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Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

After my poor showing at the Grand Clash I was determined to improve my game with Thundrik’s Profiteers and hone the deck some more. I’ve made changes to the deck I trained In the Dojo with and I’m very happy with how it’s performing. So, I packed my bags and headed to Rebel Base Gaming!

Round 1 vs Jason (Ylthari’s Guardians)

Game one: Well there isn’t much to say on it everything went to plan and I won the game 21-6 as Jason’s plan completely fell apart!

Round One couldn’t have gone better!

Game Two: A win here secures the round. Ylthari started explosively killing Garrod and Ironhail whilst scoring 8 glory. Alas, the Guardians blew so many powerful cards in Turn One that they were vulnerable in Turn Two and Three. The game ended 22-14, putting me at +23 Glory Difference after Round 1, and 44 Glory Scored (Glory Scored was the first tiebreak).

Another strong win put me in good stead for the tournament

Round 2 vs Bryce (Mollog)

Great. A Grand Clash winner and Mollog stood between me and the Shadeglass trophy.

Game 1: Opening move of the game; Dead Eye Lund charges Mollog to score What Armour? and misses. At this point I thought I’d lost the game, in activation one of Turn One. Bryce is a great player and I fully expected him to take advantage of the situation. Fortunately, for me, dice are malicious cubes of hate and they hated Bryce that day. I ended up winning 21-12.


Game 2: After a dicey victory in game 1. I knew Bryce would rally and give me an incredibly tough game. He started strong and Mollog pulled ahead extremely quickly. By the end of turn two the score was 16-8 to Bryce and he’d used illusory fighter to retreat mollog denying me the opportunity to score my objectives. Fortunately the Profiteers can score glory like nothing else I’ve encountered and due to a misplay from Bryce I was able to score 8 glory through a mix of kills, upgrades and objectives to bring it to a 16-16 draw in the final turn and good old Thundrik was sat on an objective to take me through to the final.

When the game is looking tight, always stand on an objective!

Round 3 vs Mike (Sepulchral Guard)

Oh great! After beating a Grand Clash Winner I now had to take on a Grand Clash finalist! I swear the Northern tournament circuit is one of the hardest places to win a sodding Glass Trophy.

Game One: Everything went to plan for me, and Mike’s deck never got started. He drew 9 Upgrades as his opening power cards. An 18-6 win for me. One more and the Shadeglass would be mine!

Photo reconstructed as I forgot to take any of this game!

Game Two: So Mike was playing Tomes! This was a super tight game with barely any objectives being scored on both sides. Going into the end of Turn Three I was sat on 11 Glory and Mike was on 10. With the Warden dead and Restless Dead used I had a final attempt to kill the Librarian (the skeleton holding all the Tomes). I equipped Thundrik with Tome of Offerings and Potion of Rage and made a charge to kill the Champion. I missed entirely with all 4 dice! In the end Phase Mike scored 8 Glory thanks to a whopping 5 from Acolyte of the Katophranes and Superior Tactician putting the scores at 11-18. Had the attack killed the Champion the game would have been a draw!

Stupid dice coming back to curse me!

Game Three: This one was for all the marbles! And my dice did not want to play anymore. In the opening turn I missed three attacks in a row from Dead Eye Lund to score What Armour?, and in the final crucial activation of the game Drakkskewer’s Tome of Offering kill was stopped by Last Chance, and then his Ready for Action attack completely missed!! The game ended 17-18 to Mike thanks to his Libraian scoring 6? Glory and my Khazagann failing to make his attacks count! Congratulations Mike!

Turn One was wasted trying to score What Armour?

Final Thoughts

Well, I got lucky versus Bryce and luck was not a lady for me in the game against Mike. To quote Love Island #ItIsWhatItIs the Profiteers are performing very well for me with this newly tweaked deck. I came 2nd overall at the event with a whopping 125 Glory Scored and Glory Difference of 36. There’s always next time…

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Warhammer Fest Grand Clash Event Review

Following on from my In the Dojo article I was feeling a bit nervy heading into the Grand Clash. My Cursebreakers had spent the week being beaten by everything Bryce and I threw at it. Time has since passed since the event and details have become blurry. There are some definite stand out moments – specifically in my game versus Rafa in the final round.

Anyway, I travelled to the Richo Arena on my lonesome and leaving the house at 5.30AM after a night of drinking prior. Fortunately I was able to travel via montage, and was able to get there easily. I.e. It was a long boring journey with many changeovers that drained my will to live.

By the time I’d finally arrived there was only 30mins or so to prepare. I’d packed my bags the night before with a shot at the Grandest Glass in mind this includes:

  • 3x 500ml bottles of water
  • Nurofen Express (fast acting headache tablets)
  • 2x Banana
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Deodorant

4 Rounds in a single day can take it’s toll on you mentally and physically. Staying hydrated should be a huge party of your daily routine anyway but at a convention it’s very easy to succumb to beer, soft drinks, energy drinks etc these make you groggy and can cause sugar spikes and crashes.

I was already nursing a hangover, so the Nurofen was keeping me ticking but I was being sparing with them as I’d likely need them going into the final round. The bananas are a great source of energy and helps stave off the desire to stuff your face with chocolate/crisps/vendor trash.

Nerds aren’t the cleanest of people. It’s a sad fact. I took the deodorant because I’m a decent human – conventions can be sweaty smelly places and keeping yourself fresh is a common courtesy to other attendees. Finally, I’ve been to enough cons in my time to know that I’ll end up shaking many hands or handling doors that might not be the cleanest. The number of attendees who don’t wash their hands after using the rest room is disgustingly high. The hand sanitiser is to keep the con crud at bay as best I can try!

If you’re going to a large convention or gaming event be considerate of your personal hygiene, and if you’re trying to win stick to water over beer. Anyway onto the games

Game 1 vs Ian (Magores)

I managed to win this set of games 2-0. Having played Aggro warbands for an extremely long time, and using Magores myself recently I knew how vital Magore tends to be as he can score What Armour & Show of Strength, and tends to have some Character Locked Upgrades too. Assassinating him tends to leave the deck in an awkward situation where you can draw into dead objective and power cards.

The cards and dice allowed me to do this in both my games…in Turn One. Through a combination of Attack Actions, Shardgale, Sphere of Aqshy, Cry of Thunder, and Abasoth’s Withering I was able to kill Magore before he got going. The games ended 15-3 and 18-2 respectively.

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better start. No losses and +28 Glory Difference would put me near the top of the table and away from the sharks as previous Grand Clahses had ranked top of bracket with bottom of bracket. We’re not quite sure it was ran that way this time as in round 4 Aman (solely undefeated) was playing on Table 3 whilst both myself and Rafa on Table 2 had dropped a game :shrug:

Game 2 vs Miles (Eyes of the Nine)

Game 2 saw me against Miles. You may remember Miles from a previous blog where he piloted his Eyes of the Nine amazingly versus Michael Carlin. Well, seeing him over the table from me was a bit terrifying as I was hoping for a nice easy win. This would not be one.

Game 1 went about as well as I could have hoped and managed to take it quite comfortably. Game 2 was not. Vortemis got jacked up on upgrades and spells and was an absolute nightmare to deal with. I thought Stormsire had finally got him when I rolled a Crit and a Hit for Fulmination to finish off the Tzeetchian pest, but then Miles rolled Crit, Crit, Dodge to give Cursebreaker the middle finger and then proceeded to kill Rastus with an Unfocused Blast and take down Stormsire with a charge!

Our final game was an incredibly tight affair. I held a hand of upgrades and distraction as I had Alone in the Darkness and wanted to grab as much passive glory as possible before committing. I probably should have ditched them as I ended up bricking my hand a little but the game ended 15-15 after a flurry of action, and Rastus was sat on an objective to give me the win.

Game 3 vs Will (Mollog)

After dropping a game in the previous round I knew I’d need a big Glory Difference to put me back in the running for the final. I was already on +39 so was feeling decent and I was aiming to grab maybe +15 this round to push me to +54 before the final round which was likely to be against tougher opponents with less chance to get big wins. So when my opponent put Mollog down on the table I cried internally.

To give a brief rundown of the games they both went like this:

  1. Mollog kills Ammis and Rastus
  2. Stormsire uses Hidden Paths to reach Critters
  3. Stormsire kills Critters
  4. Mollog arrives to kill Stormsire
  5. Stormsire uses Illusory Fighter to disappear
  6. Mollog stomps his feet in anger

I managed to take the round 2-0 and with a whopping +16 Glory Difference! I’d managed to exceed my goal for the round and put myself in the best position possible to make the top tables and maybe the final!

Game 4 vs Rafa (Cursebreakers)

Much time has passed since this game. I’m currently writing this over a week from the event and some details may be a bit mixed – work and life have gotten in the way of the hobby.

So, as I sat down to wait for my final opponent of the day I was positioned on table two. To my left the top table was Mollog vs Thorns of the Briar queen, piloted by a Canadian and a Filipino, whilst to my right on table three was Magore vs Thundrik, piloted by an American and a Brit. In front of me sat down Rafa, a Spaniard. I consider it a huge success of Warhammer Fest and Warhammer Underworlds to draw in so many nationalities and to have them all compete at the highest calibre was fantastic.

Rafa pulled out his Cursebreakers, and I wasn’t feeling overly confident. In Bryce and my practice matches of Lunchspire the mirror match was very coin flippy and basically whoever assassinated Stormsire first was likely to win.

Game One

Game One saw Rafa win the board roll and I placed down the Arcane Nexus as it allows me to deploy deeply and force Rafa to run through Lethal Hexes, whilst Rafa did the same. An unfortunate Turn One bid to assassinate my Stormsire with Ammis left Rafa vulnerable to my Stormsire to go and kill his leader. Which happened. I was able to win this game 18-12, which is truly a testament to how good Cursebreakers are at scoring glory even without Stormsire!

Game Two – This one is reasonably clear in my head!

