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Wargaming Apps

Hey Trophy Hunters! Just a quick list style article today whilst I’m working on my UKGE Grand Clash review in the background. Check out my build up article here. These are some of the apps and resources I heartily recommend adding to your bookmarks and downloading to your mobile.

1. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is my preferred ‘PodManager’ App. It allows you to search for podcasts in the app and subscribe via the app too. It’s completely free via Google Play and I’m currently subscribed to every single Warhammer Underworlds Podcast that I can find. Sadly it’s not available on IoS.

Google Play

2. Warband Odds

Warband Odds is a valuable tool in the competitive players arsenal. Make use of it to learn the basic win percentages of the most common attacks. It’ll improve your decision making in game as you’ll begin to understand why your petitioner isn’t hurting Gallaghan. Though don’t crutch on the odds too much, as variance will screw you and sometimes you end up just having to hope your 30% attack is successful.

Google Play
App Store

3. Underworlds DB

Underworlds DB is by far my favourite Deck Builder for Warhammer Underworlds and is simple to use, especially at a desktop. Whilst it’s not technically an App I still love it. Though you’ll need an internet connection as it has to be used in-browser. The perfect workplace toilet break pass time.

Website Link

4. Discord

I didn’t like Discord originally but it’s grown on me. I prefer Slack but Discord is far more accessible for the majority of people. It’s nice to lurk and read what other players are saying or thinking. Occasionally I’ll pitch in and discuss but for the most part it’s a nice option if I feel the need to discuss something or I’m unsure how a rule interacts.

Discord Link

5. Best Coast Pairing

I’ve begrudgingly included Best Coast Pairings simply because nothing else exists for Warhammer Underworlds that is able to collate tournament information. If there was a Google Sheet out there that somebody managed I’d put that above BCP.

The user interface is clunky. Registering for events is difficult. At UKGE I spent about 30mins going down the registration line teaching people how to register.

Google Play
App Store


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