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Picking your Warband

Godtear is a game of champions.

You’ll need three in your Warband.

But there are four classes to choose from! Pick wisely…

Shaper Champions

Shaper champions are the green coloured miniatures and excel at manipulating the battlefield to your advantage, as well as buffing and debuffing the opponent….and they’re my favourite class!

They score additional points for placing their banner in the plot phase. Which gives you a nice early boost and can force your opponent to out position themselves as they attempt to crush your banner.

Maelstrom Champions

Maelstrom champions are the yellow coloured miniatures and delight in scything through followers (the weaker, smaller fighters).

They score an additional point per follower they knock out. Maelstroms can score big and can seriously swing the tide of battle. Your opponent will try to keep their followers away from your maelstrom, which can reduce their associated champion’s effectiveness.

Slayer Champions

Slayer champions are the red coloured miniatures and, unlike maelstroms, they focus on bringing down champions! They can be used to apply pressure to champions, making your opponent think twice about advancing on the godtears.

When a Slayer knocks out an enemy champion you score an additional point (for a total of 5 battle ladder steps).

Guardian Champions

Finally, Guardian champions are the blue coloured miniatures and are the rock in your warband. Guardians are stalwart protectors of their banner and their allies. They are very difficult to knock out but tend to not do too much damage themselves.

They score additional points for having their banner on an objective hex in the end phase.

So, what should I pick?

You can pick any number of any class, so you could go with three shapers if that was you jam. But you may find your playstyle is very single minded personally I’m going to be taking Lorsann (Slayer), Blackjaw (Maelstrom) and Nia (Shaper).

I feel this combo of champions will give me the ability to fight other champions whilst also allowing shenanigans from Nia to get some cheeky banner placement.

With Lorsann being a range based Slayer she is able to contribute to the fight without getting stuck in the scrum, which gives her the opportunity to sit back place her banner and fire off a few arrows on key targets.

Hear what the lead developer has to say:

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What is Godtear?

Hey Trophy Hunters,

I’m starting a new series on the blog all about Godtear! I’ll still be posting about Warhammer Underworlds so don’t panic – that’s not going away and I’ll probably find more time now to chat about anything and everything to do with our hobby.

Now, I’ll preface this by saying that Godtear is designed, developed, manufactured, marketed etc by Steamforged Games (my employers) but I want a place to talk about my games of Godtear away from the official channels. I will be posting links to buy Godtear from Steamforged Games in these blogs, however you can also support your local gaming store by buying from them (and you’ll probably get a little discount too).

So, what is Godtear?

Godtear is a competitive miniatures game that focuses on champions that are travelling around the world of Godtear to collect crystals (or godtears) with the ultimate aim of becoming Gods themselves.

There are five game turns each consisting of two phases; Clash Phase and Tactics Phase. Each game turn is worth a varying amount of points, and the first player to score five points wins.

Players take control of up to three champions, including their followers and battle it out for control of the precious godtears across a multitude of scenarios.

Start your collection today with a Godtear Starter Set.