This time round I won board roll. Rafa chose the Arcane Nexus attempting to mimic the set up previously, whilst I chose the Amber Forbidden Chambers Board and at the maximum diagonal. Turn One saw us jockey for position with Rafa exclaiming that he cannot do anything as the Blocked Hex was making it difficult for Stormsire to target anyone without over committing and standing next to the Lethal Hexes was not an inviting offer.

In Turn One I was able to use Spoils of Battle to equip Stormsire with Tempest Might and Inspire thanks to Abasoth’s Unmaking. I also had Sphere of Aqshy and Illusory Fighter in hand. This was a god hand and I felt very confident that I’d be able to assassinate Rafa’s Stormsire before he Inspired. At the end of Turn One I charged with my Stormsire and failed to cast Fulmination. Damn. I cast Sphere of Aqshy on Stormsire to set up the kill next turn and used Illusory Fighter to return to my safe spot away from Rafa’s fighters.

Turn Two. I won initiative and passed priority to Rafa as I wanted the final activation as he would have to be the aggressor in this instance, as he knew I had more passive glory capability. I had drawn another God Hand. I had Ready for Action, Potion of Rage, Well of Power, Abasoth’s Withering and Great Fortitude. I had no unspent glory so would need a kill to trigger Ready for Action.

The cards and how Rafa’s Ammis & Cursbreaker resulted on three wounds a piece may have been different but this is simple enough to explain by just using cards I had at my disposal.

Rafa knew he had to make a decision and charged with Ammis dealing three damage to my Ammis, but leaving his fighter in range of my Stormsire’s Fulmination. I cast Abasoth’s Withering. I attacked with Fulmination, and didn’t roll a hit. Rafa used Hidden Paths to put Rastus next to my Ammis and killed her. I rolled for Fulmination, and didn’t roll a hit. Rafa drew a card. I rolled for Fulmination, and Rafa blocked it. Rafa’s Stormsire moved up attack my Rastus and succeeded and Inspired. I charged Rafa’s Ammis with my Fulmination in range of his Stormsire for a kill, Ready for Action & Potion of Rage attack versus his Stormsire to try and kill two in one activation. I rolled my Fulmination, can you guess what happened?

Turn Three saw Rafa’s Ammis get upgraded with Great Strength and charge into my Stormsire – killing him. From there on out it was a case of his Stormsire mopping up. The game ended 3-15 to Rafa and kudos to him for making the best of a bad situation. Were I to play this game again with the same cards in hand I would do everything exactly the same again. I was frustrated that I had done everything correctly, forced Rafa to make difficult decisions whilst maintaining control over the game and still ended up losing.

Game 3

This was the one for all the marbles. The top table were only on their second game and wouldn’t find time for a third and were getting heated as it was EXTREMELY close on Glory scored and Glory Diff.

I lost board rolls and decided to go a bit left field as Rafa now knew about the Amber Forbidden Board set up. I elected to go for the Penitent’s Throne whilst Rafa played what he knew and went with the Arcane Nexus again. I made some basic errors in this game and pretty much cost myself the win by standing Stormsire next to Ammis at the end of turn one stopping myself scoring Alone in the Darkness and delaying my glory generation. The game ended up 10-12 to Rafa, and had I not made that mistake the ‘butterfly effect’ of my card draw would have been so much smoother and inline with how I was playing. Que sera.

A frustrating end to the event, being undone by dice and then by my own mistake. Fortunately Rafa went on to win the final (sorry Aman) so I get to smugly say “I only lost to the winner of the event”. I finished in the top 8 and grabbed some more acrylic glory tokens, and I think I was 8th but there is honestly no public display of results…which kinda sucks.

The remaining swag I passed out amongst attendees who I saw collecting their stuff last or not at all. As I don’t need any more paraphernalia that isn’t acrylic and it’s nice to share the wealth. Speaking of wealth…Profiteers are looking promising eh? There is another Grand Clash on 31st May – so I’ll probably be back in the dojo and then out for another shot at glass.

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Zarbag’s Gitz: The Littlest Boiz That Could

Hey there readers, it’s Bryce back with a quick tournament report/deck list since I won glass this weekend and Giblin didn’t. I’ve been running Gobbos for a few weeks now, as anyone who’s been following our #Lunchspire reports knows, and doing alright with them. Consistently won against Godsworn Hunt, and generally lost against Garrek’s Reavers, largely since my rolls for board placement turned hard once Giblin switched over to Reavers and controlling board placement is pretty huge for the littlest boiz.

I’m gonna give my deck list first, then a quick tourney report, then general thoughts on Gobbos.

Restricted Cards: Superior Tactician, Change of Tactics, Defensive Strike, Escalation, Ready for Action

Zarbag’s Gitz: Objectives

Change of Tactics, What Armour, Martyred, Defensive Strike, Obliterated: Score immediately cards are always super important. Martyred cause it’s a rare turn where a gobbo doesn’t die, the rest cause they’re just easy to score. Obliterated cause Snirk is both your most reliable damage dealer, and the most interesting model mechanically in the entire game.

Escalation, Solid Gains, Master of War, Shining Example, Keep Them Guessing: Easy passives which you can score off your other score immediatelies, or in the case of Escalation, pretty much any time you like. Keep Them Guessing gets a special mention cause of the Scurry FAQ, so for some reason, it’s very possible to satisfy three conditions (Charge, Scurry, Move) in a single activation. Really weird ruling, but hey, I’ll take it.

Supremacy: You have so many gitz plus Scurry, this is a relatively easy card to score without taking more objective cards to double down. I don’t like doubling up in case you lose three objectives and you can only reliably get 3 models on them one turn, usually. Grots tend to die quite a lot.

Superior Tactician: Worst card in the game, garbage, useless piece of trash. I used to have Mad Scurry, but for about 6 games drew it last on turn 2 or on 3 when too many boiz were dead to score it. Then switched it out for Superior (switching out Fired Up for Shining Example for the restricted slot) and over 9 games since that change I drew Superior in my opening hand 7 times. One of the other times it was the very last card in my deck and I never got to it. Objectively a good card, in terms of my drawing patterns for the last two weeks, complete trash.

Zarbag’s Gitz: Gambits

Abasoth’s Withering: -1 wound means more reliable Snirk killing, or really anyone, without risking triggering My Turn or other damage effects. Brilliant card, auto include for any warband with a Level 2 wizard from the off.

 Transfixing Stare: *Puts on high pitched Snirk voice* NO MY CHILD. DO NOT FLEE FROM MY SCATTER BASED LOVE.

Ready For Action: Best ploy in the game.

Quick Advance, Sidestep, Sneaky Step, Centre of Attention: Sneaky goblinz wants to sneak around. Good for setting up Scurries, pushing Snirk next to enemy models, pushing onto objectives if you get knocked off them, and pretty much anything.

Hidden Paths: Snirk placement or moves to get someone onto an enemy objective.

Last Chance, Rebound: Goblins tend to die a lot. These cards mean that they die a little less. They’re also pretty massive negative play experiences for your opponent (particularly Rebound) but hey, they’re good and apparently no one else hates them as much as Giblin and I do, so….

Zarbag’s Gitz: Upgrades

Great Fortitude: Sometimes this stops a Goblin dying in one hit. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Tome of Offerings: *Puts on high pitched Snirk voice* GIVE ME YOUR SWEET GLORY MY CHILD. (Also definitely needs to be restricted, like when do you ever not take this? Compared to Hero’s Mantle or Formless Key this is so, so, ridiculously good.)

Mutating Maul: Helps score What Armour? Also occasionally lets an arrow boy kill a thing.

Bag of Tricks: Hunt for whatever card you need to score an objective, just great.

Great Strength: Lets Drizgit, a Squig, or Zarbag hit for 3. Sometimes that’s all you need, esp with Abasoth’s Withering.

Faneway Crystal: Move onto objectives that your opponent has the indecency to hide on the opposite side of the board.

Formless Key, Dazzling Key, Shadowed Key, Fractured Key: What is this, early 2018? Keys seem okay. Sometimes you get a tonne of glory, sometimes you get nowt. I didn’t really have any other upgrades I desperately wanted, so eh, these seem to work fine, sorta.

General Playstyle

Goblins are the most mechanically interesting warband in the entire game. They have Snirk and Scurry, two mechanics which are enormously fun to play. However, flipside, they’re also fiddly as hell, and if you misposition, you get punished harder than if you misposition with Stormcast. I don’t believe I’ve ever taken an optimal activation while playing Goblins. I’ve had great activations, but the trick is there’s always a better activation if you think hard enough. They’re just…whew. And interesting as hell because of it.

The Penitent’s Throne

I play this list generally to huddle in my board. Set up Snirk somewhere he’s not in danger turn 1, and where you can Scurry him forward and inspire. Archers go in places where they might die, Zarbag goes somewhere in the middle. Drizgit can flex around wherever he needs to go. If you lose play then take the Penitent’s Throne which has good spacing and options. If you win placement, the new board with three lethal hexes because it lets you force engagement and only give up one git early, which you can even run backwards if you really want. You end up providing your opponent with a lovely choice of attacking Snirk or running into some lethal hexes.

That said, I don’t think Goblins really have a great board for them if you lose. All of the options kiiiiinda suck against aggro cause oh boy they’re a coming for you tiny skulls. You kind of have to hope you draw Last Chance/Rebound early and use Scurry to pull back as much as you can. Flipside, it’s possible to build a much more aggro focused deck with Gloryseeker and maybe Shadeglass dagger if you have the restricted spot, and go for more kills over the more passive play in this deck.

The new one with three lethal hexes

I also realised, over the course of the event, that my deck is built for playing against aggro. It’s a downside of our Lunchspire games that, unconsciously, you tech and get used to playing against the thing we play 5 games a week against. Since Giblin’s been on Reavers, I’ve been expecting people to come in and fight me hard. Playing against a more passive Eyes deck was a bit of an eye-opener (haha).

