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Battle for Salvation Podcast

Hey Trophy Hunters! I’ve just finished recording with the Battle for Salvation Podcast! Give it a listen and let me know what your experiences with the Godsworn Hunt have been! I’m keen to hear of any Spellcasting builds or Objective builds!

Go give these chaps a listen, subscribe to their podcast, and follow them on Facebook! They’re knowledgeable and provide plenty of content for you to enjoy!

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Godsworn Hunt Event Review

Hey Trophy Hunters! Learn about the Deck & Tech used for the Godsworn Hunt in this article. I’ll be making the assumption that you have read the article when talking here, so be warned!

Waking up extra early my lovely girlfriend Emma, whom I love to bits and hope she somehow reads this to show my appreciation, drove me to get dropped off at a McDonalds where the Store Owner, Jonny, picked me up for the event. I’m learning to drive now so none of this has to keep happening!

There were eight players in total at the event with a nice variety of warbands on display; Mollog’s Mob, Magore’s Fiends, Zarbag’s Gitz (x2), Thorns of the Briar Queen, Steelheart’s Champions, Stormsire’s Cursebreakers, and my own Godsworn Hunt. Game one was drawn…

Zarbag's Gitz Icon

Round 1 – Godsworn Hunt vs Zarbag’s Gitz – Martin

GREAT! Gitz. Bryce just spent the week beating my with Gitz. I was 0-5 against this warband. The fanatic is just so damn effective at mopping up the Godsworn Hunt AND it subverts Rebound & Last Chance. Martin is a canny player and I was not expecting an easy match up, especially given my track record against the Gitz.

Game 1

These games are a little fuzzy in my memory but essentially Martin was playing a Passive-Hold Objective style deck, with Tomes for flavour! This caught me a little off guard, as I was expecting heavy Keys. However Game 1 ended up being super close, and had I not remembered to reveal my Oath I would have lost. The score was 19-18 in favour of the Darkoath.

Game 2

Game 2 went terribly. I had to ditch Oath of Conquest, Escalation, and Victory after Victory from my opening hand. 7 Glory from my deck gone before the game had even begun. It was a whitewash, Rebound happened early on killing Thredda and it was just over. Despite my best efforts Martin won 8-15.

Game 3

Serious time. This would be me out of the running if I lost here. Knowing that the tomes were in play I waited patiently scoring what I could until the first two tomes went out. Then I struck at Zarbag to remove those effective two glory points and let all hell break loose. The fanatic seemed to love this however, and ended up killing EVERY. SINGLE. MODEL. except Ollo. Ollo on his own scored me Oath of Conquest, Fired Up, What Armour?, and Victory after Victory. Martin hadn’t found his Tomes and the game ended 16-13 in favour of the Godsworn Hunt. We’d broke the curse of the bad moon and it felt great. What next?

Round 2 – Godsworn Hunt vs Mollog’s Mob – Adam


Great. I’d hoped to avoid the troll. I think I can out manoeuvre it but damn I didn’t feel confident! Adam was a lovely chap who’d travelled down with a bunch of friends from Stoke (I think it was Stoke) and was very honest that he’d been playing a defensive style Cursebreaker Deck and wanted a change of pace so brought the troll.

Game 1

I got so damn lucky! I’m more than happy to admit it. I think you need a bit of fortune to beat the troll, especially when it’s in competent hands like Adam’s.

Turn 1 saw Grawl run over two lethal hexes to deny any early Objective card kills for Mollog and to score me Martyred whilst the rest hung back out of initial Charge range. This allowed me to equip Bag of Tricks to Shond, inspiring him and later digging for Spectral Wings to score Cover Ground with Jagathra as she ran past the Troll and threw her Javelin in it’s back.

The Troll then went on to miss every attack it made in Turn One. I’d feel bad but I’ve been there so many times with Skritch that I know it doesn’t happen often enough to worry about it. Going into Turn 2 I made Mollog go first as I had a cunning plan. He charged and killed Grundann who dodged it with Last Chance, but was struck down by a Ready for Action attack.

