In the Dojo: Warhammer Fest Grand Clash

Hey Trophy Hunters! With the UK Grand Clash Season well and truly upon us, previous UK Grand Clash Winner, Bryce and I have been hammering out games ‘in the dojo’ in preparation for competing for the Grandest Glass available. We both believe that with the current BAR List in action (07.05.19) that the Cursebreakers are the most competitive faction in the game. So that’s what we’re preparing to use.

In this article I’ll be running through the tweaks I’ve made from the initial start point of my Cursebreaker Deck and how the games of #Lunchspire progressed. The initial deck list was:

This gave me versatility in my objective scoring via passive/magic play and aggression. The Gambits allow me to take enemy fighters out of action from long range with the use of Gambit Spells and Shardgale. Against the ever popular Zarbag’s Gitz it is possible to take out any Grot with Gambits alone! When focussed onto a single model it is possible to do an effective 4DMG killing an unupgraded fighter bar Mollog, Gurzag, Inspired Grimnir or Inspired Thundrik.

The list also performs well in the Grand Clash ranking system as it scores consistently, and doesn’t concede much glory via kills so can take advantage of the Glory Difference third tiebreaker.

Week 1 – The Mirror Match

Week 1 saw Bryce and I go head to head with our Cursebreaker Decks looking to see if we could glean any information that could give us the edge in the Mirror Match. As our decks were almost exactly the same we found that a) Warding Scroll was not worth the Upgrade Slot and b) Great Strength was unessecary as damage came mostly through Gambits and a fighter would generally be in one shot range for Ammis or Cursebreaker. We only managed to get three games in of the Mirror Match before the Warhammer Fest Grand Clash. I took two of the three games, and ultimately we found that the warband was heavily reliant on Stormsire to do almost all of the heavy lifting – the big takeaway here was that we needed more wounds on Stormsire and some redundancy if he went down!

At the end of the week this is how my deck looked:

In the Objectives I changed:

  • Superior Tactician (Out) – Victory After Victory (In)
  • Shining Example (Out) – Solid Gains (In)

The Objectives changed to allow me some redundancy if Stormsire dies, and I found that I was scoring three objectives pretty handily so Victory after Victory become a mid-game boost of glory rather than an end game boost, and frees up a vital Restricted slot.

In the Gambits I changed nothing as I felt these were working as intended. There’s plenty of damage output there, and enough tech pieces to keep my fighters moving around the board.

In the Upgrades I changed:

  • Tome of Vitality (Out) – Deathly Fortitude (In)
  • Great Strength (Out) – Blessing of Vytrix (In)

The change from Tome of Vitality to Deathly Fortitude was facilitated by the removal of Superior Tactician. I chose to remove the Tome over Great Fortitude as their is a Score Immediately card for killing a fighter upgraded with a Tome. Though this is a minimal benefit it makes sense to reduce risk wherever possible. I also removed Great Strength as I found that Ammis and Rastus hit hard enough already and were mainly used as Empower buttons to help score my Magic oriented Objectives, therefore it made sense to include and Innate Channel to assist in casting spells, it also provided another layer of redundancy incase Stormsire went down as I did not lose access to Cry of Thunder.

Conclusion: The Mirror Match was pretty coin flippy, and largely came down to deck draw and we couldn’t find anything that would give us the edge. The Warding Scroll was one use only and never truly presented itself as a game winner. I also considered Loathe Stone as a potential disruptor for an opponent’s Stormsire if Ammis went in to punch face but it never felt like it was worth spending the effort to do it and was completely useless versus Shadespire warbands, Mollog and Thundrik.

Week 2 – Mollog Brings the Pain

Day One! In the narrative of this article the previous week has been written from memory and I’m now writing immediately after the games. I won’t go into a blow-by-blow but will instead give a run down of the deck we used for Mollog, and an overview of how the game went highlighting any stand out moments!

This was the, fairly standard, Mollog deck we used. I’ve fallen back in love with Illusory Fighter and find it highly amusing when your opponent smugly teleports to your backlines to hit the Critters just for Mollog to appear next to them. I also swapped out Bag of Tricks for Quick Learner a few minutes before our game. Thanks to a May Day Bank Holiday (National Holiday) we only had four games this week – hence starting on Tuesday:

Tuesday: Mollog (Jamie) vs Stormsire (Bryce)

Mollog won in a close 9-9 score however had Bryce been thinking he could have moved Stormsire onto an Objective to make it a true tie. Turn One saw both players score a meagre single Glory. In Turn Two Ammis & Rastus died to drive backs into Lethal Hexes, however neither player scored in the End Phase (3-1 to Mollog). Turn 3 ended with Stormsire killing the Stalagsquig and Spiteshroom netting 4 Glory during the turn and ending with 4 Glory in the End Phase. Mollog managed to net 5 Glory in the end phase but was stood on an objective due to how close the game was looking.