In general, use your push cards to set up Scurries. Sit yourself on your safe objectives on turn 1, get Snirk next to an activated enemy model, start twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom. Use your Squigs as body blockers or supporting models for your actual Goblins, since Squigs can’t hold objectives, so they’re actually kinda useless in regards of getting Supremacy or keys at the end of the game. It’s okay if Squigs die, basically. Yes, if someone kills Drizgit they turn into hyper accurate murderballs, but they’re less important than your actual gobbos.

Remember to use Rebound where it’ll kill an enemy model (or save someone on an objective at the end of a turn), and save Last Chance for a model you actually care about like Snirk or Zarbag. Ideally on turn 2 you should have at least one three model Scurry set up, and you can usually get four if you position good.

Final point, get used to dying. Gobbos die. A lot. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, the bell tolls for Dibz. Weep not over his tiny broken form, but twirl Snirk merrily into his attacker.

Incidentally, Snirk is simultaneously the most fun and most frustrating model in the entirety of Shadespire. Sometimes he just rolls supports. Sometimes he rolls hammer crit sword and smashes someone from 3 HP in one activation. Be flexible and ideally give yourself a couple of activations to score Obliterated, he’s just not reliable enough to do it in one unless they’re on 1 HP. You got about an 80% chance of rolling at least one hammer on 4 dice though, so point hammers towards them, utter a brief prayer to the Bad Moon and RNJesus, and spin to win.

Tournament Report

Went down to Goblin Gaming, a pretty new store in Norwich. It’s a lovely place, only about a half hour drive from Manchester, and with parking onsite, which I definitely appreciated. Unfortunately there only ended up being 4 of us, an Eyes of the Nine player, a Cursebreaker player, and a Skaven player.

We all played each other, I won’t go too much into the game against the Skaven player, since he was an extremely new player who’d only really started the game very recently. Tried to give a few tips and stuff, so those games were more learning experiences than actual competitive tournament games.

First round otherwise was against Eyes of the Nine!

I won board roll off and got 2 objectives, choosing to set up with a pretty aggressive deployment, four hexes in two twos were up against his board edge, while Zarbag and a couple of arrow boys sat back a bit. I drew Defensive Strike, Escalation, and Superior Tactician on my opening hand. ‘Urgh’ I thought, but at least I’ll get Defensive Strike and then maybe Escalation depending on if he puts an upgrade out. Well, no. He didn’t come in on anyone, and by the time I realised I really needed to be pushing forward with Snirk, Snirk chose the perfect moment to roll a whole bunch of supports and achieve nothing. Ended turn 1 scoring no glory, which I don’t think I’ve done in *purses lips, says tremulously* eighty four years.

Whoops. To top it off, Uninspired K’charik rudely charged Snirk and killed him at the top of two, which at the very least scored me Martyred. Cold comfort, I know. I actually managed to turn my brain on at this point, and killed the Horrors to score Defensive Strike, and like that, we were cooking with charcoal. On the final turn, due to being garbage (and also the Eyes player having Supremacy, Bind the City, and Our Only Way out and getting three objectives), I was pretty heavily down on glory, but I had Keep Them Guessing, Supremacy, and Solid Gains in hand, as well as the formless Key and one other key. Prog Da Netter charged, knocked Narvia/Turosh off an objective, then Ready for Actioned on the objective. Had to eat a charge from the newly respawned Horror, but thankfully it whiffed entirely, so I scored 9 glory on the last turn to take me to a 15-11 win. Why be good when you can be lucky? (and terrible).

The second game I actually managed to get it together. Won board again, but planned better and Snirk managed to roll some dice. Scored Obliterated this time, and managed to get inspired much earlier. Still got my keys out and got a bunch of glory for them, and ended up winning slightly more comfortably 16-9.

These set of two games really highlighted how much practice against a single opponent can actually hamper your play, by setting expectations based on how that person plays and how they tend to build their decks. Lord help if you they play a hard skew list and you end up running into something different that you really need to work around properly.

The next round was against Cursebreakers. Spellboiz. The warband I won the last Grand Clash with (like to drop that one in occasionally just to keep it fresh in people’s minds). I think Cursebreakers are still the best warband in the game. They have such a variable, flexible playstyle, some of the best in faction cards in the game, excellent attack profiles, and Stormcast defensive stats, which is basically playing the game on easy mode. They’re only gonna get better the more spells come out.

Anyway, up against them next. I lost the roll (3 objectives yay) and he started Empowering and coming at me. Managed to lose a Goblin to score Martyred early, and then Snirk stuck next to Stormsire like glue, twirling majestically and smashing the old beardy guy’s head in to score Defensive Strike. Sorry Stormdalf.

Saw a lot of my push cards come up aces in this game, since without Stormsire his threat ranges were actually a bit limited, and so dodging my boiz back out the way of vengeful retaliation was really good. Also I was playing the board with three lethal hexes next to each other, so he had the unenviable choice at one point of coming in on a goblin, but taking two damage to do so, which I am A-Okay with. Managed to score almost all of my objective deck (Superior Tactician was the bottom card, what a good choice I made bringing it!) and control how and where he could attack me.

Won this one 17-12. He got some kills on gobbos (and scored some passives, cause Cursebreakers eh) but my keys and objective play pulled me out.

Second game was much the same, (Superior Tactician in my opening hand, yay) but he came in much more aggressively on turn 1 with everyone. Ammis got pushed around a lot by my boiz, and Centre of Attention, and I ended up getting a 5 glory kill on her with Tome of Offerings, Obliterated, and Defensive Strike which was just wonderful.  

Ended up winning this one 18-9, I think.

So I went undefeated over the three games, and won the glass! I’m probably done with Goblins now, but I gotta admit, I’ve a lingering appreciation for them. The most mechanically interesting and complex warband in the game, punishing if you make mistakes, but putting the puzzle together is enormously satisfying (and effective) if you get it right.

They’re my fifth warband to win glass, and this week I’m trying out Steelheart’s Champions, which I haven’t played since the first time I got the core set. Unfortunately, I’m already struggling with the lack of mechanical complexity. Honestly Steelheart, your troops are good, but it’s not exactly interesting to play. IDK. I’m certainly appreciating my Stormcast privilege again, and also getting to dictate engagement, but gooooood I’m already bored of every activation being draw card or charge, haha.

Alright, well, I’ve prolly rambled enough for someone who won a wee local event with Goblins. Catch ye’s later, and remember: Snirk’s acoming for you.

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Godsworn Hunt Event Review

Hey Trophy Hunters! Learn about the Deck & Tech used for the Godsworn Hunt in this article. I’ll be making the assumption that you have read the article when talking here, so be warned!

Waking up extra early my lovely girlfriend Emma, whom I love to bits and hope she somehow reads this to show my appreciation, drove me to get dropped off at a McDonalds where the Store Owner, Jonny, picked me up for the event. I’m learning to drive now so none of this has to keep happening!

There were eight players in total at the event with a nice variety of warbands on display; Mollog’s Mob, Magore’s Fiends, Zarbag’s Gitz (x2), Thorns of the Briar Queen, Steelheart’s Champions, Stormsire’s Cursebreakers, and my own Godsworn Hunt. Game one was drawn…

Zarbag's Gitz Icon

Round 1 – Godsworn Hunt vs Zarbag’s Gitz – Martin

GREAT! Gitz. Bryce just spent the week beating my with Gitz. I was 0-5 against this warband. The fanatic is just so damn effective at mopping up the Godsworn Hunt AND it subverts Rebound & Last Chance. Martin is a canny player and I was not expecting an easy match up, especially given my track record against the Gitz.

Game 1

These games are a little fuzzy in my memory but essentially Martin was playing a Passive-Hold Objective style deck, with Tomes for flavour! This caught me a little off guard, as I was expecting heavy Keys. However Game 1 ended up being super close, and had I not remembered to reveal my Oath I would have lost. The score was 19-18 in favour of the Darkoath.

Game 2

Game 2 went terribly. I had to ditch Oath of Conquest, Escalation, and Victory after Victory from my opening hand. 7 Glory from my deck gone before the game had even begun. It was a whitewash, Rebound happened early on killing Thredda and it was just over. Despite my best efforts Martin won 8-15.

Game 3

Serious time. This would be me out of the running if I lost here. Knowing that the tomes were in play I waited patiently scoring what I could until the first two tomes went out. Then I struck at Zarbag to remove those effective two glory points and let all hell break loose. The fanatic seemed to love this however, and ended up killing EVERY. SINGLE. MODEL. except Ollo. Ollo on his own scored me Oath of Conquest, Fired Up, What Armour?, and Victory after Victory. Martin hadn’t found his Tomes and the game ended 16-13 in favour of the Godsworn Hunt. We’d broke the curse of the bad moon and it felt great. What next?

Round 2 – Godsworn Hunt vs Mollog’s Mob – Adam


Great. I’d hoped to avoid the troll. I think I can out manoeuvre it but damn I didn’t feel confident! Adam was a lovely chap who’d travelled down with a bunch of friends from Stoke (I think it was Stoke) and was very honest that he’d been playing a defensive style Cursebreaker Deck and wanted a change of pace so brought the troll.

Game 1

I got so damn lucky! I’m more than happy to admit it. I think you need a bit of fortune to beat the troll, especially when it’s in competent hands like Adam’s.

Turn 1 saw Grawl run over two lethal hexes to deny any early Objective card kills for Mollog and to score me Martyred whilst the rest hung back out of initial Charge range. This allowed me to equip Bag of Tricks to Shond, inspiring him and later digging for Spectral Wings to score Cover Ground with Jagathra as she ran past the Troll and threw her Javelin in it’s back.

The Troll then went on to miss every attack it made in Turn One. I’d feel bad but I’ve been there so many times with Skritch that I know it doesn’t happen often enough to worry about it. Going into Turn 2 I made Mollog go first as I had a cunning plan. He charged and killed Grundann who dodged it with Last Chance, but was struck down by a Ready for Action attack.

