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Mollog’s Mob Reveal | Squigs Away

Mollog’s Mob have been teased on the Warhammer Community Site we’ll be taking a closer look at the critters and gribblies. It will be exciting when these and the Godsworn Hunt are released to see how my Warband Ranking is impacted!

Mollog's Mob

Mollog’s Mob: Mollog the Mighty

Mollog's Mob

He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s gonna make an impact. Mollog’s Mob look like they’re going to rely heavily on this chap to do most/all of their heavy lifting.

Whilst it’s a shame Mollog doesn’t have Cleave to boost his accuracy, as he’s only rolling two smash, on his Makeshift Club the range two is a nice ability to have, having played with Skritch for over 100 competitive games I can assure you of its threat! You’ll want to include Haymaker & Potion of Rage to ensure his accuracy is high!

Side Note: Whirling Club is a nice option versus horde warbands but until Inspired it’s probably better to just smash.

Seven health is a big deal for Mollog, you’ll want to try and capitalise on it as much as possible! Gambits such as Inspiration Strikes, Aggressive Defence, My Turn, and Healing Potion will be invaluable to ensure that Mollog is swinging that club as often and for as long as possible.

Mollog's Mob
Bet you forgot this existed!

Finally, we cannot ignore Mollog’s incredible versatility with his special rule! When Uninspired Mollog may make a Move or Charge action even if he already has a Move Token, this improves when Inspired to ignore a Charge or Move Token. This can combo extremely well with Hidden PathsFaneway Crystal, Seize the Day, and/or Potion of Grace to keep the troggoth moving and threatening all over the board!

Mollog’s Mob: Bat Squig

Mollog's Mob

It’s the return of Lurking Skaven!! Slightly slower when uninspired than the damned rat but when Inspired this squig becomes a nightmare to hit! Move 5, Dodge 3, and two damage on two fury is a good finishing attack for an end of turn charge action!

Not being able to hold an objective means that this guy cannot help your objective play but can certainly get to where he needs to be if you’re looking to deny Denial or score Extreme Flank.

Mollog’s Mob: Stallagsquig

Mollog's Mob: Stallagsquig
Public Opinion on this guy is kinda like marmite

If nothing else you have to tip you hat to the Game Designers for the spelunking into design space on Mollog’s Mob. This Stallagsquig is not deployed during set up – which means Mollog’s Mob are likely to finish deploying first and get the additional crit. For that Game Devs I applaud you.

Also, a model that cannot move or be pushed in a game where movement is key is a bold choice. Its attack is nothing of worth. Its defence is strong (unless your opponent has cleave) but the low health and inability to do anything of impact means this is really just a bit of terrain that you can use to your advantage.

Personally, I’d like to throw him on an Objective Hex deep on my side of the board to deny the hex to my opponent and equip it with Tome of Glories to try and get some get something from him **EDIT: YOU NEED TO HOLD AN OBJECTIVE TO TRIGGER TOME OF GLORIES – SCRAP THAT PLAN** or stick him out of harms way on an edge hex to score Extreme Flank.

Mollog’s Mob: Spiteshroom

Mollog's Mob: Spiteshroom

Yet another model that cannot hold objectives. That rules out the Objective Hex playstyle for this warband. The attack profile is weak. The survivability before Inspired is weak. The speed is low. The health is low. The final reaction of releasing its spores is cute but not likely to really win games and the glory earned from taking it out of action is likely worth the one damage, considering Mollog is gonna smash you anyway!

Probably the weakest of the bunch – there may be some Faction Objectives/Gambits/Upgrades that make it more viable!

Board Choices?

Without knowing the faction objectives it’s difficult to suggest a board that will put you in the best stead however from simply knowing the stats and a decent knowledge of the generic objectives when I win the roll off I’d look to employ the Penitent’s Throne lengthways with the lethal hexes positioned towards the opponent, so that I can keep my low health models safe and cover more ground with Mollog.

Penitent’s Throne

Whilst when I lose the roll off I would consider using The Shattered Tower. This board allows for a safe deployment for three models on any orientation that the opponent chooses. This gives you the first round to gear up Mollog before steamrolling in on Turns Two and Three.

The Shattered Tower

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  1. Can’t find the sorce but they have now shown cards which allow the squigs to hold objectives.

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