cast spells easier! The applications of this are wide reaching and opens up a lot of opportunity for those big double focus spells!

Amnesiac Backlash – Cast on a crit and as a reaction BUT if it comes off the opposing S̶t̶o̶r̶m̶s̶i̶r̶e̶ wizard cannot cast spells any more!!

Sphere of Aqshy – We’ve reached tipping point. Wizards now have the tools to do a lot of damage at range. This is functionally the same as Raptor Strike, and we know how good that is!!

Remaining Universal Gambits

Stand and Shoot – Shoot the guy who is about to charge you in the face! You can’t drive them back but you could kill them :shrug:

Piling On – Stab them in the Knee for everyone!

Black Powder Sphere – A nice way of getting some AoE damage out there but the application is so random. There is a Scatter to see where the bomb lands and then a 50/50 roll to see if any damage is done.

Shifting Reflection – I quite like this – you can switch the position of two fighters that are holding objectives. Maybe a bit too niche but I love the idea of it!

Trading Up – Ditch the upgrade you have to equip one from your hand!

Magical Dearth – Only crits matter for spells in the power step. If this rolled into the next activation too I think it might see a little more play but as it is simply playing Silence is better.

Empathic Exchange – Big two health healing spell that Ylthari’s Guardians might consider packing into their deck!

Universal Upgrades

Giblin’s Top Pick

Tome of Healing – Gotta push that Tome play!

Blessing of Hydragos – Keep on stabbing people! Great for bouncing away from a Charge!

Earthing Stone – Shut down Objective play by removing the ability to score them!

Remaining Universal Upgrades

Crown of Avarice – Okay, this is the real winner of the upgrades in my opinion. Throw this on a vital fighter or a danglebro and then you can essentialy steal the Glory they just earned for killing them!

Hammer of Scorn – 2 Smash, 2 Damage, Knockback 2. Just a solid attack that will send folks flying! My Turn this!!

Voidsceptre – remove those horrible Persist spells. Time will tell if this becomes worth it – my gut says Warding Scroll is better value.

Reinforced Armour – Attacks that do a single point of damage don’t do damage. Is the attack successful still? Probably not.

Paradox Armour – This might be useful if you roll multiple dodge dice, but those crits can save your ass!

Nullstone Mace – Mact to Face! It’s a solid attack…but Hammer of Scorn is there.

Hunter’s Tenacity – Drive your opponent back and follow them up – it’s nice but there are better post-attack reactions, and I’m not 100% sure how this helps you win games.

Thundrik’s Profiteers Decklist

Untested list but the main aim is similar to my Godswon Hunt Deck & Tech. Everyone is a tool for a job and aim to make the most of their abilities printed on to the cards e.g. Cleave/Knockback

None of the score immediately cards are linked with kills so there is no need to engage more than required.

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On the Painting Table: Ironsoul’s Condemners

There’s been a bit of a lull in new information about Nightvault recently, though that is all about to change this week (hopefully) as we have Thundrik’s Profiteers & Ylthari’s Guardians going on pre-order on Easter Weekend, and you can bet your socks this blogger is picking them up!

In the interim since Mollog & Godsworn Hunt were released there has been a drought of tournaments in my local area. Though it appears Element Games were jealously hoarding TWO glass trophies. So, I’ve rallied them to action and have got an event to attend on Saturday 20th April. An international Holiday for some, but not this writer; Shadeglass is the only drug I need.

RELATED ARTICLE: Painted or Unpainted?

What’s on the painting table?

If you follow me on Instagram (@_GiblinKing) then you’ll know I’m eagerly awaiting Dreadfane to surface so I can get Ironsoul’s Condemners onto the tabletop, so in preparation I’ve been painting up the easy-to-build Sequitors.

Now, I’m NOT a painter. I have enjoyed painting in the past, and this latest painting experience has been relaxing and reminded me why I used to paint. The low number of models that actually need to be painted has spurred me on, as well as the lack of a deadline i.e. for the next event. I’ve just got the last one to finish which feels doable, I expect I’ll be coming back to these to touch them up as I get more and more comfortable holding a paintbrush again.

Something that has been a HUGE help in getting these painted was to use a painting guide. I never really paid attention to painting guides in the past, choosing to create my own scheme – but when someone else has done the hard work and painstakingly detailed how to achieve their scheme it seems like I’ve been foolish not to use it. Here are the guides I used:

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been painting and what you’re looking forward to most; Ylthari’s Guardians or Thundrik’s Profiteers.