My retort was to equip Thredda with Great Strength and play Lethal Strike. I had no time to dig for accuracy buffs so just believed in the heart of the dice…and it paid off. Upon rolling two dice one was a glorious GLORIOUS critical success. Mollog rolled his defence dice. Shield. Down went the troll. Everyone runs in and murders the squigs. The game ended 15-6 in favour of the Godsworn Hunt.

Game 2

It’s a bit of a blur, but Adam definitely drew Inspiration Strikes again, and Mollog did not miss (as much) this time, AND got to deploy the board in the hallway formation. I remember scoring Change of Tactics with Jagathra in turn one and bagging a kill with the Javelin against the Bat Squig, drawing into Cover Ground and applying Great Speed to Grundann who scored it whilst Charging into Mollog. Mollog killed them both to my memory. Before the turn was up I blew Hidden Paths early to throw Thredda into the back line and surprisingly killed Stalagsquig. The plan here was to split my force so Adam would have to choose between pushing on into my fighters or return to try and score Victorious Duel.

Turn Two saw Mollog run back and kill Thredda. I played Spectral Wings and upgraded Ollo to charge & score What Armour? Mollog pushed forward popping Potion of Grace to keep his Charge action available, whilst I threw an Inspired Grawl to the troll as bait to lead him away from being in Charge range of Shond in Turn 3, as I had plans to score Oath of Conquest with Faneway Crystal. Mollog missed the little pupper thanks to the double dodge charactersistic!! The bait paid off. Oh and somwehere along the way the Spiteshroom died – I can’t remember who claimed that one…it MIGHT have been Ollo before Mollog whomped him.

Turn 3

The final turn! I allowed Mollog to go first as I wanted to score Martyerd early and have the final activation to ensure that Shenanigans happened and that Mollog would not be able to influence my final position. Mollog swung and killed Grawl, I scored Martyred but Shond was well out of harms way so I drew a card. I had three cards left and I knew faneway was in there so I had time to find it and Move into Mollog’s territory. Did you spot my mistake? I forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest at the start of my first Activation!! FFFFUUUUUU this was a super tight game and that 1 glory could make or break it!! ARREGH!!! I felt like such an idiot especially after doing it the game before and thinking in the second end phase “Jamie! Do NOT forget to reveal that card!”. Don’t be like me. Reveal your Oaths!

Anyway, Adam had my plan pretty much figured out so moved to threaten as many Objective Hexes in his half as possible! Fortunately I’d been super aggressive with my objective hex placement knowing how important these Faneway moves are and had placed four hexes in his territory – meaning that Mollog could not cover ALL the Faneway Hexes. I drew Faneway Crystal on my next activation. Adam ditched an objective. I ditched No Remorse and drew Victory after Victory (boom!). Adam ditched another objective. I played Faneway Crystal and moved onto a safe objective hex.

The final end phase saw Adam score some passive glory putting him on a mighty 12 Glory! Whilst I scored Fired Up, Oath of Conquest and Victory after Victory, taking me to a grand total of 12 Glory. BUT I was on an objective whilst Mollog was not! So won it on tiebreakers. Had I not been a bad player and forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest I would have won 13-12 and not been in such predicament!

Round 3 – Godsworn Hunt vs Stormsire’s Cursebreakers – Steve

Well, well, well. Looky here. Yet another top tier warband for the Godsworn Hunt to overcome. Joyous. No easy Path to Glory here. As I learnt from the Godsworn Hunt’s previous outing Stormcast are difficult to deal with, and with the options for 2 and 3DMG attacks easily accessible these Spellcast can score Measured Strike very easily.

