Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Shadespire Event at Rebel Base Gaming, with the new shiny OP Kit in use! I REALLY WANT A GLASS TROPHY! We had to submit our deck lists a week before the event and I thought I’d try something a little bit different, whilst still being objective focussed I thought I’d see how it went removing some of the ‘auto-include’ … Continue reading Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

Top 5 Tips for Competitive Play

Are you attending a Grand Clash? Want to win the delicious swag? Nothing can replace practice, but these 5 Tips will improve your play! Jamie’s Top 5 Tips When Playing Shadespire Ask yourself “How am I scoring Glory this turn?” – Don’t be tempted to go and hit someone just because you can. You have 12 activations in which to score Glory. Make every single … Continue reading Top 5 Tips for Competitive Play