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Are Ranged Attacks too Common?

Before I begin, this is just a thought i had whilst on the train home from work. I’d love to hear your opinion about it. Drop a comment on here or the Facebook page and I’ll happily discuss it.

Did you play in Season One? Do you remember what it used to be like to have to get up close and personal with an opponent? To see the whites of their eyes before eternally closing them?…well until they’re brought back to life by Nagash.

Since the last wave of releases for Nightvault I’ve noticed that fighting at range is becoming more and more common. I’m rarely closing in with my opponent as it just seems like a disadvantage. Positioning is so important and choosing where to fight is so much easier with range!!

+1 defence when adjacent to nobody
This is becoming more and more appealing…

Every single Nightvault warband has at least one range 2 attack and for all except goblins it’s on their main damage dealer. For the cherry on top when Inspired 5 of these fighters have range 3 damage 2 before upgrades. Which is really quite spectacular! In total there are 20 of 43 fighters who have ranged attacks.

Shadespire had just 7; Farstriders, Skritch, Karsus and the Warden. Guess which warbands were considered top of their class at the end of Shadespire? The poor bony bois have their own inherent problems.

Now with even more Gambit Spells available we’re flinging damage from 4 or 5 hexes away. Who is punished most by this? Slow warbands. I’m looking at Steelheart, Skeletons, Chosen Axes, Orruks, and even Magore’s are beginning to tail off though they benefit from being a bit faster than those previously mentioned.

How can we counter this?

Well the upgrade above is a pretty good reason to get close to someone, but we can also dig back through our binders to some season one cards…

Darkness Descends can spoil an end of turn charge from Stormsire or Mollog as they have likely played to their max range.

Mmm reactions that happen mid doing something! This ruins spell attacks as they have 1 dice and need to crit, and greatly negates the effectiveness of Thundrik’s Profiteers accurate attacks.

A left field choice from Nightvault:

Spin towards your opponent with this and you might just close that gap to be adjacent to attack them in your activation. Relying on your opponent missing shouldn’t be given too much weight. But it’s also a reaction that can stop Tireless Assault or Lightning Strikes. Probably.

Currently there aren’t a great deal of all rounder cards to negate being whittled down at range. My advice is to fight fire with fire and stock up on ranged attacks yourself.


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