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BAR List, Errata & Designer Commentary Updated!

Banned & Restricted – Download Here

  • Extreme Flank gets banned!
  • Superior Tactician hits the restricted list.
  • Deathly Fortitude hits the restricted list.
  • Sudden Growth hits the restricted list

Nothing too surprising there. I expected to see Transfixing Stare in the restricted list, and maybe in time we’ll see that too! The loss of Extreme Flank is definitely going to hurt the ‘Horde’ warbands ability to score high consistently, more than lower model warbands. Which is always an issue we’re going to have in this game!

Errata – Download Here

Wow! This one took me by surprise:

This is a straight up BUFF! for Mollog. He can now Charge – Attack – Attack – Charge when Inspired. Which is pretty nuts considering how strong the ability was anyway! I’d expect this is to help clear up the rules for newer players. Speaking of which… who hasn’t seen the question about Mollog & Second Wind on the various groups? Well, it’s been cleared up:

Essentially it allows Mollog to Charge again if he’s uninspired, and hasn’t already made a Move action. It’s a clean way of fixing a confusing rule. Nicely done, but is still another buff for Mollog.

There are some rules clean ups in there for the Warden and his actions. Which is nice as I raised these in the group recently and had a mix of opinion.

Designer’s Commentary – Download Here

This is a mammoth document that is covered in magenta, but the key take aways are listed below. Many of the other questions are simply clean ups and do not effect the majority of interactions in the game. The ones I’ve listed however do:

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of our latest Banned & Restricted List, Errata and Designer’s Commentary?


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4 thoughts on “BAR List, Errata & Designer Commentary Updated!

  1. important to note that Martyred and Strong Start are now played differently than what most of the community was playing.

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