Turn 1 saw Steve Empower Rastus who was promptly hit was a Javelin from Jagathra for 2DMG and pushback onto an edge hex to keep him out of range to attack, scoring me Change of Tactics. However, this resulted in a Shardgale and Hidden Paths to get adjacent to Jagthra and Thredda. Rastus then attacked Jagthra killing her and scoring What Armour? Then Rastus upgraded with Tome of Offerings and used Ready for Action to hit Thredda scoring 2 Glory and Measured Strike, then Rastus was equipped with Sudden Growth. WHAT. A. STARTING. HAND!! 5 Glory scored! I fortunately scored Martyred to put me on 2 glory.

I then drew a card in an attempt to find an accuracy buff for Grundann to go and finish off Rastus but failed to find one. Steve drew a card. I equipped Grawl with a freshly drawn Bag of Tricks and searched my deck for Potion of Rage ready for next turn and equipped it to Grundann. Steve then cast Empower with Ammis but failed then cast Sphere of Ghur with Stormsire to Inspire him. At the end of turn one Steve scored just Magical Supremacy in the end phase putting him on 6 Glory whilst I scored Escalation, Fired Up and Victory after Victory to put me on 7 Glory. BOOM! The look on Steve’s face was priceless seeing the snowball of events. I equipped Shond with Tome of Offerings in the end phase having a plan in mind to deal with Ammis.

Turn 2 & 3

Turn 2 I went first charging in with Shond and dealing two damage to Ammis and scoring What Armour? Then equipping him with Path to Glory and using Ready for Action to finish her off scoring Advancing Strike. MMM 4 Glory. Steve upgraded Rastus with Shadeglass Darts and Lightening Whip. And killed poor Grawl. Grundann then charged in and killed Rastus whilst Stormsire returned the favour to Shond.

Going in to Turn 3 I had Grundann and Ollo left to get into Cursebreaker Terriroty – this time I remembered to reveal my oath! Stormsire was away from the action but went first and moved forward to threaten as much of his own board with fulmination as possible. We drew cards at each other until my final turn when I used Hidden Paths to put Ollo in and decided to put him on an objective incase of a draw….where he was promptly killed by Lethal Ward scoring Strong Start. During my turn I ran Grundann into Steve’s Territory and safely scored Oath of Conquest. The game ended 17-13 to me. Just one more win to go until Shadeglass was claimed.

Game 2

I’ll be entirely honest. I do not remember the blow by blow of this match as I was pretty fried by this point. I do remember however that I got extremely lucky (again) as in the final turn I revealed my oath and only had Grundann again but Stormsire missed a 3 Smash Attack Action to kill him before I ran into Steve’s Territory to score Oath of Conquest. The game eneded 16-9 in my favour and the Godsworn Hunt claimed the Shadeglass!

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Gosdworn Hunt: Deck & Tech

Hey Trophy Hunters! The Godsworn Hunt have claimed their piece of Shadeglass! It was an unexpected victory at Rebel Base Gaming coming up against some fantastic players, and extremely strong warbands! We’ll get to the blow by blow in a later article but now we celebrate!

Mmmm. Joyous.

Calling the Hunt! Oaths to be Met!

The first thing you need to understand when playing the Godsworn Hunt is that until you Inspire and get some juicy upgrades they are just a bit pants. I’ll give a quick summary of how important or relevant the fighters are:

Theddra: In this build she is not important. There are no ‘Leader’ cards and as such she can be used as the first wave of fighters to go in with her reasonably accurate two Smash and two damage. Later on she makes a good assassin when she gets an upgrade or two to fly in and take out a key piece.

Grawl: It scores Martyred. Sometimes finds shiny things on the ground (Bag of Tricks).

Grundann: As Tom Bond from Steel City Underworlds quite aptly put it “It’s Saek but for the Godsworn Hunt” – I mirror these feelings but also found Grundann to be a perfect target to score Cover Ground with Great Speed.

Inspire your Fighters as soon as possible!

Shond: My man. Shond always got work done for me. As soon as he gets an accuracy Upgrade or Gambit played he can go to town on anyone. Cleave gives him good accuracy for taking on the armoured tanks of Nightvault.