My retort was to equip Thredda with Great Strength and play Lethal Strike. I had no time to dig for accuracy buffs so just believed in the heart of the dice…and it paid off. Upon rolling two dice one was a glorious GLORIOUS critical success. Mollog rolled his defence dice. Shield. Down went the troll. Everyone runs in and murders the squigs. The game ended 15-6 in favour of the Godsworn Hunt.

Game 2

It’s a bit of a blur, but Adam definitely drew Inspiration Strikes again, and Mollog did not miss (as much) this time, AND got to deploy the board in the hallway formation. I remember scoring Change of Tactics with Jagathra in turn one and bagging a kill with the Javelin against the Bat Squig, drawing into Cover Ground and applying Great Speed to Grundann who scored it whilst Charging into Mollog. Mollog killed them both to my memory. Before the turn was up I blew Hidden Paths early to throw Thredda into the back line and surprisingly killed Stalagsquig. The plan here was to split my force so Adam would have to choose between pushing on into my fighters or return to try and score Victorious Duel.

Turn Two saw Mollog run back and kill Thredda. I played Spectral Wings and upgraded Ollo to charge & score What Armour? Mollog pushed forward popping Potion of Grace to keep his Charge action available, whilst I threw an Inspired Grawl to the troll as bait to lead him away from being in Charge range of Shond in Turn 3, as I had plans to score Oath of Conquest with Faneway Crystal. Mollog missed the little pupper thanks to the double dodge charactersistic!! The bait paid off. Oh and somwehere along the way the Spiteshroom died – I can’t remember who claimed that one…it MIGHT have been Ollo before Mollog whomped him.

Turn 3

The final turn! I allowed Mollog to go first as I wanted to score Martyerd early and have the final activation to ensure that Shenanigans happened and that Mollog would not be able to influence my final position. Mollog swung and killed Grawl, I scored Martyred but Shond was well out of harms way so I drew a card. I had three cards left and I knew faneway was in there so I had time to find it and Move into Mollog’s territory. Did you spot my mistake? I forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest at the start of my first Activation!! FFFFUUUUUU this was a super tight game and that 1 glory could make or break it!! ARREGH!!! I felt like such an idiot especially after doing it the game before and thinking in the second end phase “Jamie! Do NOT forget to reveal that card!”. Don’t be like me. Reveal your Oaths!

Anyway, Adam had my plan pretty much figured out so moved to threaten as many Objective Hexes in his half as possible! Fortunately I’d been super aggressive with my objective hex placement knowing how important these Faneway moves are and had placed four hexes in his territory – meaning that Mollog could not cover ALL the Faneway Hexes. I drew Faneway Crystal on my next activation. Adam ditched an objective. I ditched No Remorse and drew Victory after Victory (boom!). Adam ditched another objective. I played Faneway Crystal and moved onto a safe objective hex.

The final end phase saw Adam score some passive glory putting him on a mighty 12 Glory! Whilst I scored Fired Up, Oath of Conquest and Victory after Victory, taking me to a grand total of 12 Glory. BUT I was on an objective whilst Mollog was not! So won it on tiebreakers. Had I not been a bad player and forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest I would have won 13-12 and not been in such predicament!

Round 3 – Godsworn Hunt vs Stormsire’s Cursebreakers – Steve

Well, well, well. Looky here. Yet another top tier warband for the Godsworn Hunt to overcome. Joyous. No easy Path to Glory here. As I learnt from the Godsworn Hunt’s previous outing Stormcast are difficult to deal with, and with the options for 2 and 3DMG attacks easily accessible these Spellcast can score Measured Strike very easily.

Turn 1 saw Steve Empower Rastus who was promptly hit was a Javelin from Jagathra for 2DMG and pushback onto an edge hex to keep him out of range to attack, scoring me Change of Tactics. However, this resulted in a Shardgale and Hidden Paths to get adjacent to Jagthra and Thredda. Rastus then attacked Jagthra killing her and scoring What Armour? Then Rastus upgraded with Tome of Offerings and used Ready for Action to hit Thredda scoring 2 Glory and Measured Strike, then Rastus was equipped with Sudden Growth. WHAT. A. STARTING. HAND!! 5 Glory scored! I fortunately scored Martyred to put me on 2 glory.

I then drew a card in an attempt to find an accuracy buff for Grundann to go and finish off Rastus but failed to find one. Steve drew a card. I equipped Grawl with a freshly drawn Bag of Tricks and searched my deck for Potion of Rage ready for next turn and equipped it to Grundann. Steve then cast Empower with Ammis but failed then cast Sphere of Ghur with Stormsire to Inspire him. At the end of turn one Steve scored just Magical Supremacy in the end phase putting him on 6 Glory whilst I scored Escalation, Fired Up and Victory after Victory to put me on 7 Glory. BOOM! The look on Steve’s face was priceless seeing the snowball of events. I equipped Shond with Tome of Offerings in the end phase having a plan in mind to deal with Ammis.

Turn 2 & 3

Turn 2 I went first charging in with Shond and dealing two damage to Ammis and scoring What Armour? Then equipping him with Path to Glory and using Ready for Action to finish her off scoring Advancing Strike. MMM 4 Glory. Steve upgraded Rastus with Shadeglass Darts and Lightening Whip. And killed poor Grawl. Grundann then charged in and killed Rastus whilst Stormsire returned the favour to Shond.

Going in to Turn 3 I had Grundann and Ollo left to get into Cursebreaker Terriroty – this time I remembered to reveal my oath! Stormsire was away from the action but went first and moved forward to threaten as much of his own board with fulmination as possible. We drew cards at each other until my final turn when I used Hidden Paths to put Ollo in and decided to put him on an objective incase of a draw….where he was promptly killed by Lethal Ward scoring Strong Start. During my turn I ran Grundann into Steve’s Territory and safely scored Oath of Conquest. The game ended 17-13 to me. Just one more win to go until Shadeglass was claimed.

Game 2

I’ll be entirely honest. I do not remember the blow by blow of this match as I was pretty fried by this point. I do remember however that I got extremely lucky (again) as in the final turn I revealed my oath and only had Grundann again but Stormsire missed a 3 Smash Attack Action to kill him before I ran into Steve’s Territory to score Oath of Conquest. The game eneded 16-9 in my favour and the Godsworn Hunt claimed the Shadeglass!

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Sepulchral Guard Event Review

Hey Folks! Apologies for the lull after Mollog’s & Godsworn Hunt released. I’ve been a bit hesitant about jumping into a Faction review of them as I wanted to get some games with & against them before I began talking about them. There is already plenty to read about them out there and a simple card review didn’t capture my imagination. Their cards have both helped and hindered the Sepulchral Guard, just how much remains to be fully seen…

As you may or may not know I’ve been playing Sepulchral Guard since the BAR List and have been enjoying the challenge they’re presenting me with. They certainly are not the strongest warband and I don’t think I’d EVER take them to a Grand Clash as they will nearly always drop a game or two! I’ll be keeping my cards close to my chest on this until I win Glass, so no decklist this time, sorry!

I finally plucked up the courage to attend an event with the Guard after a run of bad luck regarding events. They kept getting cancelled or life was getting in the way. The field was looking pretty good for a Guard victory due to a low attendance! There were Thorns of the Briar Queen, two Godsworn Hunt, myself…and then two Mollog’s Mob warbands appeared and the percentage chance of victory went tumbling…

Sepulchral Guard Middle Finger
This is for you Mollog!

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt (Tom Bond)

Wonderful. First game versus Tom Bond from SteelCityUnderworlds Blog. Tom always gives a good game, and I’ll never forget our super tense Magore vs Skritch game that ended in a draw and knocked us both from the running to win an event. He’s a true gent and a fantastic player, though is prone to letting Riptooth eat Magore and losing to children.

Our games were extremely close and the Godsworn Hunt surprised me at how many dice they would start rolling and just how effective Oath of Conquest was for an end game objective. Horrible stuff!

Tom was able to get the best of three; winning Games 1 and 3 – though we chalked Game 1 down to above average dice for Tom and below average dice for me. An inspired warden rolled two attacks versus a single dodge and didn’t even score a Smash or Crit!!! Congrats Tom – I’ll get you yet!

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt (Paul Murphy)

Well…I was out of the running to win but I was certainly getting my reps in against the Servants of Darkness! This game versus Paul showed me just how versatile a warband they are. Tom played them aggressively and got all up in my grill! Whilst Paul blindsided me by playing a Hold Objective/Magic playstyle. This warband is one to watch in the future!

Fortunately, my dice had thrown their tantrum in the Game against Tom, and were now behaving themselves. Shutting down Pauls attempts to kill anything and everything. I won Games 1 and 3 but Paul’s victory was a massive 23 glory to my meagre 10, so my Glory Difference was through the floor!

Sepulchral Guard vs Nighthaunt

Sepulchral Guard vs Thorns of the Briar Queen (Ben Smith)

Ben is a regular face at the Forge and used to use Sepulchral Guard (if my memory serves) so he probably had a good bead on what I’d be trying to do. Fortunately, I’d used Thorns of the Briar Queen (poorly) at the Grand Clash so also had an inkling on what he’d be trying to do.

Our games went VERY strangely! With him grabbing objectives, me killing ghosts with an Inspired Prince of Dust it feels like our objective cards seemed not to matter anymore as we both misplayed a lot as we danced around keeping our Leaders alive whilst threatening to kill the other.

The dice were definitely in my favour as multiple times I rolled a Crit defence whilst blocking an objective that Ben needed. I was able to close out the Games 1 and 3 (again) but ended up losing Game 2 due to an immense opener from Ben scoring Supremacy, Our Only Way Out & Tac 3-4 for a whopping 7 glory!!

Event Summary

Not the best day at the office but I enjoyed myself none the less. I came 3rd overall even though there were only 6 attendees the field was very strong as Bryce, Tom Bond, Michael Carlin, Ben & Paul were all attending.

