Element Games – Event Review

The penultimate round – Stormcast vs Skaven on Table 1 Stats for Nerds: Below is a table of ALL my competitive games since I started playing around a month and a half ago. It’s crazy to think I’ve played 57 games competitively already PLUS all the non-recorded practice games. Faction Total Games Games Won Games Lost Win % Total Glory For Total Glory Against Glory … Continue reading Element Games – Event Review

Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

Last weekend I attended the inaugural Shadespire Event at Rebel Base Gaming, with the new shiny OP Kit in use! I REALLY WANT A GLASS TROPHY! We had to submit our deck lists a week before the event and I thought I’d try something a little bit different, whilst still being objective focussed I thought I’d see how it went removing some of the ‘auto-include’ … Continue reading Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review