Jagthra: Bae. The Javelin is the perfect way to open proceedings and score Change of Tactics. As soon as the Javelin is gone she can just stand there until she has to get into the opponent’s territory for Oath of Conquest.

Ollo: My favourite fighter. Ollo would consistently be my sole remaining warrior and with his Inspired card giving him Cleave and 1DMG he was perfect for scoring my objectives early in the turn whilst keeping Martyred relevant. Change of Tactics & What Armour? are his for scoring! With double dodge when Inspired he becomes a bit of a nuisance to shift.

The Riddle of Steel!
(Godsworn Hunt – The Deck)

Building the Godsworn Hunt deck was no easy task. It went through numerous iterations and then BAR 2.0 hit and threw most of that tinkering to the wind. When the warband finally hit the table it was against Bryce’s Gitz in our games of #Lunchspire – the results were 5 losses over the week. The Gitz are a tough match up as they hit double dodge very quickly, and every Darkoath is in one shot range of Snirk. The deck I settled on is:

There are a tonne of Score Immediately cards that facilitate scoring Victory after Victory or Escalation in Turn One. The only ‘end phase’ objective that I struggle to score is Ploymaster as four of the Gambits are specific reactions, but I’m honestly not sure what I’d drop for it. Answers on a postcard please. EDIT: Opening Gambit is what I’d take.

The Gambits are about increasing accuracy, not dying, and allowing objectives to be scored. As they should be. Lethal Strike is present due to the high number of dice being rolled giving you the best chance to get a crit – combo it with Gloryseeker or Great Strength and even Mollog is in danger of being taken out in a single attack!


Finally the upgrades all go towards increasing the dice pools, and scoring objectives as I described in an earlier deck. With Sudden Growth/Deathly Fortitude on the restricted list I dropped ALL of my health upgrades, yes Path to Glory has a wound but I care more about the extra dice! The Tome of Offerings was a last minute choice as I felt that so long as it scored me at least one glory the upgrade was worthwhile. I originally had the Shadeglass Dagger and no Fired Up. I’m glad I made the change.

Crush Your Enemies
(Godsworn Hunt – The Tech)

The deck looks super aggro right? Well..not really. Only two objectives hinge on killing a model – Advancing Strike and No Remorse. The rest of the Score Immediately cards just require you to meet a certain condition and facilitate Victory after Victory, Master of War, Fired Up, and Escalation.

I focused heavily on accuracy upgrades and cards, this gives the deck the look and feel of an aggro deck however this isn’t the case…generally. Once you’ve committed someone you need to assume they’re done for. They’ll only get that one chance to score you the objective, so ensuring that you maximise your chance of success is crucial! But once you get those objectives scored the game gets easier as you can start loading your upgrades onto the next missile to fly in and score you glory.

Godsworn Hunt Charge

If I were looking to improve the deck then I’d find a replacement for Ploymaster. It was a constant outlier and didn’t gel with my overall plan as it wasn’t effected by upgrades or objective cards being scored. I’m not sure what I’d change it for but maybe something like Plant a Standard would work. I dunno. I’m not sure. EDIT: Opening Gambit is what I’d take.

Finally, Oath of Conquest was an excellent end game card in lieu of Superior Tactician, jumping two fighters into the opponent’s territory on the final activation of turn three via Hidden Paths & Faneway Crystal almost guarantees you’ll score this…just don’t forget to reveal it like I did. Twice. Against Mollog.

