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Top Deckin’ and Wreckin’ – Destruction Deck

Champions | Blessings | Units

To finish my Deck Construction Series I felt I should share my Destruction Deck that I reference so heavily.


Godrakk, Fist of Gork
Warboss Recruiter
Orruk Boss
Orruk Boss

19pts, +5 health


Crusin’ for a Bruisin’
Prophet of the Waagh
Smash & Bash
Might of Gork

Action Cards

3x Orruk Scrappers
3x Orruk Shield Bashas
3x Brute Smashas
2x Suprising Skulkers
2x Corwardly Grots
2x Gore Choppa Brute
2x Sweeping Gore Grunta
3x Waagh Chanter

3x Deadly Chop
3x Mosh Pit
3x Opportunity Strike
1x Rallying Cry


Quest, Quest and Quest again! The quests are very easy to complete – primarily being damage, recruit and ability. I tend to rush out the cards I draw early on and then rely on the Recruiter’s heroic ability to draw a card at the start of the turn and immediately deploy if able or hold it to deploy onto a different champion and draw another card for next turn. When the Waagh Chanters come out I find the deck is able to quickly ramp up it’s deployment and card draw. When the time is right for a huge spike of damage the Heroic Ability from Godrakk almost guarantees a game ending situation. The ideal use is a fully stacked Cowardly Grots for an immediate 12DMG – keep these in hand until you can deploy them and heroic for a huge spike.

The Blessings chosen all deal damage or allow for greater action economy, and I’m always happy to see any of them, though most happy to see Cruisin’ for a Brusin’

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Deck Construction – Choosing your Action Cards

Champions | Blessings | Units

WOW! This is a big one! Choosing your Action Cards is a very broad topic as each Faction has a plethora of options. To keep this article relevant but generic enough for all factions I have outlined a few key points you should take into consideration when choosing your Action Cards.


Questing. Questing. Questing.

Do you have what you need to complete your quests? If you have lots of ‘recruit’ quests then you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of units, and if you can’t stack then you may want to consider some ‘quick’ cards that will leave play quickly to free up the lane. Similarly, if you have a bunch of ‘ability’ quests then you want to ensure that you have enough abilities to reliably pull them from your deck. In my experience I have found that a 2:1 ratio of Units:Abilities in a Warrior Champion Only deck is an ideal ratio.

Consistency is Key.

How valuable is the card? Not in terms of it’s rarity but how useful is it actually on the tabletop? For example, in my Destruction Deck the Orruk Shieldbashers are pretty ‘meh’ BUT they have ‘stacking’ and ‘orruk’ so play into my Recruiter strategy perfectly, so I’ll take three please. If you find a unit is taking too long to rotate out, or you never find a good time to deploy them then you should consider removing them or reducing the number of them in your deck to make room for ‘better’ cards. Remember taking all three available cards is 10% of your deck! Is it worth that much of your available Action Cards?

Damage will win you the game!

Some cards have fantastic abilities and delay your opponent through making them ‘dormant’ or block deployment, but if you’re not doing damage then your opponent will eventually win! If your deck can’t put out at least 35 damage, then you probably won’t win games. Look to include units and abilities that either do consistent chip damage such as the Bloodfury Wrathmonger, or huge spike damage like a Crowded Wolf Chariot.

Take Opportunity Strike & the Faction Remove Ability

I wholeheartedly recommend taking three of your Faction specific ‘remove’ ability (Devour, Deadly Chop, Triumphant Smash, Blood Hunt), and three Opportunity Strike. Remove is always good and the additional benefit is nice. Whilst Opportunity Strike is what I like to call Top Deckin’ and Wreckin’ if you’re going first and you’re fortunate enough to draw OS then you get a ‘free’ 5 DMG to your opponent – though you should probably deploy a unit second to prevent it from being reciprocated.

What about spells?

I truly find it difficult to include a Wizard at this stage in the game. Warrior Wizards are awesome as they prevent any dead draw you may have, but if you have three Warriors and a single Wizard then you can get yourself in some nasty situations where you draw those juicy spells and wizard abilities…but have a spell in play so can’t use the ability or you simply draw into a run of spells and can’t use them because you have to wait for your current spell to end. If you have the option to run a Warrior Wizard then I say do that before a Wizard as your card draw will always be useful, and some of the Wizard Abilitiy Cards a bonkers good – so even just taking them for your Warrior Wizard can be worthwhile (I’m looking straight at you Celestant Prime & Celestial Fate).

That’s a Wrap

Obviously, this list isn’t exhaustive and is merely a starting block to get your creative juices flowing! If you have any ideas that could be added into this list drop them down in the comment section and I’ll be sure to read and reply!