The final was between Bryce & Michael, both of whom were playing Mollog’s Mob. Bryce lost the game but overall won on Glory Difference, and he had been the only undefeated player after two rounds… but it felt a bit naff ending the event at Round 2 so we all agreed to play a third.

I’ve been given a hall pass for this Saturday to attend an event and I’m seriously contemplating heading to Wayland Forge in Birmingham to get another tournament in.

What Next?

I’ve been honing my Speulchral Guard deck for a while and I think I have something I’m keen to run at events now. Playing a large, slow warband like this feels like relearning the game as a misplaced model can spell utter disaster! I’ve found them EXTREMELY difficult to recover from a losing position because the option to switch on the kill switch and just start farming glory simply isn’t there.

I’ll be bringing the Guard deck, and probably have a pocket Mollog, for the next few events that I attend.

Competitive Stats

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know I track every single competitive game I play and submit them to my spreadsheet of doom. After a bit of a lull here are the latest takings.

Since using less powerful warbands I’ve seen my Total Win Percentage drop, which whilst upsetting to see a drop is still extremely high. I’m also nearing my double century of recorded games!

Sepulchral Guard Stats

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Grand Clash Winning Cursbreakers – Deck & Tech

Hey pals. It’s me, Bryce, now officially Not A Scrub. So I (and about 160 other people) went to the Grand Clash at Warhammer World last Saturday to play some Shadetoys. I, amazingly, won the event. In this post I’m gonna go through my deck list and explain my reasoning behind the cards in it, and do a short review of the event. If I get time I’m gonna go into some more detail on general thoughts about the meta, but depending how long this ends up being, that might have to be a separate post.

The Deck List

So, the bit you all actually care about, the deck list…


  • What Armour?: A super easy score immediately card with Rastus.
  • Strong Start: It’s an aggro deck, I wanna be killing things, and I can usually do it first.
  • Harness the Storm: Oh hey you know your whole gameplan? Here’s a glory for it! And draw another objective! Go nuts pal, you have yourself A Time!
  • Precision Strike: It’s in faction Precise Use of Force. It’s good, especially given the variety of attack profiles in Spellboiz.
  • Sorcerous Scouring: Kill things with Stormsire’s spells and get glory for it.
  • Fired Up: These guys have a super easy inspire condition, so this card is easy to score on turn 1, and relies on zero interaction with the opponent.
  • Shining Example: See above.
  • Escalation: It’s an easy to score card that doesn’t RELY on interaction from your opponent, but they often make your life easier.
  • Master of War: This is an easy 1 glory that doesn’t rely on interactions with my opponent. I have enough score immediatelies + Spoils of Battle that the upgrade part isn’t usually an issue.
  • Superior Tactician: In literally every deck from here till doomsday. Score lots of easy cards, get rewarded for it at the end, again with no interaction. Would be amazed if it doesn’t get restricted next time round.
  • Magical Supremacy: Oh hey you know your whole gameplan? Here’s a glory for it!
  • Alone in the Darkness: Ah HA! You were expecting Extreme Flank, eh? Not for me, my friend. I wanna go into this a little, I swapped out Extreme Flank for Alone in the Darkness for two principal reasons. 1) Extreme Flank with a 3 model warband is actually difficult. I kept finding that in order to score Extreme Flank I had to put myself in bad positions to do so, isolating my models or limiting my actions for the rest of the game. And that’s not even getting into what happens if a model dies. For my money, running Extreme Flank leads to suboptimal positioning and I don’t believe it’s worth the tradeoff for my version of Cursebreakers. That said, I think the card is still an autoinclude for any non Stormcast warband, I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t get banned next time round. My second reason is, honestly, who’s been playing Alone in the Darkness since Extreme Flank came out? Everyone’s looking to counter EF, no one’s positioning against AitD. This allows me to play mind games and ‘set up’ for Extreme Flank, forcing my opponents to make efforts to stop me scoring a card that wasn’t even in my deck. That said, now this article is out the cat’s out of the bag, but tbh the payoff was pretty decent.

Gambit Cards:

  • Inspiration Strikes: Being able to inspire without rolling dice is incredible, especially given how much better all my models get when inspired.
  • Ready For Action: Literally the best card on the Restricted list, including objectives. Why not run it?
  • My Turn: What with all the hidden damage ploys being restricted, 4 health is actually relevant again. One shotting people is quite hard. My Turn lets me either push away to stop an upgrade/Ready for Action for the kill, or lets me counter attack. Or both with Stormsire!
  • Hidden Paths: I don’t think I’ve seen a deck without this card in a very long time. It’s incredible for opening the game up if your opponent is hiding at the back.
  • Sidestep: Just an incredible card. Super basic, but has SO many potential uses. Like this card used to be one I always looked at and never included. Having played it for like three months, I love it to death.
  • Spoils of Battle: My list has a few super important upgrades. Being able to get them out in turn 1 can make all the difference. That said, its value decreases as the game goes on, and it’s kind of useless turn 3. Overall I think the explosive effect it can have turn 1 or 2 is worth it overall.
  • Abasoth’s Withering: Inspires me, triggers two of my objectives, effectively does a damage, just incredible.
  • Abasoth’s Unmaking: So in previous versions of the deck, I had Mischievous Spirits . However about a month ago this card caught my eye and I realised I’d been a moron for ever including Mischievous over it. This card is, at worst, basically a copy of Inspiration Strikes. At best it completely ruins objective decks, and triggers two of my objectives. Just an incredible card. Can’t believe I didn’t run it for so long.
  • Lightning Assault: With Helpful Whispers and Awakened Weapon restricted, anything that adds to your accuracy is solid gold.
  • Frozen in Time: Haha, well. I literally only included this card on the morning of the event. Basically Giblin had been playing a Thorns relic deck and beaten me twice with it, so I was terrified of it. So I swapped out Distraction for FiT like two minutes before I handed in my deck list in case I ran into it. This card is basically fine, really strong if the effect comes off, but I hate 50/50 cards. It did essentially nothing the entire day until the final game where it…uh, won me the tournament. 50/50s, right?


  • Deathly Fortitude/Sudden Growth/Great Fortitude: If my dudes have more wounds they’re harder to kill. Now that Soultrap/Tethered Spirit are restricted, these are in pretty much all my decks.
  • Hero’s Mantle: Pour one out for A Destiny To Meet. Free glory if your leader survives is good.
  • Sprinter: I actually really like this card. +1 Move is just good. Like it catches people off guard, and works to counter the penalty from Deathly and Sudden.
  • Tempest’s Might: This lets Stormsire do 3 damage with his Fulminations. Combo that with Abasoth’s Withering or Gloryseeker and you’re doing a lot of damage.
  • Faneway Crystal: I hate this card so much. It does nothing like 80% of the time (or actively works against you), but then 20% of the time it wins you a game. Bleh. I think you need to include it atm, but I don’t want to.
  • Gloryseeker: It’s functionally Great Strength except it also works on Stormsire’s spells. Autoinclude.
  • Great Strength: Lets Ammis hit for 4 damage, or Rastus hit for 3. Just solid.
  • Potion of Rage: Much like Lightning Assault, accuracy buffs are premium right now. Autoinclude in every deck.

Restricted: Alone in the Darkness, Fired Up, Escalation, My Turn, Ready for Action

Join the Trophy Hunters

Tournament Report

So that’s the deck. Now for a quick tournament report. I’m unfortunately not gonna be super detailed here, cause I played 11 games of Shadespire on about 4 hours sleep over an 11 hour period, so I’m more gonna try and hit the key points of each game. If any of my opponents wanna correct anything here, feel free, I’m more than willing to acknowledge any mistakes I’ve made due to a severe case of garbage brain.

Firstly, for the actual tournament day, I wasn’t overly impressed. The people running the event were obviously doing their best, but they were drastically understaffed for the number of attendees. Whatever tournament software they were using had several key errors, for round 2 they had to read everyone’s names out over the tannoy with what table they were on, which took a long time, and led to confusion. In addition, from the reaction to the final standings being posted, it looks like a LOT of people ended up being wrongly placed, which is frankly just unacceptable from a game that’s marketed as The Ultimate Competitive Miniatures Game. Lunch was good, but the lack of staff and poor tournament system meant the whole thing finished almost two hours later than it was supposed to.

A point on the format; it’s bad. 160 players leaves 10 undefeated (ish) after 4 rounds, and then it’s on who has the best tiebreakers for the final. As a result, you’re rewarded heavily for playing worse opponents in the first four rounds, which is mad. What kind of a system is it where you’re literally hoping you just play people you’re way better than all day? You should be hoping for close, tight, exciting games, but if you get that, even if you go 4-0, it’s likely you’ve dropped more than one game over the day, so you’re out of the running for the final. Just daft. It’s possibly cause my background is stricter competitive games like Warmachine and Guild Ball where you’re rewarded in the standings for playing against better opponents, but this system just rattles my brain and feels deeply unfair.

Anyway, for the tournament itself, one of the biggest problems with my prep was that Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 came out on the Thursday before the Clash. As a result, attempting to maximise video gaming time, I stayed up till 2am on Friday flying spaceships around (Cadia broke before the Guard did. MY EMOTIONS). I then had to get up at around half 6 on Saturday to tidy stuff up and head to pick up Giblin in time to get the Clash, so I was pretty bloody shattered all day.  

Amusingly, I was so scared of Giblin’s relic deck I almost just ran it. I brought all my cards and was like, inches away from playing Thorns. But meh, I know my Cursebreakers deck like the back of my hand, and I’m someone who’ll always go for something I’m experienced with over the current power list. And hey, if those two just happen to sync up, like with Cursebreakers, it’s just a happy coincidence!

So we rocked up, I made the fateful Frozen in Time change, and we handed in our decks. Both of us were pure starving, but there was no time for breakfast, it was on to round 1! Before I start this, I’d like to apologise to any opponents whose names I get wrong. I am a garbage person.

