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I Can Hear the Call! | Beastgrave

Hey Trophy Hunters!

I’m back at the wheel of Katophrane Relic once again. I burnt out at the end of Nightvault. The Mollog/Thundriks/Cursebreaker score immediately meta bored me. The rate at which my written content was becoming out of date hurt. I’d also set myself some unrealistic goals with regards to content frequency and I’d kinda lost sight of the aim of the blog. I use it to track my personal progress as a competitive player and now I have a higher calling than just winning another Grand Clash – the 2020 Grand Masters!


Beastgrave appears to be breaking the meta I hated, and with the rotation of Shadespire cards out I’m actually PUMPED to write some deck lists again. No longer will I immediately grab; Ready for Action, Escalation, Change of Tactics and something for flavour.

It also didn’t help that all the local players around me had moved on to other games, but I’m going to give running events another go at The Forge Manchester to see what sort of turn out I get.

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2 thoughts on “I Can Hear the Call! | Beastgrave

  1. Glad to see you back! I bought Nightvault, but quickly got overwhelmed knowing I would never, ever catch up. Was really happy to see they are rotating universal cards out. I’m jumping in full force with Beastgrave. Glad to know this site will be there with me! šŸ˜

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