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Exclusive Reveal! New Warband!

It should be clear, but just in case, this was an April Fool’s joke.

It’s with great honour that Katophrane Relic has been chosen by the powers that be to reveal a BRAND NEW TOTALLY LEGIT warband for Warhammer Underworlds: Nightvault – Archibald’s Folly.

Enjoy playing Order warbands in Warhammer Underworlds but can’t pick your favourite? Archibald’s Folly are for you! With betters bois than Riptooth, speed to outpace Grawl and offensive bite to make even Batsquig think twice, this highly flexible set of fighters are rewarding, powerful and fun.

Archibald is a bit of an all-rounder! Able to cast low level spells – especially when equipped with an Innate Channel, he is happy to sit back until he’s ready to pounce!

With speed 6 and a Defence of 2 Archibald can choose his moment to strike, and dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge his way to safety! Be careful though, if this good boi does get hit then his meagre three health disappears very quickly. I recommend Sudden Growth to get yourself a great big great boi!

Archibald’s Beaky Bite is reminiscent of Hero Slayer – an inaccurate attack but with a huge payoff! Archibald’s Folly will want to hang back until they’re ready to flood into the opponent’s territory and cause havoc. Good upgrades would be the Potion of Rage and Awakened Weapon to increase the accuracy or if you’ve got last activation Haymaker is a great inclusion.

With Archibald’s Folly on pre-order today only you really need to go and place your order now.

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Getting Board!

We’ve had the Forbidden Chambers board pack out for a while now, and I’ve begun to realise something. Whenever I’ve won a board roll off 90% of the time I’m using this board…

Annoyingly the scanner cut off half of the hexes along the left side!

…it has fantastic set up potential whether you’re the aggressor or the defender. For a well written article determining which role you should take check out this Magic the Gathering resource by Star City Games.

Let’s take a look at some of the common set ups that I’ve been using, and I’ve seen players using to good effect.

Aggressive Set Up

So, you’ve chosen to play an aggressive warband or deck – you’ve won the roll off and you’re opponent puts down a decent first board pick; the Soul Refractor. With three single blocked hexes and starting hexes generally pretty evenly spread it’s a good all-rounder. Then you whack out the Amber Forbidden Chambers Board aka Chasmatic Amphitheatre and set up like this…

…pow! You’ve got four fighters up in their grill and if you have speed 3 (sorry guard & dwarves) then you can reach all but two fighters in the opponent’s territory! You also have the bonus of starting someone on an edge hex to utilise hidden paths. If you’re the aggressor this board lets you flood into the opponent’s half fast!

Defensive Set Up

Okay. You’ve seen the one-dimensional set up for using the board aggressively, and it’s a good set up, but what I love this board for is it’s defensive uses. You can use it as a good long board OR diagonal deployment. Now, assuming your opponent is wise to your tricks and plays the Arcane Nexus to give themselves the best opportunity to get close to you in a long board deployment – well – let’s see how it fares up:

Seamless edit job to add in the missing hexes…

Yuck! If you want to safely traverse this board then it would take 7 hexes of movement just to get adjacent to an opposing model, assuming that they stand still and don’t push you back. Heck, even if your opponent is using a 7 model warband you’ll normally only have the option to hit a single model in turn one, unless you’re super fast! Okay – that’s pretty cool – I hear you say. But, this is not the boards BEST use if you need to sit back and hide…

Whilst the distance is less in this instance, only six hexes away – watch out for Riptooth with Spectral Wings or Skritch – this board lets you spread your fighters out forcing even more distance to be covered by the opponent if they want to go after your fighters. You deploy in a position where anyone can use Hidden Paths AND can score Skirting Danger if you’re after some passive glory. Or if you’re a larger seven model warband then you still only concede one model to be taken out in turn one!!

Is this a problem board?

If you take the time to get your boards out and lay them out in the diagonal layout, where you choose the orientation of the opponent’s board, there isn’t a bad line up for this amber board. The lack of a starting hex in the corner with the lethal hexes allows it to be used hyper defensively. Besides drawing spectral wings/hidden paths in turn one I’m not entirely sure how to go about initiating a fight in turn one if you’re playing as the aggressor and aren’t Mollog.

Have you been using this board?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been using this board frequently or have had it used against you. Personally I feel that this board is getting an inordinate amount of play time and its definitely on my watch list of potential imbalance!