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Where my Head is with Warhammer Underworlds

If you’ve been following Katophrane Relic you’ll have noticed June was a particularly quiet month despite a new expansion and a Grand Clash.

Well I’ll level with you dear reader, I’m finding it difficult to get motivated to write about Warhammer Underworlds right now. The close combat arena game I fell in love with is a distant memory replaced by one where range is king and death in the power step runs rampant.

Nightvault pushed the boundaries of Warhammer Underworlds game design but since Dave Sanders was announced to be working on Warcry it feels like the play testing and balance of the game has taken a dip. This could be any number of reasons and I won’t list my thoughts incase I unintentionally offend designers, developers or play testers, but the power creep is real.

I’ve also become disenfranchised with the speed that content becomes outdated or with chasing the headlines. Some of my favourite articles were my Objective based Skaven tactica in season one but that information is basically worthless now. Whilst other blogs have written fantastic in-depth discussions ( that are of diminishing value to a competitive player.

Having won a grand clash there is nothing further to chase and no fire in me to keep playing. I wish something had been done with the special cards handed out to top placing players at grand clashes.

Despite it all I still enjoy the game and have made great friends in this community but I’m just not enthused to write about the game anymore.

Maybe Season 3 will change that for me. Maybe something will be revealed this weekend at the Open Day that entices me back in.

In the meantime I’m going to be getting to grips with Godtear and keeping a close eye on Super Fantasy Brawl.


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  1. “And Alexander wept when he saw the breadth of his domain because there were no more worlds to conquer.”
    – Hans Gruber, Die Hard

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