Activation 2. Turn 3. Forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest…

See Them Driven Before You
(Godsworn Hunt – The Boards)

Board choice for this warband is extremely difficult to talk about succinctly, but I’ll give it a go. There is no single board that is good for this warband. If you win or lose the roll you need to be aware of:

  1. Your Opponent’s overall gameplan and how you’ll disrupt it.
  2. How you’ll keep Shond and Ollo away from harm but still relevant until you’ve scored What Armour?
  3. Where you’ll deploy Jagathra to go on Guard and Charge in Turn One if you draw Change of Tactics.
  4. How will you get the fighters at the rear into your opponent’s territory for Oath of Conquest? You’ll need to deploy someone on an edge hex, and aggressively place Objective Hexes in your opponent’s territory to open up Faneway options.
  5. How will you prevent someone from simply rolling into your and destroying your fragile fighters? Blocked hexes work for delaying and lethal hexes are a deterrent that you can use.

These were my main considerations when choosing a board and orientating. This could honestly be an article unto itself, which I have neither the time nor inclination to provide. You’ll need to simply get reps in with the warband and figure this one out for yourself.

Hear the Lamentation of the Women
(Godsworn Hunt – Top 5 Tips)

  1. Identify which Score Immediately card is easiest for you to score and go for it. You need to get that Glory early to start Inspiring your Fighters. Run Grawl into lethal hexes to score Martyred if you have to!
  2. Choose which Fighter to Inspire first carefully! In this deck their are no fighter specific upgrades, but if you need something dead then upgrade Grundann or Thredda, need to score What Armour? Shond or Ollo are your top picks.
  3. Make sure the Upgrade is relevant. Giving Grundann Great Speed allows him to score Cover Ground. Giving Ollo Challenge Seekers gives the best chance of the effect proc. Do you increase your chance of scoring an objective by equipping this upgrade?
  4. Treat everything like they don’t have defence dice and you cannot stop an attack. Only let loose your warriors when they’re geared for it, this will take some time and a knowledge of their capabilities but once you’ve charged assume they’re dead and you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Keep Hidden Paths and Faneway until the end, if possible, as you’ll need them to get your stragglers into your opponent’s territory.
  6. BONUS TIP! Reveal your oath!
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Call of the Godsworn Hunt!

Hey Trophy Hunters! I’ve recently become enamoured with the Godsworn Hunt! Their playstyle and inspiration mechanic is quite unique and OH MY GOD I love the Oaths! They’re a very cool bit of design space and I just want more of them in my life!! In my games of #Lunchspire I’ve been testing these barbarians, against fellow Grand Clash Winner Bryce, and their results have been…fine. They’re not setting the world on fire like Mollog but I’m enjoying the challenge of getting these guys and gals working!

Slaves to Darkness!

Much like way back when this blog started and I was determined to win with Skaven, I think I’m going to be ‘maining’ the Godsworn Hunt for a while (unless Kharadon Overlords or Sylvaneth are just too tempting). So I’ll be writing up my journey, my decks, my Win:Loss ratio and just generally how I feel about them!

For a while I’ve felt a bit lost in Warhammer Underworlds, as I’ve been flittering from warband to warband in search of something that makes me WANT to play the game. I had that in leaps and bounds with Skaven but after winning multiple glass trophies and a Grand Clash there didn’t seem anything left to do with them, so I tried Sepulchral Guard and have a pretty good deck with them ready to roll out at a moment’s notice, but I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself. However, now I’m chomping at the bit to play every single day!

Godsworn Hunt | The Deck

This is the current iteration of the deck. So far, I’ve found it wanting. Six Score Immediately objectives feel like too many, especially when they revolve so heavily around killing models in a certain way!


No Remorse, A Worthy Deed, Advancing Strike: These are my ‘kill’ cards and help get the Upgrades out required to Inspire the hunters!

Change of Tactics and Martyred: Change of Tactics is the perfect objective for this warband. Long range attacks let you make the charge from safety and gets some Glory to begin inspiring! Martyred is a headache; the warband is made of paper, but wants to be aggressive HOWEVER this does allow an upgrade to go out if it comes off in Turn One!

What Armour?: Once Ollo or Shond are Inspired they get Cleave printed on their Character Card and can score this Objective pretty handily. Without Spoils of Battle, Change of Tactics, or Martyred in Turn One, this can be a bit of a dead draw. But seriously boosts Glory later on!