Both of us struggled to get the ball rolling as Mollog didn’t get Inspired until Turn 3 and Bryce’s deck came out in a squiffy order. We’ll be playing this match up reversed on Wednesday to see how it plays out again.  

Wednesday: Mollog (Bryce) vs Stormsire (Jamie)

Mollog won again. This time in a blowout 16-3 victory. I was playing as Stormsire and missed a crucial turn one play. I’d utilised Hidden Paths to teleport an Inspired Stormsire into the Critters. My objective hand was Sorcerous Scouring, Measured Strike and Strong Start. If my attack went off then I’d score 4 Glory off of a single kill and draw three new objectives. I targeted an uninspired Spiteshroom…and rolled blanks. Mollog made a Move back towards Stormsire so I pulled him back out with Illusory Fighter accepting that I was unlikely to secure the kill next turn. Mollog went on to whack his way through my fighters. Whilst I got stalled out of my kills.

Our post-game breakdown was largely that the Cursbreakers had an unlucky turn one that Bryce/Mollog was able to capitalise on. As for the deck itself we’re finding Measured Strike is actually proving a little bit difficult to score versus Mollog & Cursebreakers. So, I’m making some changes to my deck ahead of my rematch versus Mollog on Friday!

The changes made this time were in aid of more consistent scoring, though the total glory has decreased overall which is something I’m not a huge fan of, but winning 2-0 is more important so consistency is key!

In the Objectives I changed:

  • Magical Storm (Out) – Shining Example (Back In)
  • Measured Strike (Out) – Change of Tactics (In)

I had to take the Restricted slot back out of the Upgrades for Change of Tactics, but the simplicity of scoring that card with Stromsire makes for an easy Glory scored and objective cycled. Magical Storm was good on turn one but I found I was struggling to score it consistently, especially if Stormsire dies or there wasn’t a target rich environment. It’s a very good objective and if I were going all-in on Magic I’d certainly take it!

In the Gambits I changed:

  • Spoils of Battle (Out) – Spectral Wings (In)

I felt that the deck was lacking mobility. There are no push cards, there are no speed boosts, and this change will help keep Ammis relevant towards the end game where she can longbomb in to hit someone for three damage, or ensure that Stormsire can get where he needs to be! In the times I drew Spoils of Battle I wish I had something else, which is usually a good indicator of something needing to change!

In the Upgrades I changed:

  • Deathly Fortitude (Out) – Tome of Vitality (Back In)
  • Duellist’s Speed (Out) – Bag of Tricks (In)

I needed the restricted slot back for Change of Tactics, and Tome of Vitality is the back up card! I dropped Duellist’s Speed as I found that I wasn’t making enough Attack Actions to warrant the cards inclusion. It was very much a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘need to have’ and Bag of Tricks lets Rastus find those ‘Need it Now!’ cards!

Thursday: Mollog (Bryce) vs Stormsire (Jamie)

The deck performed MUCH better against Mollog this time around. I felt like I had more versatility. Stormsire ended up taking out all the Critters and scoring 15 Glory. Sadly, Mollog also managed to take out Ammis, Rastus, and Stormsire before the end of the game and utilise Ready for Action to move onto an objective. The game ended 15-15 but Mollog took it again on tiebreaks!! After that game I dropped Sphere of Ghur for Distraction as I found the Gambit spells weren’t in high demand anymore and the Sphere didn’t work into my gameplan whereas Distraction has a multitude of good uses.

Friday: Ylthari (Bryce) vs Stormsire (Jamie)
Bryce wanted to use test Ylthari as he has an event on Sunday with her, I was more then happy to oblige as more practice against more warbands is better all round. I’ll keep it short as it was a largely I didn’t manage to cast a single spell all game and ended up losing by a handful of glory.

Final Thoughts

So I lost every game that week with Stormsire. Good. I feel pretty confident in everything except the mirror match. I just need to hope that lady luck favours me on the day! I’ll have an event review up on the Clash at some point during the week. I’ve got a lot on in personal and work life next week, so I wont be able to put a time on it. Enjoy it when it arrives.

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