Round 1 – Becky – Zarbag’s Gits

Sat down and got a lovely woman called Becky from Essex. She was running gobbos, and we jumped in. Game 1 she got truly appalling draws, her deck came out in almost entirely the wrong order and I ended up winning the game 18-2. The second game. Oh man the second game. My opening hand was Superior Tactician, Shining Example, and Fired Up, which sucks against Goblins cause you wanna get kills turn 1, but I figured ‘eh’, at least I’ll get Shining/Fired Up. Becky went first and crucially didn’t inspire the Fanatic, so like, my eyes lit up with dollar signs. Stormsire casts the Withering on Snirk, dropping him to two wounds and inspiring, and then casts Fulmination…which misses. A bit rough, but at least I’d inspired him. Then Becky drops Cruel Taunt on Stormsire and the 50/50 goes off and like my whole game fell apart in front of my eyes. Jesus. What a play. Ammis and Rastus then spend 3 activations failing to inspire and I pretty much lose off of that. I don’t think I killed a single goblin or inspired either Ammis or Rastus by the end of the game. Dice games huh. Also, to be fair, Becky didn’t give me an inch to get back into the game, she played super solidly. Lost this one I think 15-6.

Game 3 I actually don’t remember much about, other than the final score. It was SUPER tight, we were both in super focused hardcore mode, but thanks to Hero’s Mantle I managed to squeeze out a 17-16 win.

This was actually a brilliant round, and oooft, so close. 17-16 is nuts.

Round 2 – Mike – Magore’s Fiends

Uhm. I gotta be honest. Running on 4 hours sleep and German energy drink at this point, and super stressed after game 1, I don’t really remember anything about this round. I think I got longboards deployment at least once? Which is always good against Magores, cause it slows them down. TBH I’m sorry Mike, you were a lovely opponent, I’m just bad at remembering things. I know I won this round pretty handily though, and ended up with solid glory diff.

Round 3 – Steve – Farstriders

I don’t love this match up, but I don’t hate it either. I won board set up both times, I believe, and managed to go for the 3 connecting hex set up, which I love against Striders cause it controls where they can inspire. Again, much like game 2, I don’t remember a tonne about these games other than me panicking cause Steve rolled like three crit defenses in a row at one point, which is real bad, but I managed to pull out two wins pretty comfortably after that. Again, sorry Steve, also a lovely opponent, but for some reason the games in the middle of the day are really hard to remember.

Round 4 – Ben – Thorns

Oh boy, so game one of this round was one of the dumbest games I’ve ever seen. Ben’s playing like a super aggro Thorns list, based around Varclav being a big boi and soloing people. He gets Hidden Pathsed in at the bottom of turn 1 and does three damage to Rastus and knocks him back. Nae danger, inspired Ammis gets Great Strength and charges in with 3 dice with a reroll. Rolls 3 hammers. Varclav gets a crit. Well, damn, but it’s okay. Stormsire killed a Chainrasp and scored me like 3 glory earlier, I get some more in the end phase. Varclav gets Great Strength in the end phase, Ben wins first and kills Ammis. Hmm. Might be an issue.

Stormsire kills a chainrasp and gets me to 8 glory, then Varclav goes on an absolute murder spree with Ready for Action and about a hundred crits, and kills both Rastus and Stormsire by the end of turn 2. This is…a bit of a problem. I score Escalation, but I also notice that actually, he’s only on like 6 glory, and I’m on 10. The last turn we both cycle through, I’ve thankfully scored 6 objectives and have Superior in hand. Also had Alone in the Dark, but unfortunately he left two models next to each other. Regardless, turns out Our Only Way Out and Supremacy were at the very bottom of his deck, and his focus on killing me rather than scoring objectives meant that at the end of the game I got to 13 with Superior and he only got to 12! Winning a game after getting wiped out 6 activations in, WOOP WOOP!

Game 2 was a much more reasonable affair, Varclav’s crits were much weaker this time, and I got to kill him, and murder my way through the rest of the warband. Highlight was Ben spending his entire turn 2 getting his three remaining models onto 3 objectives only for me to drop Abasoth’s Unmaking. I felt bad for that one. Well not really, but you know, it was like I did.

Won this one pretty convincingly, and ended the day with 1 game loss and +78 glory diff! I was convinced that it wasn’t enough to get into the top 2 for the final, since I was sure at least 2 people had gone 2-0, but amazingly, it was!

The Final – Joel – Magore’s Fiends

Following a long, tense wait as results were worked out, it came down to me and a Spanish chap called Joel in the final. Wasn’t keen since it was Magore’s Fiends, and I think that’s one of the harder match ups in the game for Cursebreakers, but hey, we’re in the final and Giblin unfortunately had to get the train home cause I’d been rude enough to qualify.

The game itself is viewable on Warhammer TV (you need a subscription though), so I’m gonna comment more generally. First thing, if you watch the stream, the commentators go on about how unlucky Joel’s draws were, when he got an inspiration card + Spectral wings in turn 1 both games, AND got to choose board alignment. Going longboards into Magores makes this match up SO much easier, so I don’t feel like the commentators are entirely fair there.   

That said, Joel played very well. One of my biggest strengths as a competitive gamer is knowing when to just wait, and knowing how to push an activation advantage. It’s rare I see someone else who’s as good at that as I am, and it was genuinely tough. I had a couple of poor rolls here and there, but I was also saved in game 1 by him missing a three dice attack on inspired Stormsire, so I won like 15-9? I think? Game 2 came down to me sitting back with an array of cards and choosing not to go in on anyone on turn 1 cause I was happy with my objectives and I had to go first cause he stole the roll from me. Then I waited till he’d played Spectral Wings and inspired Magore, and I used Frozen in Time on Magore, basically shutting his entire turn down. I scored 3 from Alone in the Dark and Master of War, but that was 3 more than Joel scored.

It was sort of obvious he’d been tilted all to hell by the FiT, and from then on the game was us both drawing cards, attacking when we had the chance, but it really felt like the wind got completely taken out of Joel’s sails at the FiT play. Ended up finishing this one 11-4 up.

Upcoming Events

And so I took the Clash! Shout out to all my opponents, but especially Joel for being a hell of a finalist, and Becky, for being the only player to take a game off me and giving me the closest round I had all day!

Gripes aside, thanks to everyone for the day. It was grand (lol). I’ve ran out of space a bit so thoughts on the meta and stuff will come later in the week. One last thing, I’m running an event this Saturday at the Game Forge in Manchester, so come by if you’re nearby! I’m hoping to be able to play Mollog’s Mob and give the big guy a run out, so hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading folks, seeya later!

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Trophies Trophies Everywhere But Not a Chance To Win

So this weekend I’ve had the opportunity to attend THREE (3!!) Warhammer Underworld Events. I packed up my Sepulchral Guard as I’m set on winning Shadeglass with them. I’ll be sharing their deck list once that mountain has been climbed.

Friday – GW Bolton

On Friday Games Workshop Bolton had advertised a Glass Trophy Event. Now this is an interesting thing that the GW Stores have begun doing. Why? Because they have expressly been told not to run tournaments previously, their function is player recruitment and the Independent Stockists maintain the community through events etc. However, this means that the managers tend to be out the loop of how to get players to their events if they don’t have a local scene already.

I tried to rally some local players to attend, but with it being the festive period only myself and one other were able to confirm. We attended but were the only two players to turn up. EVENT CANCELLED. Sad times. I went home quite bummed out that I wouldn’t get to play, but the manager was kind enough to sort us both out with the frosted Nightvault promo dice & dice bag so we didn’t leave empty handed…but what will happen to that trophy??

Saturday – The Forge Manchester

Today we had eight players turn up for the event in the Forge. Now, I don’t work for the Forge but I help run and promote their events. It’s my local gaming store & I want to see Underworlds supported there and kept in stock. It’s rewarding to run an event BUT I really wanted to throw some dice and put my models on the table. When we had eight players turn up plus myself to make it nine, it meant that someone who travelled far to be there would get the dreaded BYE. So, I dropped out for the convenience of the event.

I was extremely gutted not to get a game in and a second chance at a Glass Trophy gone amiss. This is the second time now that I’ve felt I should drop from the event to keep the numbers even. In future I’m just gonna pass the TOing onto the Forge staff as I’m fed up of missing out on games.

Sunday – Element Games

The Event at Element Games tomorrow (Stockport) is sold out. I bought my ticket well in advance, but was surprised on Christmas Day by my lovely girlfriend to a date day of an Escape Room, Cocktail Bar, and an evening at the Comedy Club. No chance of competing tomorrow.

It’s been a very annoying weekend. Tomorrow will be brilliant regardless but what should have been an amazing weekend of gaming has turned into a whitewash. I really needed this practice for the Grand Clash in January.

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Event Review: Rebel Base Gaming

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Hey pals, Bryce again, back to interrupt your usual schedule of warband rankings and ‘good content’ from Jamie with another tournament report written in my normal eclectically awful style.


So I actually went to two tournaments this weekend, one last Friday at Games Workshop Warhammer in Stoke, and one on Sunday at Rebel Base Gaming.  Friday was an attempt to steal glass with Skellies just so I could say I’d done it. Largely stole a deck Giblin’s been trying for a few weeks and made some changes literally on the morning, but turns out best of 1 events are kind of a crapshoot. Got two wins and a tie, the two wins were when I got 3 objectives, the tie I got 2 objectives and also then my opponent rolled three single die crit defences in a row. Boo.

Defeated, I ritually buried my Skeleton models at a secret location somewhere in the UK and over the coming months will steadily reveal clues in order to guide YOU, the loyal readers of this blog, to find them. The winner gets to keep them, cause tbh I ain’t touching them again (alright I give up, they’re under John Rees’ pile of glass. It was the safest place I could think of).

Joking aside, Sepulchral Guard are hard. And while things like Martyred and resurrecting people help them against aggro, weirdly it feels like they struggle most against other objective decks. Lose three objectives and uh…good luck, I guess? They’re not trying to kill you, so you ain’t scoring Martyred or getting anyone inspired, which means you’re slow, which means getting them off their objectives is TOUGH. Bleh. IDK I just couldn’t click with them. My positioning is also poor for objective play, since I’ve pretty much ignored objectives barring shoving people off them since I started the game.

