5 Older Gambits You’re Going to See More

Thanks to Paul Howard for this article suggestion!

With the release of Mollog’s Mob & Godsworn Hunt the meta has been shook up! New threats are aplenty; be it the ferocity of Mollog or the flexibility of the Servants of Darkness! To help answer these new threats (and new neutral cards that come with them) we might see a return of some older cards! (Make note – they’re so powerful they’re generally 50/50)

Frozen in Time – Farstrider Expansion

Ah. Frozen in Time. A staple of decks in the States (or at least Claim the City Podcast say so) has definitely risen in value since the one-troggoth wrecking crew is proving particularly powerful. Roll that dice and on a Smash or Crit and you’ve potentially stalled your opponent for an entire turn, known as a Time Warp.

Time Warp: The idea of a change in the measurement of time, in which people and events from one part of history are imagined as existing in another part.

By preventing your opponent from executing their plan with a singularly powerful model (Magore, Fjul, Gurzag, Stormsire, Mollog) they can effectively have a null and void turn. We only have 12 activations, Turn 1 is jockeying for position, Turn 2 is execution of the plan, Turn 3 is about wrapping it up. If you can freeze a big threat in Turn 2 then they may not even get to execute their plan if yours has gone well!

Cruel Taunt – Ironskull’s Boyz Expansion

Being Inspired is golden (bad’um tss). You get better stats and unlock objectives such as Fired Up & Shining Example. If you can remove that option from an enemy model then you put yourself in good stead. Uninspiring Snirk leave the Moonclan Grots without their ‘heavy hitter’, Stormcast lose access to their double defence dice, Grimnir probably flips the table in fury. The drawback is that in 50% of your games this won’t work and you’d probably with you’d brought Distraction to just push them away!

Shattershard – Spiteclaw’s Swarm Expansion

In the wake of the BAR List we are no longer seeing Soultrap and Tethered Spirit, replaced instead by Deathly Fortitude and Sudden Growth. There is a definite reliance on these upgrades to ensure that our models don’t die, pulling the proverbial rug out from under them and removing those +2 wounds when they’re in the danger zone already can turn the tide. You’ll get a glory for the kill and might just score something like Strong Start! The other uses that jump out are removing Tome of Offerings, Hero’s Mantle, or even something as simple as Great Speed to ensure someone stays out of range!

Forceful Denial – Sepulchral Guard Expansion

Whilst this has been growing in popularity already Forceful Denial is almost the only way to shut down an opponent’s power card in it’s track. You could play No Time but that can potentially hurt you just as much! This 50/50 can drastically alter the outcome of a game. Particularly good for stopping those cards mentioned above and things like Ready for Action, My Turn, Illusory Fighter – removing the ability to use a Restricted Card is so satisfying…

Misdirection – Ironskull’s Boyz Expansion

Play this if your gameplan revolves around having a single big model do all the work. It can keep them choppin’ or in a vital position for longer! This card was popular during the ScaredyKat days but might see a resurgence soon! It’s drawback is that it requires you to be ‘chosen by a ploy’ so it needs that specific keyword. However all the above cards DO have that so you’re pretty fortunate there. This card if very much a Chicken and Egg card – if the other cards become popular then this probably will.

What cards do you think we’ll see more of?
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  1. Frozen in Time was never really popular in this area (Toledo/Detroit) but I have a feeling it will see a lot more play. I foresee a lot of decks either playing as Mollog, or decks designed to defeat him. All five of these could easily be used in either of those cases…interested to see what.

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