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Gosdworn Hunt: Deck & Tech

Hey Trophy Hunters! The Godsworn Hunt have claimed their piece of Shadeglass! It was an unexpected victory at Rebel Base Gaming coming up against some fantastic players, and extremely strong warbands! We’ll get to the blow by blow in a later article but now we celebrate!

Mmmm. Joyous.

Calling the Hunt! Oaths to be Met!

The first thing you need to understand when playing the Godsworn Hunt is that until you Inspire and get some juicy upgrades they are just a bit pants. I’ll give a quick summary of how important or relevant the fighters are:

Theddra: In this build she is not important. There are no ‘Leader’ cards and as such she can be used as the first wave of fighters to go in with her reasonably accurate two Smash and two damage. Later on she makes a good assassin when she gets an upgrade or two to fly in and take out a key piece.

Grawl: It scores Martyred. Sometimes finds shiny things on the ground (Bag of Tricks).

Grundann: As Tom Bond from Steel City Underworlds quite aptly put it “It’s Saek but for the Godsworn Hunt” – I mirror these feelings but also found Grundann to be a perfect target to score Cover Ground with Great Speed.

Inspire your Fighters as soon as possible!

Shond: My man. Shond always got work done for me. As soon as he gets an accuracy Upgrade or Gambit played he can go to town on anyone. Cleave gives him good accuracy for taking on the armoured tanks of Nightvault.

Jagthra: Bae. The Javelin is the perfect way to open proceedings and score Change of Tactics. As soon as the Javelin is gone she can just stand there until she has to get into the opponent’s territory for Oath of Conquest.

Ollo: My favourite fighter. Ollo would consistently be my sole remaining warrior and with his Inspired card giving him Cleave and 1DMG he was perfect for scoring my objectives early in the turn whilst keeping Martyred relevant. Change of Tactics & What Armour? are his for scoring! With double dodge when Inspired he becomes a bit of a nuisance to shift.

The Riddle of Steel!
(Godsworn Hunt – The Deck)

Building the Godsworn Hunt deck was no easy task. It went through numerous iterations and then BAR 2.0 hit and threw most of that tinkering to the wind. When the warband finally hit the table it was against Bryce’s Gitz in our games of #Lunchspire – the results were 5 losses over the week. The Gitz are a tough match up as they hit double dodge very quickly, and every Darkoath is in one shot range of Snirk. The deck I settled on is:

There are a tonne of Score Immediately cards that facilitate scoring Victory after Victory or Escalation in Turn One. The only ‘end phase’ objective that I struggle to score is Ploymaster as four of the Gambits are specific reactions, but I’m honestly not sure what I’d drop for it. Answers on a postcard please. EDIT: Opening Gambit is what I’d take.

The Gambits are about increasing accuracy, not dying, and allowing objectives to be scored. As they should be. Lethal Strike is present due to the high number of dice being rolled giving you the best chance to get a crit – combo it with Gloryseeker or Great Strength and even Mollog is in danger of being taken out in a single attack!


Finally the upgrades all go towards increasing the dice pools, and scoring objectives as I described in an earlier deck. With Sudden Growth/Deathly Fortitude on the restricted list I dropped ALL of my health upgrades, yes Path to Glory has a wound but I care more about the extra dice! The Tome of Offerings was a last minute choice as I felt that so long as it scored me at least one glory the upgrade was worthwhile. I originally had the Shadeglass Dagger and no Fired Up. I’m glad I made the change.

Crush Your Enemies
(Godsworn Hunt – The Tech)

The deck looks super aggro right? Well..not really. Only two objectives hinge on killing a model – Advancing Strike and No Remorse. The rest of the Score Immediately cards just require you to meet a certain condition and facilitate Victory after Victory, Master of War, Fired Up, and Escalation.

I focused heavily on accuracy upgrades and cards, this gives the deck the look and feel of an aggro deck however this isn’t the case…generally. Once you’ve committed someone you need to assume they’re done for. They’ll only get that one chance to score you the objective, so ensuring that you maximise your chance of success is crucial! But once you get those objectives scored the game gets easier as you can start loading your upgrades onto the next missile to fly in and score you glory.