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Deck Construction – Choosing your Blessings

Champions | Blessings | Units

Since my previous article on Choosing your Champions I have played about 50+ games of Age of Sigmar Champions! We at The Forge are LOVING this game. We have an event coming up on September 1st and you can expect it to be an amazing day of gaming! We some of the best players in the Manchester, UK area turning up!

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Just like in the previous article I’ll be focusing on my Destruction Deck, this is a simple playstyle of ‘Mace to Face’ so the Champions I have chosen allow me to quest quickly, and flood the board with Units. Now, why have I chosen to pick Champions that quest quickly? Well, dear reader, that is because the Blessings are incredibly powerful cards that can accelerate your victory or save you from defeat! For example these four blessings can easily turn the tide of battle and are worth hunting for!

Each of these cards have an amazing in-game effect that can totally throw game balance out of whack – so you should search for your own game busting card before your opponent finds theirs!

How to Choose your Blessings

After choosing your Champions you should have a good idea of what you intend for your deck to do! If you’re playing Destruction you’re probably looking at playing pure unadulterated aggro and should pick Blessings that do raw damage, or provide additional actions to aid future quests. Prophet of the Waaagh, Might of Gork and Smash and Bash all provide these amazing benefits!

Pick a Theme

You should try to ensure that your Blessings all push towards your deck’s objective! For example if you’re playing Stormcast (aka Stallcast) then you may want to look at blessings that delay your opponent such as Abjuration or heal yourself (see above). When you flip a Blessing over you shouldn’t be disappointed in what you see!! If you have a very situational Blessing then it’s probably a bad choice. With the effort you’ve spent Questing then you should get an immediate benefit.

Ignore the Rarity

Rare does not equal powerful! Some of the best Blessings are common or uncommon! Divine Blast, Might of Gork, Supernatural Horror, Outrageous Carnage are all common Blessings for each of the factions that I’d be happy to see flipped!

Ask yourself – how likely will this Blessing come into use?

There are very powerful Blessings that are extremely situational! You need to make the decision to include these if they are worth it with your deck build, for example an Order deck that has a mix of Aelf and Stormcast units will not always benefit from Llandra’s Last Lament the on card effect is extremely powerful – damage reduction and unremovable Aelf units! If you’ve not built for this the be taken advantage off then it’s worthless! When we look at which units to pick we’ll loop back to these Blessings again.

Struggling to Finish a Quest?

In my opinion Destruction have the easiest time questing because they have Stacking so readily available, and typically get 2-3 blessings in play very quickly. If you’re struggling to finish a quest with the same Champion in multiple games then perhaps you need to alter the ratio of abilities & units or on card effects in the game, or look at your Champion choices and their questing. Again, we’ll cover this in our Units & Abilities blog.

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Deck Construction – Choosing your Champions

Champions | Blessings | Units

I’ve been playing this game religiously at the moment – managing to squeeze in games during my lunch break, after work before heading home, and on games night! The Forge has it’s own event coming up on the 1st September which I’ll be running, but don’t worry Shadespire is still joint top of my games list and I’ll be attending an event on 2nd September in the hunt for yet more Glass.

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I wanted to discuss a little about Deck Construction and how I’ve gone about crafting my Destruction Deck. The first and most important part of building the deck is to decide on the ‘colour’ of your deck – this will be apparent to MtG players but for those who don’t know and may have joined from the tabletop wargaming community or just never played a CCG before here is a very simplified explanation:

  • White – Healing and Restoration
  • Blue – Opponent Control & Draw
  • Black – DMG your opponent and hurt yourself for more gain
  • Red – Punch face and win quick
  • Green – Big windup. Big payout.

From these VERY simplified archetypes we see there are some inherent playstyles for our Grand Alliances. For example Destruction can fit the Red theme very well but can also field their Beasts for a smattering of Green, whilst Chaos can be seen as Red and Black – very fitting colours. As we only have four Grand Alliances it’s very likely that we’ll see a smattering of all the colours in each faction.

The colour of my Destruction Deck is RED, and I’ve chosen my Champions accordingly!

You’ve got your theme sorted! Great. Next up is to choose your Champions! This is such an important part of the deck construction! Deliberations and considerations must be taken:


Your Blessings, which we’ll cover in the next article, are incredibly powerful game changing cards! You want to bestow them upon your Champions as soon as possible whilst travelling your road to victory.

For example in my Red Destruction Deck Snazzgar Stinkmullet initially fit the bill by being able to auto-cast Arcane Bolt for 7DMG, but after a few games I found I was NEVER completing his quests and he was clogging up my Blessings! Instead I chose to swap him for the Warboss Recruiter which boosted my health pool, and provided me with a quest set that matches all my other Champions! This reduced the amount of ‘dead’ cards I drew and meant that everything in my deck was usable in any lane!

