On the Painting Table: Ironsoul’s Condemners

There’s been a bit of a lull in new information about Nightvault recently, though that is all about to change this week (hopefully) as we have Thundrik’s Profiteers & Ylthari’s Guardians going on pre-order on Easter Weekend, and you can bet your socks this blogger is picking them up!

In the interim since Mollog & Godsworn Hunt were released there has been a drought of tournaments in my local area. Though it appears Element Games were jealously hoarding TWO glass trophies. So, I’ve rallied them to action and have got an event to attend on Saturday 20th April. An international Holiday for some, but not this writer; Shadeglass is the only drug I need.

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What’s on the painting table?

If you follow me on Instagram (@_GiblinKing) then you’ll know I’m eagerly awaiting Dreadfane to surface so I can get Ironsoul’s Condemners onto the tabletop, so in preparation I’ve been painting up the easy-to-build Sequitors.

Now, I’m NOT a painter. I have enjoyed painting in the past, and this latest painting experience has been relaxing and reminded me why I used to paint. The low number of models that actually need to be painted has spurred me on, as well as the lack of a deadline i.e. for the next event. I’ve just got the last one to finish which feels doable, I expect I’ll be coming back to these to touch them up as I get more and more comfortable holding a paintbrush again.

Something that has been a HUGE help in getting these painted was to use a painting guide. I never really paid attention to painting guides in the past, choosing to create my own scheme – but when someone else has done the hard work and painstakingly detailed how to achieve their scheme it seems like I’ve been foolish not to use it. Here are the guides I used:

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been painting and what you’re looking forward to most; Ylthari’s Guardians or Thundrik’s Profiteers.

Which new release are you excited for?

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