BUT I didn’t let Friday’s defeat get me down, and only got a little bit blind drunk and danced appallingly to Queen on Friday night. Following Saturday’s brutal hangover, I showed up at Rebel Base Games on Sunday with a Magore’s deck in hand, and a keen eye for Shadeglass.


I’m not really gonna go into the deck, I basically stole Michael Carlin’s deck (which is here) since it seemed to work, and modified it to suit my playstyle. Particularly I dropped Ghoulish Pact since I don’t like it, and Shattering Terrain for the same reason. Swapped in Mischievous Spirits cause screw objective play, and Last Chance, which is a card I’m swiftly growing to love. A 2/3 chance of stopping the doggo dying out of nowhere seems real strong. (Hot Take: Last Chance is the new Quick Thinker, fight me irl.) (Not quite, but certainly for warbands with models with Dodge that are likely to be in the middle of things it’s damn close. Skritch and doggo love it, probably Reavers too.)

Rebel Base is a lovely venue, it’s situated in this like country village alongside a really pretty café, and you’d never guess that there’s a gaming venue there if you didn’t know. It’s real lovely though, and does a pretty mean burger.

There were six of us on the day, myself and Giblin included (I had to borrow his models cause I left mine in the office cause I’m bad), and we had some good chat with folk before getting the round going.

Round 1 – Martin – Cursebreakers

So this whole ‘writing things on the internet’ thing is bad because if you write good things, people will steal your good things and use them against you. Martin was running my Cursebreaker deck that I posted here last week which at least meant I knew what everything did.

These games were pretty chill. I got to see how the deck does against Magore’s (turns out not great), and Magore and Riptooth are SO much fun. I’d only played one game of Magore’s prior to this weekend, so getting to revel in chopping people up and setting the dog on them was great.

Martin had awful dice in the first game, and really struggled to get Inspired, which came back to haunt him in later turns. When he finally got inspired, Magore handily took Stormsire’s head off before he could do much else.

The second game was a bit more even, and Martin played much more conservatively, but the end result was the same, with Magore and Riptooth proving themselves to be the bestest murderpals and killing a whole bunch of shiny spellboiz.

Giblin, myself, and a lad called Ed got through round 1, and I waited to see who I would get!

Round 2 – Ed – Thorns

Ed’s a lad I’ve seen at quite a few tournies recently. He’s always good chat, and a solid player! We’d actually run into each other on Friday at the Games Workshop Warhammer event in Stoke, where we’d played round 1. He’d been using my Cursebreakers deck (gotta stop giving that tech away), and thankfully had rolled badly enough that I’d managed to beat him with Skellies.

Two days later and it was a completely different match up, Thorns into Angryboiz. I was pretty happy about this match up; he has a lot of spooky ghosts that I can kill and score glory off of. It can be a problem if the Briar Queen gets inspired and starts killing people back, but pretty much I think the match up is fine.

Game 1 I got three objectives, nice, so he was gonna have to come to me if he wanted to score pretty much anything. He ran at me, I started charging and getting kills. Zach and Gary (those are their names now, deal with it) stayed on the edge hexes to score Extreme Flank early, and I think even they started getting involved once ghosts got close enough. After three turns of hard choppin’ I won this game pretty convincingly.

Game 2 I got three objectives again and Ed sighed audibly as a result. He played more aggressively,  pushing the Queen and folks up into my half to try and go for my objectives, but killing ghosts is pretty easy and I scored a tonne of glory. Bonus points go to Magore getting Trophy Hunter on turn 1, which ended up being worth three glory over the game. Spectacularly failed to kill the Queen this time, and almost ruined myself by charging Gary off of Extreme Flank scoring position to hit a ghost, but caught myself just in time. Scored 17 or so in the first game and 21 in the second game.  We’re into the final.

Round 3 – The Giblin King – Chosen Axes

So Giblin and I, as we’ve mentioned, play a lot. We play Lunchspire™ on most of our lunchbreaks, so we have a good feel for how the other plays. He’s been playing Skellies lately, and I’ve been pinging between Cursebreakers, Skellies, Thorns, and one game of Fiends. For this tournament he’d brought the Chosen Axes, since we both think they’re pretty damn solid these days. I didn’t really know what was in his deck, since he pretty much wrote it the night before the event, whereas he knew most of my (Michael’s) Fiends deck, so he had a bit of an advantage there. However, I played nothing but Dwarfs for six months when I first got into Shadespire, so I have a pretty good handle on how they play, and what they don’t like to see. Going into the final our total games played with our respective warbands were 5 for me and 4 for him, so in terms of experience we were neck and neck.

For the first game, he won three objectives, and I was unsure whether he’d got any hold objective stuff in his deck, so had to figure that out. Turn 1 I had change of tactics and Furious Inspiration and Shardgale in hand, so the plan was to go on guard with Magore then charge in, whack Grimnir for three damage, and then Shardgale to kill him, since I had last activation. This plan worked right up until he used Piercing Stare on Magore right before my last activation. This was extremely rude and I think Giblin should apologise. Not to panic, I Inspired Riptooth, dropped Spectral Wings, and went for the same play minus scoring Change. It worked and Grimnir went down on the bottom of one!

I got no objectives, however, and he scored a couple. Turn 2 opened with me going on guard with Riptooth to finally get Change, however, an Inspired Tefk decided he was the real captain now, and charged over, rolling 2 crits and a hit and smashing the poor doggo into the ground!


The game went poorly for me from there, I didn’t hit a single attack for the rest of the game (Magore tried but ended the game uninspired despite making a whole bunch of cleave attacks on dwarfs) and lost hard. I think it was 16-4 in the end.

Alright. Early loss out the way, I’d at least figured out some of his deck. No objectivey stuff, just passives and kills. Time to focus in. Got Change again and went for the exact same play as turn 1, only to get Piercing Stared before my last activation again. Boo. Hiss.

I actually can’t remember this game super clearly, was in hyper focus mode, but managed to bounce around, score some objectives, and finally got in and started eating some squishy dwarfs. Pro play of the game was Grimnir charging doggo, so I used Last Chance, stopping a Scion of Grimnir and preventing Giblin’s turn 2 glory train rolling. Giblin scored good passives, but I managed to actually roll some dice this time and ended up with a 17-12 win.

Alright, game 3, all to play for.

I had to dump my opening objectives (Rivers of Blood, Chosen Champion, and Show of Stength) cause I couldn’t reliably score any of them.

Drew into Change AGAIN on turn 1, whoop, and having learned from the two previous games, put Dark Darts on Magore with Spoils and charged, doing one damage to Maegrim. Grimnir walked onto an objective. End of the turn Giblin Deathly Fortitude on Grimnir and I got Heroslayer on Magore and Great Strength on Riptooth, who were both covering the midfield in charge range of Grimnir. I also scored Escalation, Master of War, and Shining Example.

Giblin got the first activation and spent a lot of time hemming and hawing. At one point he said ‘you’ve put me in check’. Since both Magore and Riptooth were out of range of Grimnir post Deathly Fortitude, but in range of him and all the other dwarfs, he felt he couldn’t safely do anything in case Magore charged then Ready for Actioned and killed Grimnir, so he decided to back off one hex with Grimnir. I think this was a big mistake, if I’m honest. Keeping Grimnir safe only matters if you can achieve stuff with him. Force me to make the play and take the risk of it failing, cause moving Grimnir away means you probably lose anyway. Jamie – I was struck by Analysis Paralysis and I actually had a correct play to make but got too caught up in keeping Grimnir ‘safe’. I should have gone on Guard and equipped Grimnir’s Fortitude and sacrifice my Ready for Action (I only had 1 unspent glory). This would have given me 2 dice on Dodge versus Magore and 2 dice with Block & Dodge versus Riptooth. Thus allowing me the opportunity to strike back if I survived. It would have been a bit of gamble but it would have force Bryce to commit Magore for the best opportunity to kill Grimnir and prevent my other fighters from being brutalised. 

Regardless, he did. Riptooth killed Vol, and then Grimnir Ready for Actioned over and took her head off, while Magore killed Tefk, scoring What Armour?, drawing into Strong Start which I also scored. I also played Shardgale this turn.

At the end of the turn I scored Extreme Flank and Rivers of Blood, leaving me with only Superior Tactician in hand going into turn 3, which I’ve never seen before.

Turn 3 Magore made a number of attacks and I think finally killed Maegrim after like four attempts? Grimnir was hamstrung cause Giblin had put Faneway on him and I’d moved all my models away from the objectives.

This game ended as 18-12 in my favour. Amusingly, over the three games, Giblin beat me on Glory Diff (40-39) despite losing the round.

Got my sixth glass! Think I’m going back to Cursebreakers now to practice for the Grand Clash in January, but I actually really enjoyed my foray into the world of angryboiz.

Thanks Margo, Zach, Gary, and Doggo. It was nice.


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Event Review: I Put a Spell On You

Hi pals, it’s Bryce again (I won some glass with Dwarfs like six months ago, so I’m super relevant in the community), back today to write about the Shadespire Underworlds tournament at The Game Forge in Manchester this weekend.

I’ve been playing Cursebreakers since the Great Restrictening, largely because I think they still function very well without all of the BAR cards and also I’m a sucker for playing the Good Guys. Giblin and myself have been smashing out games in our lunch breaks aka Lunchspire for a couple weeks now, and so I felt I had a pretty good handle on my deck in the short time since the BAR got dropped.

