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5 Cards I Think Will Get Restricted

Hey Trophy Hunters! Now that we’ve seen all the cards Season Two has to offer here are the Top 5 Cards I think will get Restricted.

5. Tome of Offerings

This needs little explanation. It’s a win-more card, but as it’s an upgrade you’re pretty stoked to apply. In the current Grand Clash ranking system seeing this card can make or break your tournament. Getting a large positive Glory Differential will see you rise above all the other undefeated players to secure a spot in the final. For factions that don’t focus on killing this is purely a negative experience as they won’t benefit the gain, but will suffer the losses.

4. Well of Power

The inspiration requirement is nice, it keeps Vortemis & Ylthari grounded with this Upgrade. Stormsire, however, abuses this Upgrade to high Hell! If I told you that you could upgrade your leader to have a Range 3, 3 Smash, 2DMG attack you’d play it. Inspiring him is easy with the number of good Gambit Spells in the pool, and this only makes them easier to cast once inspired! It also functions as an accuracy boost and the restricted list hasn’t looked too kindly on them in the past!

3. Sphere of Aqshy

Trap, Pit Trap and Twist the Knife are all Restricted for a reason. They are unavoidable damage cards. Sphere of Aqshy fits that bill if you ask me. Especially since it is cast on a single Channel, if this were a single Focus I’d be less aggrieved but as it is any level 2 wizard can cast this and expect it to go off around 90% of the time, deal 1 dmg from 4 hexes away and it Inspires Stormsire. OH this also counts for Sorcerous Scouring and Death From Afar if you can take a fighter out of action with it. Can they use any defensive tech? Can they heck, this is a Gambit Spell not some common Ploy or Attack Action…

  • Last Chance,
  • Rebound,
  • Soul Trap,
  • Tethered Spirit,
  • Grimnir’s Blessing,
  • Unkillable,
  • On Your Feet,
  • Dark Destiny,
  • Rebirth in Blood.

Your life saving efforts are no match for a hungry fireball.

2. Inspiration Strikes

Inspire Conditions are fun and push a warband to play in a certain way. Orruks want to get into a fight, Cursebreakers want to cast spells, Mollog needs to get angry. However, when you can subvert the designer’s requirements to Inspire and gain access to your upgraded abilities without a negative or ignoring a playstyle then the game can suddenly spiral out of control. Regal Vision still exists as a replacement but requires an objective hex which adds a much needed restriction to the freedom this card gives.

1. Calculated Risk

Just read it. Move actions are part of Charge Actions; you’ll score this immediately after the Move Action part wich allows you to draw a new objective before making your Attack Action. So you could draw into Strong Start, What Armour? or any of the score immediately objectives triggered off of an attack.

This is basically an unrestricted substitute for Change of Tactics that scores in an advantageous timing step. Hyper reliable and no interaction with the opponent is needed. Every deck except Thorns of the Briar Queen should run this objective.


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4 thoughts on “5 Cards I Think Will Get Restricted

  1. Oh no !
    Restricted Inspiration Strikes = Definitive death of my beloved and yet already weakened Chosen Axes…

  2. There are two cards I am sick of and that are not in your list: Last Chance and Rebound. They are basically ploys equivalents to Soul Trap and Tethered Spirit which are restricted and are even stronger because they are ploys. In addition Rebound literally wins game on a dice roll.
    Inspiration strikes is silly with Mollog and a bit too strong with Magore’s as they have it twice. Otherwise it is not an auto-in card and yes, it really helps warbands like Chosen axes.
    But as Mollog shifted the meta into “Let’s build our decks with everything that can stop the troll !” (Last Chance, Rebound, Frozen in time, …) making the game too random in my opinion, it might be necessary to calm down the troll by restricting Inspiration strikes and Tome of offering.

  3. I think Hidden Paths is missing in your list to be hones, would put that in there instead of Inspiration Strikes.

  4. This is a good list. I agree with most of the picks.

    If you wish you had more copies of a card, so that you could put it in more of your warbands, it probably should be restricted.

    Some other candidates that I believe should also considered are:

    Faneway Crystal
    Hidden Paths

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