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Cards that might get Banned or Restricted!

We’ve had a few weeks now since Mollog’s Mob & The Godsworn Hunt were released. But what were the real standout cards of those sets? Those cards that are so game changing that they may even end up on the banned or restricted list?

I’ve rummaged through the Objectives, Gambits, & Upgrades to find out. Obviously, I have no prior knowledge on upcoming cards from the Kharadon Overlords or Sylvaneth and wouldn’t expect an update until a month or two after their release. HOWEVER reason is not something that a sensationalist gamer understands… so lets plough on!

Transfixing Stare

Transfixing Stare. Hey look! It’s Negative Play Experience 101. This card is punishing to the extreme! In the hands of a good player this can absolutely shut down a less skilled opponent’s entire game. It’s comparable in Power Level to Frozen in Time, but at least that has a random element attached to it and your fighter cannot be damaged whilst it’s frozen.

A Negative Play Experience (NPE) is when playing a game frustrates or bores one or both players. NPEs are thought to prevent new players from fully entering the game and leading to existing players abandoning the game.

“But this has a range restriction on it!” I hear you cry! Range 2 and no LoS requirement is plenty of room to shut down a model especially if you have a Push ploy to get out of their threat range.

“But this is good anti-Mollog tech” I hear you too. And I ask you…how? Stopping him from charging twice per turn just puts him on the same level as everyone else, whilst drastically reducing EVERYONE else’s ability to do anything.

Upgrades are so Hot Right Now!

Remember back when it was just Gambits that you struggled to pick. Now it’s Upgrades too! We’ve got so many good upgrades, but these too probably skew the game a bit too hard. In a similar vein to say the Slumbering Key & A Destiny to Meet.

Tome of Offerings

Tome of Offerings. Previously this upgrade was a thematic Upgrade solely for our Khornate Leaders – which was fine. Because you were aware that you were likely to come up against that when playing Khorne. Now, warbands with five or more models shudder when they see this come out in Turn One! This upgrade is regularly netting 3 or 4 additional glory in our games of #Lunchspire.

This is a difficult upgrade to assess as, much like Transfixing Stare, it is extremely Player Skill dependent. A good player will get far more worth out of this upgrade than a bad player, and I guess this is an issue that could be applied to many or all cards, but Tome of Offerings certainly exacerbates this issue.

Rather than add this to the restricted list and hurting the potential of a Librarian build (having all the Tomes) I think a simple change to this card could even be “The first time this fighter takes an enemy fighter out of action per action phase, gain 1 additional glory point.” This limits it’s score to 3 additional glory points, more likely 1 or 2 but reduces it’s impact on the larger warbands.

Bag of Tricks

Bag of Tricks. How much I love and hate you at the same time is almost incomprehensible! You’re an amazing venture into unexplored design space but you’re also a Bag of D**ks for skewing the balance of a game!!

Bag of Tricks has a fairly weighted punishment for searching your deck when used in a small warband and not so punishing in a large warband, however the impact of this action is immeasurable! When Bag of Tricks is equipped and searched in turn one to find Inspiration Strikes or Ready for Action or the Silver Bullet to your bad match up it can flip a game on it’s head. Searching for a specific card is not something that the game mechanics of Warhammer Underworlds supports.

A fairer effect would be Action: Draw X. Pick 1 and reveal it to your opponent. Shuffle the remaining cards back into your Power Deck and place a Charge token next to this fighter.” What is X? I don’t know it would need playtesting. My gut says 3 or 4 but it is still extremely powerful and better than just pulling the top card.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read through my thoughts spilled out. Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments below. I’d like to know your thoughts!


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