Godsworn Hunt Charge

If I were looking to improve the deck then I’d find a replacement for Ploymaster. It was a constant outlier and didn’t gel with my overall plan as it wasn’t effected by upgrades or objective cards being scored. I’m not sure what I’d change it for but maybe something like Plant a Standard would work. I dunno. I’m not sure. EDIT: Opening Gambit is what I’d take.

Finally, Oath of Conquest was an excellent end game card in lieu of Superior Tactician, jumping two fighters into the opponent’s territory on the final activation of turn three via Hidden Paths & Faneway Crystal almost guarantees you’ll score this…just don’t forget to reveal it like I did. Twice. Against Mollog.

Activation 2. Turn 3. Forgot to reveal Oath of Conquest…

See Them Driven Before You
(Godsworn Hunt – The Boards)

Board choice for this warband is extremely difficult to talk about succinctly, but I’ll give it a go. There is no single board that is good for this warband. If you win or lose the roll you need to be aware of:

  1. Your Opponent’s overall gameplan and how you’ll disrupt it.
  2. How you’ll keep Shond and Ollo away from harm but still relevant until you’ve scored What Armour?
  3. Where you’ll deploy Jagathra to go on Guard and Charge in Turn One if you draw Change of Tactics.
  4. How will you get the fighters at the rear into your opponent’s territory for Oath of Conquest? You’ll need to deploy someone on an edge hex, and aggressively place Objective Hexes in your opponent’s territory to open up Faneway options.
  5. How will you prevent someone from simply rolling into your and destroying your fragile fighters? Blocked hexes work for delaying and lethal hexes are a deterrent that you can use.

These were my main considerations when choosing a board and orientating. This could honestly be an article unto itself, which I have neither the time nor inclination to provide. You’ll need to simply get reps in with the warband and figure this one out for yourself.

Hear the Lamentation of the Women
(Godsworn Hunt – Top 5 Tips)

  1. Identify which Score Immediately card is easiest for you to score and go for it. You need to get that Glory early to start Inspiring your Fighters. Run Grawl into lethal hexes to score Martyred if you have to!
  2. Choose which Fighter to Inspire first carefully! In this deck their are no fighter specific upgrades, but if you need something dead then upgrade Grundann or Thredda, need to score What Armour? Shond or Ollo are your top picks.
  3. Make sure the Upgrade is relevant. Giving Grundann Great Speed allows him to score Cover Ground. Giving Ollo Challenge Seekers gives the best chance of the effect proc. Do you increase your chance of scoring an objective by equipping this upgrade?
  4. Treat everything like they don’t have defence dice and you cannot stop an attack. Only let loose your warriors when they’re geared for it, this will take some time and a knowledge of their capabilities but once you’ve charged assume they’re dead and you won’t be disappointed.
  5. Keep Hidden Paths and Faneway until the end, if possible, as you’ll need them to get your stragglers into your opponent’s territory.
  6. BONUS TIP! Reveal your oath!


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13 thoughts on “Gosdworn Hunt: Deck & Tech

  1. Very curious about how Tome of Offerings performed on such a glass cannon warband. I don’t have it in my deck list for the Hunt currently because of this reason, preferring Fighter’s Ferocity to combo with all the dice and accuracy buffs.

    I also don’t run Rebound, because I want to be the change I want to see in the world 😛 (even though secretly I know Rebound Wins Glass.)

    1. It helped hugely vs Cursebreakers – with their limited amount of glory via kills on offer the Tome gave a much needed boost.

  2. It worked well oath of conquest with victory after victory, if it appears soon in initial hand or second round you can not make victory after victory

  3. I also do not like ploymaster in decks that do not draw many cards or you have ploy to add cards to your hand, and if better open gambit to me I really like this card having at least 5 immediate obj

  4. Pretty sure Underworlds uses “multiplication first, then addition,” so a native 2 DMG swing with Gloryseeker and Lethal Strike does 5 damage on a crit, not 6. This makes it very tough to one-shot Mollog.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for this breakdown. I took a variation of your list to a small tournament and won some glass! They were a ton of fun. I changed it up just a bit from what you used, but the overall concept was the same. Overall though this was a super fun list to play.

    1. I found it too restricting in what I could do in a turn. Because the attacks have to be in an activation gambits that provide attacks do not work. So I felt I was forced into charging unnecessarily.

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