The Deck

Restricted Cards:

  • Change of Tactics
  • Escalation
  • Extreme Flank
  • Ready for Action
  • My Turn


  • Harness the Storm: This card feels like cheating legally. A sickeningly easy to score objective, and it’s a score immediately. I’m not sure I can ever go back to a faction that doesn’t have this card.
  • Change of Tactics, What Armour?: Easy score immediatelys, always good.
  • Sorcerous Scouring, Measured Strike: Get a kill with a spell (Fulmination yo) and in faction precise use of force. Very easy to score.
  • Shining Example, Extreme Flank, Magical Supremacy, Escalation: Good passives you can easily score with little to no interaction from your opponent if they decide to sit back.
  • Master of War: Tonne of score immediately cards make this very easy.
  • Victory After Victory: Have tonnes of score immediately cards, score them, get extra glory for scoring them. Went back and forth on this card a bit, but over the day I was glad I included it.
  • Superior Tactician: Auto include for any kind of aggro/aggro hybrid deck. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on the restricted list next time.


  • Ready for Action: Duh. The best ploy card on the restricted list.
  • Abasoth’s Withering: Extra spell for Magical Supremacy/Harness, super easy to cast (89%ish), and also it’s effectively a damage buff. Yes please.
  • My Turn: Last restricted card. With so many damage cards now on the restricted list, 4 health is actually super relevant again. Being able to move away can stop a charge/damage/upgrade/Ready for Action to kill one of your dudes. Also, free attacks with all of the good attack profiles I have are great. Nothing quite like scoring objectives off a free attack off My Turn.
  • Shardegale: Non-restricted damage card. Triggers My Turn for some jank. Overall probably not worth it, if I’m honest, too many situations where I can’t safely drop it cause it drops my spellfolk into 3 health one shot territory.
  • Inspiration Strikes: Easiest and safest way to inspire Stormsire.
  • Hidden Paths: Auto include for movement jank + Extreme Flank.
  • Spectral Wings: Sometimes you need to go a bit further.
  • Sidestep: Super generic card, it’s almost never game winning, but equally it’s almost never useless.
  • Lightning Assault: Reroll an Attack if it misses. Action economy makes your important attacks more likely to hit.
  • Mischievous Spirits: My super-secret tech which is now not so secret. This card will win you games against objective decks. If you’re struggling with objective decks, put this card in your deck. Trade off is that it’s dead against aggro (although it can be cute shifting an objective for you to Faneway onto and kill someone) but the meta currently seems to be objective based and hot damn this card is good.


  • Great Strength: Punch things harder
  • Deathly Fortitude/Sudden Growth: Moar wounds is more better. Hidden Paths/Faneway/Spectral Wings/Sprinter/Fulmination get around the downside.
  • Sprinter: Sometimes you just need to go a bit further.
  • Hero’s Mantle: Free Glory if your leader makes it to the end of the game. Replaces Slumbering/Destiny.
  • Formless Key: Free Glory for being on an objective at the end of the game. Not actually worth it in this deck, I think, there are usually better ways of spending end of game actions.
  • Potion of Rage: Now Helpful Whispers and Awakened Weapon are dead, this is one of the few ways to make attacks more accurate. Auto include.
  • Gloryseeker: Wanna do 3 damage with Fulmination? Here’s how! Functionally just better than Incredible Strength and non-restricted.
  • Faneway Crystal: Movement is good. Jumping across half the board is real good.
  • Tempest’s Might: Wanna do 4 damage with Fulmination? Here’s how! Weirdly this card is incredible on paper and I don’t think it was ever relevant over the weekend, largely due to Shardgale/Gloryseeker/playing a tonne of warbands with 2 and 3 HP models.

That’s the deck rundown, so onto the tournament. We had 14 people at the Game Forge, which is a pretty strong number! The Forge is a great venue, well lit and with plenty of space. Giblin was TO and had intended to play but given there was an even number of players he heroically stepped back so as to ensure there would be no bye (sad music). When I showed up, I noticed that Tom Bond and Michael Carlin of Steel City Underworlds fame (or infamy) were in attendance. While they’re sweet guys, they’re always in competition for any glass that’s around, so it was gonna be a tough field!

Round 1 – Farstriders – Mark

I pretty much forgot all of my opponent’s names cause I’m a s***head, so apologies in advance [Editor’s Note: I am not a s***head so have added them in] First up was Farstriders, a band I wasn’t super keen on seeing given my love of having lots of little dudes to kill and score my glories, but the draw lies where it lies.

I got board placement all three games this round, which is REAL good against Farstriders. Set up with 3 hexes across in all three games, so he never got a model inspired without using Inspiration Strikes over all three games.

First game was a bit of a steamroller for me, he set up quite far forward, I spent my first turn getting all my dudes inspired cause spells and then ended by Ammis using Knockback to do 3 damage and smash a Strider back into a lethal hex for the last point of health. Managed to wipe out his whole warband by the end of turn 2, so got to cycle through and figure out how much glory I could get, which was a lot.

Second game he set up far back, my deck didn’t come out in quite such a kind order, and he played keep away very effectively. He eventually got me by a score of 13-11.

Game 3 he also set up quite far back, but my deck was much kinder this time. Managed to get everyone inspired and dodge quite a few attacks, including a charge from Farstrider that would have let him kill Stormsire and get into the game. Because he missed that charge, I got to kill off two models in two activations, and that sort of ended the game pretty hard. I got a lot of glory and won handily here.

Round 2 – Thorns of the Briar Queen – Ben

I’ve played against these guys quite a lot, and I’m pretty comfortable in the match up. We only managed 2 games this round due to the round timer being 1hr 15mins. He was playing a pretty standard Thorns list, with their in faction easy scores, but mainly going for objective play. Mischievous Spirits helped me out in the first game, as did some kind dice, and it ended up pretty brutal at 17-3.

The second game was a lot tougher, he got three objectives and Mischievous Spirits hid in my deck, meaning he got to score a lot of glory off of Supremacy etc. The game was super tight, but he managed to eke out a small win over me. However, given that we only had time for 2 games, it went to glory diff, which I won due to the absolute brutality of game 1.

Round 3 – Sepulchral Guard – Rob

Feeling a touch lucky to have got through to round 3 having 3 out of 5 games so far, I drew Skellies. Thankfully, this is what Giblin’s been playing in our games of Lunchspire for the last few weeks, so I was pretty comfortable in the game. He ‘lost’ the roll two out of the three games, meaning he had three objectives, which meant I was up against it since I could guess he was running a heavy objective deck.

Fortunately, Mischievous Spirits helped me out here in both games, moving objectives around and just slowing his game right down. Skellies are easy to kill and Stormsire loves being in the middle of the Skelly board firing his Fulminations are everyone. I won pretty handily in game 1, but had an absolute trainwreck of a game 2, where I failed to inspire Ammis and Rastus four times, and then thought we were on turn 2 when we were on turn 3, so made some real poor decisions.

Combination of bad dice and then making one enormous mistake meant this game was one of the worst I’ve played, and I’m a dumbass who deserved to lose it hard. Thankfully I found both of my braincells and got them pointed in the right direction in time for game 3 and won the round 2-1. One funny point in game 3 was Ammis getting attacked by the Champion, trying to score What Armour?, and she was inspired and rolled that dodge like an absolute boss. Literally the only time in 4 rounds that rule came up, but hey, that’s still pretty cool.

Round 4 – Thorns of the Briar Queen – Tim

In the final! I’d watched the tail end of Tim’s game against Tom Bond the round before, and he won narrowly. Taking down one of the Steel City guys is quite something to be proud of, so I was wary going into this game.

Tim’s Thorns deck was nasty, focused on a huge amount of movement and objective play. I actually lost the first game, Mischievous Spirits was the very bottom card on my deck, and he got three objectives. Despite Stormsire and Rastus getting right up in his face on turn 1, and killing off a lot of his spookyboiz, I couldn’t quite steal the game.

Second game, he got three objectives again, but thankfully, Mischievous Spirits showed up and shut down his turn 2 hard, denying him any objectives. While he scored Our Only Way Out on turn 1, the other objectives largely remained beyond him. While I came to loathe the Briar Queen over the three games, since she spent all of her time bouncing around like a march hare, his deck didn’t have a tonne (any, possibly) of cards that scored off of killing. Therefore, it didn’t matter QUITE so much if my fighter started going down, since they could often kill a good number of ghosts first. Managed to win the second game comfortably.

Third game I dumped my starting hand for both, since I’d drawn hard to score turn 1 objectives and 4 upgrades (but lost My Turn ☹). The game was super tight, and some unlucky defense rolls from Stormsire saw him go down at the start of turn 2. Ammis whiffed a five dice Potion of Rage charge to kill the Briar Queen, and in return the Briar Queen whiffed a five dice Potion of Rage charge to kill Rastus. Mischievous Spirits again kept me in it though (seriously this card against objective decks, it’s like having Great Concussion all over again).

I’d been scoring passives and killing some toys, so it was very close going into round 3. I’d dug through my entire deck for Ready for Action (literally the bottom card, btw), and had What Armour, Superior Tactician and Measured Strike in hand. Glory was super tight. Rastus goes, charges the Ever Hanged, hits him for What Armour?, and then I upgrade Ammis and Ready for Action her. She doesn’t let me down this time and smashes the Briar Queen rather successfully, scoring Measured Strike and a kill. Drew up into Victory after Victory and Change of Tactics. The Ever Hanged kills Rastus in return, and we go on guard/draw cards for a bit cause we’ve gone longboards and not much is in range to punch. Ammis then charges, scores Change of Tactics, and kills the Ever Hanged, putting me well up on glory. He scores some objectives at the end, but I have Victory After Victory and Superior Tactician, ensuring I’m too far ahead to catch!

So, I won my fifth piece of glass, and my first with not-Dwarfs. I love Cursebreakers, and I’m prolly going to practice them pretty heavily before the Grand Clash in January. Genuinely not sure I can ever go back to a world without Harness the Storm, like goddamn, I think that’s the best objective card in the game. The event overall was super fun, and the Forge is a cracking venue. Thanks Giblin for hosting (and also letting me write this), and sorry you couldn’t play!

Cheerio troops, catch ye’s in a bit!