In my experience I want to have a Blessing out on Turn 2, or have two very close to being cast. In Red Destruction I run two Orruk Bosses because they want me to Recruit, and that’s VALUE when it’s what I’ve built my deck to do! And that’s ultimately the crux of it – your deck will have to be built around the quests you need to complete so having Champions that rely on the same quest requirements makes your life so much easier.

Health Modifiers and Points

At the bare minimum you’ll want to be breaking even on health, unless there are some top-tier on card Champion Effects or you have innate healing to weather the storm. In my Destruction Deck I am fortunate in the Champions I want to take adding up to +5 to the health pool, this means I’m starting ahead on the road to victory as it’ll take you longer to move my counter round the edge of the board.

You have 20 points to spend. YOU ARE NOT PENALISED FOR NOT SPENDING THEM! I think this is a very ‘wargamer’ mindset, and one I had to begin with. If your deck works better with ‘cheap’ Champions then use them!! 20 is the limit, not the requirement! My Champion total comes to 19pts, so whilst I’m at the top end of the limit that is because I have taken my big stompy boss because of his…

On Card Effects

Some Champions, such as the humble Orruk Boss, do not have flavourful abilities on their card but instead have a solid +1 health and 1pt cost, with easy Quest mechanics. The trade off for this when you look at the high pt cost heroes is that they may have a negative health cost and/or a strong on card effect. For example Aspect of the Sea for Order costs 11pts, gives -1 health BUT opposing Units are Dormant…and that’s always on! She basically kills the lane unless she’s against a Wizard!

Looping back around to my decision to include the Warboss Recruiter over Snazzgar Stinkmullet – his on card Heroic Ability is incredibly strong and whilst I may not have as much ‘remove’ to complete his quest it allows me a card draw on the first action and I can play that immediately if I want to! If he never completes his quest (he does more than Stinkmullet) then his on card effect is worth it every single turn unless I have something better to do!

Next time we’ll be looking at how you should pick your Blessings, and why they’re so important to winning!


Need more Age of Sigmar Champions in your life? Check out this video below:

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Age of Sigmar Champions

Well! The new hotness has certainly taken hold in The Forge Manchester!

I was fortunate enough to buy a Founder’s Pack for £150 which came with a truck load of exclusive merch, and I’m probably about 3 booster boxes deep into the game.

So far I’ve LOVED running a Destruction Deck, and I’m super happy that Orruks and Grots are not just a ‘lol’ faction and actually have good in game mechanics that fit thematically ie. the dream combo: theme & competitiveness.

Currently I am running the following deck list:


Snazgarr Stinkmullet
Gordrakk, Fist of Gork
Orruk Boss
Orruk Boss


Cruisin for a Bruisin
Smash and Bash
Renewed War Lust
Might of Gork


Arcane Bolt (x2)
Invigorating Chant (x2)
Reckless Inspiration (x3) [OP Card – expect an errata coming soon]
Rallying Cry (x2)
Mosh Pit (x2)
Deadly Chop (x3)
Orruk Shield Bashers (x3)
Brute Smashas (x3)
Orruk Scrappers (x3)
Waaagh! Chanter (x3)
Gore-Choppa Brute (x2)
Sweeping Gore Grunta (x2)

When I find the cards I’ll be including another Mosh Pit in place of a Rallying Cry. As it deals 3 DMG and forces an opponent to disacard a card from their deck. Reducing their potential draw deck by 10% is a nice bonus and can be particularly tilting if it was a ‘good’ card they were forced to discard.





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Something Slightly Different

In an entirely unprecedented turn of events I’ve decided to go in on the Founder’s Pack for Warhammer Champions.

This will be my first foray into the CCG arena and I’m both frightened and excited. If you’ve not seen it then Warhammer Champions is made by PlayFusion (the chaps who brought us Lightseekers) and looks to build on the mechanics they created.

Through my love of Warhammer Underworlds and it’s quick ‘set up and play’ I’ve been drawn into the realms of card games & I’m truly excited to give this a go, and if it’s naff I’ll have some Limited Edition Swag hanging around.

I’m hoping to return to my roots and start doing some more video content again soon for The Game Forge Manchester. The Founders Pack doesn’t arrive until August 2018 so hopefully I’ll begin creating video content around then.


Will you be playing Warhammer Champions? Has your involvement with Warhammer Underworlds ignited a love of card games? Pre-order your starter packs today from The Game Forge Manchester for discount & express shipping.