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Call of the Godsworn Hunt!

Hey Trophy Hunters! I’ve recently become enamoured with the Godsworn Hunt! Their playstyle and inspiration mechanic is quite unique and OH MY GOD I love the Oaths! They’re a very cool bit of design space and I just want more of them in my life!! In my games of #Lunchspire I’ve been testing these barbarians, against fellow Grand Clash Winner Bryce, and their results have been…fine. They’re not setting the world on fire like Mollog but I’m enjoying the challenge of getting these guys and gals working!

Slaves to Darkness!

Much like way back when this blog started and I was determined to win with Skaven, I think I’m going to be ‘maining’ the Godsworn Hunt for a while (unless Kharadon Overlords or Sylvaneth are just too tempting). So I’ll be writing up my journey, my decks, my Win:Loss ratio and just generally how I feel about them!

For a while I’ve felt a bit lost in Warhammer Underworlds, as I’ve been flittering from warband to warband in search of something that makes me WANT to play the game. I had that in leaps and bounds with Skaven but after winning multiple glass trophies and a Grand Clash there didn’t seem anything left to do with them, so I tried Sepulchral Guard and have a pretty good deck with them ready to roll out at a moment’s notice, but I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself. However, now I’m chomping at the bit to play every single day!

Godsworn Hunt | The Deck

This is the current iteration of the deck. So far, I’ve found it wanting. Six Score Immediately objectives feel like too many, especially when they revolve so heavily around killing models in a certain way!


No Remorse, A Worthy Deed, Advancing Strike: These are my ‘kill’ cards and help get the Upgrades out required to Inspire the hunters!

Change of Tactics and Martyred: Change of Tactics is the perfect objective for this warband. Long range attacks let you make the charge from safety and gets some Glory to begin inspiring! Martyred is a headache; the warband is made of paper, but wants to be aggressive HOWEVER this does allow an upgrade to go out if it comes off in Turn One!

What Armour?: Once Ollo or Shond are Inspired they get Cleave printed on their Character Card and can score this Objective pretty handily. Without Spoils of Battle, Change of Tactics, or Martyred in Turn One, this can be a bit of a dead draw. But seriously boosts Glory later on!

Victory after Victory, Master of War: Force multipliers that theoretically are easy to score considering the number of Score Immediately cards.

Ploymaster, Keep Chopping: Easy to score cards that cannot easily be interrupted by the opponent. Keep Chopping works nicely with the Godsworn Hunt thanks to their two ranged attacks and generally fast speed!!

Oath of Conquest: The grand daddy of end game glory! Now that Superior Tactician has hit the Restricted list the Godsworn Hunt have a nice replacement in Oath of Conquest. It’s easy to score and as long as you remember to reveal it you’ll score three glory just for walking into the opponent’s territory!


Hidden Paths, Distraction: Controlling the board state is important, and with Extreme Flank suffering from a severe case of BANHAMMER! Where I would previously have had Sidestep, Distraction takes it’s place to disrupt the opponent and stop them scoring Glory.

Fuelled by Fury, Haymaker, Lethal Strike, Ready for Action: The more dice you roll the more likely your attacks are to hit! All these gambits provide an accuracy or damage buff! Lethal Strike is a bit of a nice piece but can combo with Fuelled by Fury beautifully for Jagathra to make a charge and skewer a Stormcast Eternal on the end of her Javelin.

Last Chance, Rebound, Forceful Denial: urgh, I think I stepped in something….ewww dice roll gambits. I don’t like that these cards are becoming regular occurrences in my decks but with the effective loss of:

  • Deathly Fortitude
  • Sudden Growth
  • Tethered Spirit
  • Soul Trap

I NEED to keep my fighters alive! Last Chance does that perfectly, Rebound…well I hate this card with a fiery passion but it can just win you a game by rolling a 5+ so why not? And Forceful Denial can be used to stop important gambits like Ready for Action, Rebound, Last Chance, Spoils of Battle etc.

Spoils of Battle: AKA Inspiration Strikes for Godsworn Hunt! The value of this card in turn one is just immense, as has been stated before. But for the Darkoath it’s a force multiplier that unlocks the opportunity for multiple objectives to be scored!


Awakened Weapon, Potion of Rage, Challenge Seeker,Path to Glory: Accuracy buffs. This faction adores them!

Great Fortitude, Path to Glory: Health buffs. This faction needs them to keep key fighters alive.

Great Strength, Gloryseeker, Nullstone Spear: Damage Buffs! Guess what…everyone needs them! I would probably look to swap out the Nullstone Spear for the Shadeglass Spear in future as the bearer of these weapons tends to die soon after their charge!

Faneway Crystal, Bag of Tricks: Bag of Tricks lets Grawl inspire early and be useful rather than a liability! Faneway Crystal is amazing for ensuring that Oath of Conquest is scored and for some janky Javelin charges!

Godsworn Hunt at an Event

So, I’ve played four games at a tournament with these glamrock wannabees. Sadly it was a best of one format so their performance wasn’t great, and my notes from the day show just how skewed their deck draw was.

Game 1 vs Defensive Steelhearts: Lost 4 – 14. Drew 5 Upgrades in the opening hand. Mulligan. A successful Rebound from Severin prevented Thredda scoring No Remorse (1) and A Worthy Deed (1), which would have drawn into Alone in the Darkness (2) and Escalation (2) and scored Victory after Victory (2) plus the glory from the kill (1) for a total of 8 glory, instead Thredda died for an effective -9 Glory swing.

Game 2 vs Mid-range Cursebreakers: Won 7-5. Drew 4 Upgrades and Last Chance. Mulligan. No notes on this game except that it was against the sculptor of the Godsworn Hunt, and that he could not roll spell dice successfully! We played again and I was promptly beaten 21-4 as Sergi’s dice GOT HOT!

Game 3 vs Zarbag’s Gitz: Lost 12-13. Drew 4 Upgrades. Mulliganed into 5 Upgrades – wanted to cry that my deck was forcing me to play with all my Inspire cards and no realistic way to equip them. Snirk was a homing fanatic and just could not do anything wrong, I think he took out three models in total before spinning off into a position to deny Alone in the Darkness. A turn one rebound prevented No Remorse and killed Jagathra. It was a sad sad day.

Game 4 vs Aggressive Steelhearts: Lost 12-13. Drew 3 Upgrades. Kept it because there were probably 5 Upgrades waiting to be drawn. After being bulwarked of my turn one aggression and the stormcast killing everything they turned their hand too I had written the game off. Thanks to spectacular luck Shond went on a rampage and killed Obryn whilst Grundann obliterated Severin. Sadly Brightshield glared at Grundann in the final turn, transfixing him to the spot and preventing Oath of Conquest! Curses!!

Future Events

I’ll be running these Glamrock Gods at the Event this weekend at Rebel Base Gaming! I’ll keep you up to date with how the event goes and what changes have been made on our Facebook Page!


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  1. Alone in the darkness is not listed…do you play that card, i can’t understand.

  2. 3gambits with dice rolling… 30% of your ploys….nah no way…
    I would much better play side step, spectral wings, goulish pact and healing potion to help you with your objectives….if I had to chose one rolling dice card…. it is only Frozen in time…

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