Victory after Victory, Master of War: Force multipliers that theoretically are easy to score considering the number of Score Immediately cards.

Ploymaster, Keep Chopping: Easy to score cards that cannot easily be interrupted by the opponent. Keep Chopping works nicely with the Godsworn Hunt thanks to their two ranged attacks and generally fast speed!!

Oath of Conquest: The grand daddy of end game glory! Now that Superior Tactician has hit the Restricted list the Godsworn Hunt have a nice replacement in Oath of Conquest. It’s easy to score and as long as you remember to reveal it you’ll score three glory just for walking into the opponent’s territory!


Hidden Paths, Distraction: Controlling the board state is important, and with Extreme Flank suffering from a severe case of BANHAMMER! Where I would previously have had Sidestep, Distraction takes it’s place to disrupt the opponent and stop them scoring Glory.

Fuelled by Fury, Haymaker, Lethal Strike, Ready for Action: The more dice you roll the more likely your attacks are to hit! All these gambits provide an accuracy or damage buff! Lethal Strike is a bit of a nice piece but can combo with Fuelled by Fury beautifully for Jagathra to make a charge and skewer a Stormcast Eternal on the end of her Javelin.

Last Chance, Rebound, Forceful Denial: urgh, I think I stepped in something….ewww dice roll gambits. I don’t like that these cards are becoming regular occurrences in my decks but with the effective loss of:

  • Deathly Fortitude
  • Sudden Growth
  • Tethered Spirit
  • Soul Trap

I NEED to keep my fighters alive! Last Chance does that perfectly, Rebound…well I hate this card with a fiery passion but it can just win you a game by rolling a 5+ so why not? And Forceful Denial can be used to stop important gambits like Ready for Action, Rebound, Last Chance, Spoils of Battle etc.

Spoils of Battle: AKA Inspiration Strikes for Godsworn Hunt! The value of this card in turn one is just immense, as has been stated before. But for the Darkoath it’s a force multiplier that unlocks the opportunity for multiple objectives to be scored!


Awakened Weapon, Potion of Rage, Challenge Seeker,Path to Glory: Accuracy buffs. This faction adores them!

Great Fortitude, Path to Glory: Health buffs. This faction needs them to keep key fighters alive.

Great Strength, Gloryseeker, Nullstone Spear: Damage Buffs! Guess what…everyone needs them! I would probably look to swap out the Nullstone Spear for the Shadeglass Spear in future as the bearer of these weapons tends to die soon after their charge!

Faneway Crystal, Bag of Tricks: Bag of Tricks lets Grawl inspire early and be useful rather than a liability! Faneway Crystal is amazing for ensuring that Oath of Conquest is scored and for some janky Javelin charges!

Godsworn Hunt at an Event

So, I’ve played four games at a tournament with these glamrock wannabees. Sadly it was a best of one format so their performance wasn’t great, and my notes from the day show just how skewed their deck draw was.

Game 1 vs Defensive Steelhearts: Lost 4 – 14. Drew 5 Upgrades in the opening hand. Mulligan. A successful Rebound from Severin prevented Thredda scoring No Remorse (1) and A Worthy Deed (1), which would have drawn into Alone in the Darkness (2) and Escalation (2) and scored Victory after Victory (2) plus the glory from the kill (1) for a total of 8 glory, instead Thredda died for an effective -9 Glory swing.

Game 2 vs Mid-range Cursebreakers: Won 7-5. Drew 4 Upgrades and Last Chance. Mulligan. No notes on this game except that it was against the sculptor of the Godsworn Hunt, and that he could not roll spell dice successfully! We played again and I was promptly beaten 21-4 as Sergi’s dice GOT HOT!

