Sepulchral Guard Event Review

Hey Folks! Apologies for the lull after Mollog’s & Godsworn Hunt released. I’ve been a bit hesitant about jumping into a Faction review of them as I wanted to get some games with & against them before I began talking about them. There is already plenty to read about them out there and a simple card review didn’t capture my imagination. Their cards have both helped and hindered the Sepulchral Guard, just how much remains to be fully seen…

As you may or may not know I’ve been playing Sepulchral Guard since the BAR List and have been enjoying the challenge they’re presenting me with. They certainly are not the strongest warband and I don’t think I’d EVER take them to a Grand Clash as they will nearly always drop a game or two! I’ll be keeping my cards close to my chest on this until I win Glass, so no decklist this time, sorry!

I finally plucked up the courage to attend an event with the Guard after a run of bad luck regarding events. They kept getting cancelled or life was getting in the way. The field was looking pretty good for a Guard victory due to a low attendance! There were Thorns of the Briar Queen, two Godsworn Hunt, myself…and then two Mollog’s Mob warbands appeared and the percentage chance of victory went tumbling…

Sepulchral Guard Middle Finger
This is for you Mollog!

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt (Tom Bond)

Wonderful. First game versus Tom Bond from SteelCityUnderworlds Blog. Tom always gives a good game, and I’ll never forget our super tense Magore vs Skritch game that ended in a draw and knocked us both from the running to win an event. He’s a true gent and a fantastic player, though is prone to letting Riptooth eat Magore and losing to children.

Our games were extremely close and the Godsworn Hunt surprised me at how many dice they would start rolling and just how effective Oath of Conquest was for an end game objective. Horrible stuff!

Tom was able to get the best of three; winning Games 1 and 3 – though we chalked Game 1 down to above average dice for Tom and below average dice for me. An inspired warden rolled two attacks versus a single dodge and didn’t even score a Smash or Crit!!! Congrats Tom – I’ll get you yet!

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt

Sepulchral Guard vs Godsworn Hunt (Paul Murphy)

Well…I was out of the running to win but I was certainly getting my reps in against the Servants of Darkness! This game versus Paul showed me just how versatile a warband they are. Tom played them aggressively and got all up in my grill! Whilst Paul blindsided me by playing a Hold Objective/Magic playstyle. This warband is one to watch in the future!

Fortunately, my dice had thrown their tantrum in the Game against Tom, and were now behaving themselves. Shutting down Pauls attempts to kill anything and everything. I won Games 1 and 3 but Paul’s victory was a massive 23 glory to my meagre 10, so my Glory Difference was through the floor!

Sepulchral Guard vs Nighthaunt

Sepulchral Guard vs Thorns of the Briar Queen (Ben Smith)

Ben is a regular face at the Forge and used to use Sepulchral Guard (if my memory serves) so he probably had a good bead on what I’d be trying to do. Fortunately, I’d used Thorns of the Briar Queen (poorly) at the Grand Clash so also had an inkling on what he’d be trying to do.

Our games went VERY strangely! With him grabbing objectives, me killing ghosts with an Inspired Prince of Dust it feels like our objective cards seemed not to matter anymore as we both misplayed a lot as we danced around keeping our Leaders alive whilst threatening to kill the other.

The dice were definitely in my favour as multiple times I rolled a Crit defence whilst blocking an objective that Ben needed. I was able to close out the Games 1 and 3 (again) but ended up losing Game 2 due to an immense opener from Ben scoring Supremacy, Our Only Way Out & Tac 3-4 for a whopping 7 glory!!

Event Summary

Not the best day at the office but I enjoyed myself none the less. I came 3rd overall even though there were only 6 attendees the field was very strong as Bryce, Tom Bond, Michael Carlin, Ben & Paul were all attending.

The final was between Bryce & Michael, both of whom were playing Mollog’s Mob. Bryce lost the game but overall won on Glory Difference, and he had been the only undefeated player after two rounds… but it felt a bit naff ending the event at Round 2 so we all agreed to play a third.

I’ve been given a hall pass for this Saturday to attend an event and I’m seriously contemplating heading to Wayland Forge in Birmingham to get another tournament in.

What Next?

I’ve been honing my Speulchral Guard deck for a while and I think I have something I’m keen to run at events now. Playing a large, slow warband like this feels like relearning the game as a misplaced model can spell utter disaster! I’ve found them EXTREMELY difficult to recover from a losing position because the option to switch on the kill switch and just start farming glory simply isn’t there.

I’ll be bringing the Guard deck, and probably have a pocket Mollog, for the next few events that I attend.

Competitive Stats

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know I track every single competitive game I play and submit them to my spreadsheet of doom. After a bit of a lull here are the latest takings.

Since using less powerful warbands I’ve seen my Total Win Percentage drop, which whilst upsetting to see a drop is still extremely high. I’m also nearing my double century of recorded games!

Sepulchral Guard Stats


  1. Sounds like you’re really getting to grips with the Guard. What is it about Mollog’s Mob that makes them such a challenge for the skellies? Shadespire’s kinda dried up in my area so I’ve not had a chance to see any of the new warbands in action yet.

    (I’m still chuckling at that .gif, 22 hours later.)

    1. In my experience Mollog can deploy in a long board set up and deny access to the critters & objective hexes whilst he himself is still relevant to the Mollog’s Mob Player.

      A single powerful model is difficult for the skeletons to deal with as most of their attacks do 2-3 DMG without upgrades, and with Mollog stacking Aggressive Defence, My Turn, Ready for Action the number of attacks coming in with R2 and 3DMG mean that you concede glory at an alarming rate.

      Being able to charge a second time when Inspired also puts the Warden in a difficult spot as he’s simply too weak to withstand a barrage of attacks from Mollog.

  2. I just noticed that you explained why you didn’t share your deck. Sorry for my previous comment. However I would really like to hear which boards you chose (both as first and second player) and board setup. I tend to play SG a lot these days and I always struggle on board choices. Thanks again for your articles!

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