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Beastgrave Gift Pack – They rereleased THAT card!?

Do you own all the Shadespire Cards?
If yes, then you can probably get by without the gift set.
If no, then I’d highly recommend buying this expansion.

Rebound: … I don’t wanna talk about it.
Jealous Defence: Situational, but free attack actions are pretty darn tasty. Useful for models with range 3+
Forward Planning: Probably not worth sacrificing an activation for an upgrade.
Distraction: Welcome back old friend. You’ve arrived when we needed you most!

Daylight Robbery: If you like your 50:50 the OG is back!
Harnessed Powe: Ylthari’s Guardians will definitely be considering this!
No Time: If you wanted to play keys then this is the card for you to stop something catastophric!
Misdirection: Protect your fighters on objectives from Distraction with this!

Mischievous Spirits: Oh! Beware Hold Objective players. This card is going to spoil your fun!
Spectral Wings: A stellar card that was sorely missed by Aggro players, a welcome return.

Grim Tenacity: Not being able to be driven back is a pretty big deal with all these lethal hexes and feature tokens around now!
Guardian Glaive: A solid 2/2/2 attack with re-rolls on an objective…this is nice for the earlier objective grabbing warbands; skeletons and skaven in particular.

Lenders Lockbox: A neat trick, good for protecting Cursed Keys and Tomes I suppose.
Shardcaller: Ah, the old classic. I reckon we’ll see some use out of this yet.
The Keys: 1-5 and Formless are back in action!! I didn’t bother taking their picture but they have all gained the ‘cursed key’ keyword.

Bold Conquest: Nice easy surge for fast leaders!
Concerted Attack: If you’ve got lots of rubbish attacks that aren’t likely to kill someone then this is the surge objective for you.
Cover Ground: AMAZING IT’S BACK! The Duke’s Bats are speed 6 when inspired…
Guardians of the Way: For the pay off this isn’t worth it – the number of restrictions for one glory is too damn high!

Plant a Standard: Nice and easy, especially if you think you’ll be going on the offensive with your leader.
Steadfast Defender: Probably a bit too situational to take up one of my Surge slots.
Tactical Genius 1-3: Just play Supremacy
Tactical Genius 3-5: Just play Supremacy

Tactical Supremacy 1-2: Good glory score a nice non-surge Hold Objective objective card. Beware of flipping and disappearing tokens.
Tactical Supremacy 3-4: See above.
Victorious Duel: A fantastic aggro two score Surge card. Glad it’s back.
Finders of the Way: Have keys on all surviving fighters is pretty difficult for some of the larger warbands, and a two score for the third end phase isn’t so hot.


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