Game 3 vs Zarbag’s Gitz: Lost 12-13. Drew 4 Upgrades. Mulliganed into 5 Upgrades – wanted to cry that my deck was forcing me to play with all my Inspire cards and no realistic way to equip them. Snirk was a homing fanatic and just could not do anything wrong, I think he took out three models in total before spinning off into a position to deny Alone in the Darkness. A turn one rebound prevented No Remorse and killed Jagathra. It was a sad sad day.

Game 4 vs Aggressive Steelhearts: Lost 12-13. Drew 3 Upgrades. Kept it because there were probably 5 Upgrades waiting to be drawn. After being bulwarked of my turn one aggression and the stormcast killing everything they turned their hand too I had written the game off. Thanks to spectacular luck Shond went on a rampage and killed Obryn whilst Grundann obliterated Severin. Sadly Brightshield glared at Grundann in the final turn, transfixing him to the spot and preventing Oath of Conquest! Curses!!

Future Events

I’ll be running these Glamrock Gods at the Event this weekend at Rebel Base Gaming! I’ll keep you up to date with how the event goes and what changes have been made on our Facebook Page!

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Godswon Hunt | Praise the Design Space

Okay! Godsworn Hunt just dropped on Warhammer Community – hot take – the stats are bad but the design space is absolutely chuffing beautiful!!

Godsworn Hunt: The Oaths

I love it! Tell your opponent what you’re going to do. Then do it and earn more Glory because you were able to do it despite them knowing exactly what you want to do! This can be used to bluff your opponent and disguise your actual plans, and if you achieve it then you get the nice added bonus. Well done designers!

Godsworn Hunt: Theddra Skull-scryer

Leader. Three health. One dodge. Hide her from combat. Magic level 1 upto 2 when Inspired is nice but her attack is nothing to write home about definitely an opportunistic killer. We cannot know just yet if upgrading her to Inspire and reach two magic dice is worth the effort just yet. Hopefully there are some incredible in faction spells!

Godsworn Hunt: Grundann Blood-Eye

Definitely the ‘fighter’ of the bunch – when Inspired going up to five move and three damage makes him a bit of missile, a prime target for Sudden Growth and Deathly Fortitude. Using Great Strength to jump from two to four damage is also a nice trick!

Godsworn Hunt: Jagathra

Definitely a fighter you want to make use of then sacrifice to the dark gods to get an upgrade out on someone else. The Javelin is a nice option to have in your back pocket to take someone out from potentially eight hexes away or to initiate the fight with. Two health and one dodge doesn’t see her staying around for a while though.

Godsworn Hunt: Shond Head-Claimer

Nice to see the Gargant’s switching defensive stat made it’s way to the main game (though likely vice-versa given production times). Shond is not an impressive fighter. Though gaining cleave and three fury dice on his attack may make him useful against block warbands.

Godsworn Hunt: Ollo

Arnulf’s cousin made his way into Nightvault!! A thoroughly terrible fighter expect to see this guy hanging out in the wind to trigger Martyred. Another model with cleave is nice but two health and one dodge before being inspired is pretty rubbish.

Godsworn Hunt: Grawl

Who’s a good doggo? Riptooth is a good doggo. Grawl is a bit pants. Poor attacks, low health, low defensive stats. At least he’s fast…

Godsworn Hunt: The Cards

Seized Trophy is a neat way to throw out an extra upgrade immediately and score Escalation of few glory. Because then you get the glory for taking someone out and equip another upgrade to someone else? It doesn’t actually do anything though. I’d LOVE to see an in-faction ‘Ready for Action’.

Brutal Sacrifice we already have Spoils of Battle and Ghoulish Pact, if you want to triple down on the effect and concede a glory point then… sure?

Path to Glory it’s slightly obscured but looks to be -1 wounds +1 dice to attack actions. With the caveat of upgrading on top of upgrades. It seems fine. I don’t think I’d be taking it though if I’m being entirely truthful.

Godsworn Hunt: Verdict

I love love love the design space that this warband has entered into. I’ll need to see the rest of the cards to get a proper analysis but colour me excited for this warband to be released!

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