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Getting Board!

We’ve had the Forbidden Chambers board pack out for a while now, and I’ve begun to realise something. Whenever I’ve won a board roll off 90% of the time I’m using this board…

Annoyingly the scanner cut off half of the hexes along the left side!

…it has fantastic set up potential whether you’re the aggressor or the defender. For a well written article determining which role you should take check out this Magic the Gathering resource by Star City Games.

Let’s take a look at some of the common set ups that I’ve been using, and I’ve seen players using to good effect.

Aggressive Set Up

So, you’ve chosen to play an aggressive warband or deck – you’ve won the roll off and you’re opponent puts down a decent first board pick; the Soul Refractor. With three single blocked hexes and starting hexes generally pretty evenly spread it’s a good all-rounder. Then you whack out the Amber Forbidden Chambers Board aka Chasmatic Amphitheatre and set up like this…

…pow! You’ve got four fighters up in their grill and if you have speed 3 (sorry guard & dwarves) then you can reach all but two fighters in the opponent’s territory! You also have the bonus of starting someone on an edge hex to utilise hidden paths. If you’re the aggressor this board lets you flood into the opponent’s half fast!

Defensive Set Up

Okay. You’ve seen the one-dimensional set up for using the board aggressively, and it’s a good set up, but what I love this board for is it’s defensive uses. You can use it as a good long board OR diagonal deployment. Now, assuming your opponent is wise to your tricks and plays the Arcane Nexus to give themselves the best opportunity to get close to you in a long board deployment – well – let’s see how it fares up:

Seamless edit job to add in the missing hexes…

Yuck! If you want to safely traverse this board then it would take 7 hexes of movement just to get adjacent to an opposing model, assuming that they stand still and don’t push you back. Heck, even if your opponent is using a 7 model warband you’ll normally only have the option to hit a single model in turn one, unless you’re super fast! Okay – that’s pretty cool – I hear you say. But, this is not the boards BEST use if you need to sit back and hide…

Whilst the distance is less in this instance, only six hexes away – watch out for Riptooth with Spectral Wings or Skritch – this board lets you spread your fighters out forcing even more distance to be covered by the opponent if they want to go after your fighters. You deploy in a position where anyone can use Hidden Paths AND can score Skirting Danger if you’re after some passive glory. Or if you’re a larger seven model warband then you still only concede one model to be taken out in turn one!!

Is this a problem board?

If you take the time to get your boards out and lay them out in the diagonal layout, where you choose the orientation of the opponent’s board, there isn’t a bad line up for this amber board. The lack of a starting hex in the corner with the lethal hexes allows it to be used hyper defensively. Besides drawing spectral wings/hidden paths in turn one I’m not entirely sure how to go about initiating a fight in turn one if you’re playing as the aggressor and aren’t Mollog.

Have you been using this board?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been using this board frequently or have had it used against you. Personally I feel that this board is getting an inordinate amount of play time and its definitely on my watch list of potential imbalance!


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