Rebel Base Gaming – Event Review

After my poor showing at the Grand Clash I was determined to improve my game with Thundrik’s Profiteers and hone the deck some more. I’ve made changes to the deck I trained In the Dojo with and I’m very happy with how it’s performing. So, I packed my bags and headed to Rebel Base Gaming!

Round 1 vs Jason (Ylthari’s Guardians)

Game one: Well there isn’t much to say on it everything went to plan and I won the game 21-6 as Jason’s plan completely fell apart!

Round One couldn’t have gone better!

Game Two: A win here secures the round. Ylthari started explosively killing Garrod and Ironhail whilst scoring 8 glory. Alas, the Guardians blew so many powerful cards in Turn One that they were vulnerable in Turn Two and Three. The game ended 22-14, putting me at +23 Glory Difference after Round 1, and 44 Glory Scored (Glory Scored was the first tiebreak).

Another strong win put me in good stead for the tournament

Round 2 vs Bryce (Mollog)

Great. A Grand Clash winner and Mollog stood between me and the Shadeglass trophy.

Game 1: Opening move of the game; Dead Eye Lund charges Mollog to score What Armour? and misses. At this point I thought I’d lost the game, in activation one of Turn One. Bryce is a great player and I fully expected him to take advantage of the situation. Fortunately, for me, dice are malicious cubes of hate and they hated Bryce that day. I ended up winning 21-12.


Game 2: After a dicey victory in game 1. I knew Bryce would rally and give me an incredibly tough game. He started strong and Mollog pulled ahead extremely quickly. By the end of turn two the score was 16-8 to Bryce and he’d used illusory fighter to retreat mollog denying me the opportunity to score my objectives. Fortunately the Profiteers can score glory like nothing else I’ve encountered and due to a misplay from Bryce I was able to score 8 glory through a mix of kills, upgrades and objectives to bring it to a 16-16 draw in the final turn and good old Thundrik was sat on an objective to take me through to the final.

When the game is looking tight, always stand on an objective!

Round 3 vs Mike (Sepulchral Guard)

Oh great! After beating a Grand Clash Winner I now had to take on a Grand Clash finalist! I swear the Northern tournament circuit is one of the hardest places to win a sodding Glass Trophy.

Game One: Everything went to plan for me, and Mike’s deck never got started. He drew 9 Upgrades as his opening power cards. An 18-6 win for me. One more and the Shadeglass would be mine!

Photo reconstructed as I forgot to take any of this game!

Game Two: So Mike was playing Tomes! This was a super tight game with barely any objectives being scored on both sides. Going into the end of Turn Three I was sat on 11 Glory and Mike was on 10. With the Warden dead and Restless Dead used I had a final attempt to kill the Librarian (the skeleton holding all the Tomes). I equipped Thundrik with Tome of Offerings and Potion of Rage and made a charge to kill the Champion. I missed entirely with all 4 dice! In the end Phase Mike scored 8 Glory thanks to a whopping 5 from Acolyte of the Katophranes and Superior Tactician putting the scores at 11-18. Had the attack killed the Champion the game would have been a draw!

Stupid dice coming back to curse me!

Game Three: This one was for all the marbles! And my dice did not want to play anymore. In the opening turn I missed three attacks in a row from Dead Eye Lund to score What Armour?, and in the final crucial activation of the game Drakkskewer’s Tome of Offering kill was stopped by Last Chance, and then his Ready for Action attack completely missed!! The game ended 17-18 to Mike thanks to his Libraian scoring 6? Glory and my Khazagann failing to make his attacks count! Congratulations Mike!

Turn One was wasted trying to score What Armour?

Final Thoughts

Well, I got lucky versus Bryce and luck was not a lady for me in the game against Mike. To quote Love Island #ItIsWhatItIs the Profiteers are performing very well for me with this newly tweaked deck. I came 2nd overall at the event with a whopping 125 Glory Scored and Glory Difference of 36. There’s always next time…


  1. so it seems that in your last iteration of the decklist, you used tome of offerings again…what upgrade did you leave out of the last version from “in the dojo” ?

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