Godswon Hunt | Praise the Design Space

Okay! Godsworn Hunt just dropped on Warhammer Community – hot take – the stats are bad but the design space is absolutely chuffing beautiful!!

Godsworn Hunt: The Oaths

I love it! Tell your opponent what you’re going to do. Then do it and earn more Glory because you were able to do it despite them knowing exactly what you want to do! This can be used to bluff your opponent and disguise your actual plans, and if you achieve it then you get the nice added bonus. Well done designers!

Godsworn Hunt: Theddra Skull-scryer

Leader. Three health. One dodge. Hide her from combat. Magic level 1 upto 2 when Inspired is nice but her attack is nothing to write home about definitely an opportunistic killer. We cannot know just yet if upgrading her to Inspire and reach two magic dice is worth the effort just yet. Hopefully there are some incredible in faction spells!

Godsworn Hunt: Grundann Blood-Eye

Definitely the ‘fighter’ of the bunch – when Inspired going up to five move and three damage makes him a bit of missile, a prime target for Sudden Growth and Deathly Fortitude. Using Great Strength to jump from two to four damage is also a nice trick!

Godsworn Hunt: Jagathra

Definitely a fighter you want to make use of then sacrifice to the dark gods to get an upgrade out on someone else. The Javelin is a nice option to have in your back pocket to take someone out from potentially eight hexes away or to initiate the fight with. Two health and one dodge doesn’t see her staying around for a while though.

Godsworn Hunt: Shond Head-Claimer

Nice to see the Gargant’s switching defensive stat made it’s way to the main game (though likely vice-versa given production times). Shond is not an impressive fighter. Though gaining cleave and three fury dice on his attack may make him useful against block warbands.

Godsworn Hunt: Ollo

Arnulf’s cousin made his way into Nightvault!! A thoroughly terrible fighter expect to see this guy hanging out in the wind to trigger Martyred. Another model with cleave is nice but two health and one dodge before being inspired is pretty rubbish.

Godsworn Hunt: Grawl

Who’s a good doggo? Riptooth is a good doggo. Grawl is a bit pants. Poor attacks, low health, low defensive stats. At least he’s fast…

Godsworn Hunt: The Cards

Seized Trophy is a neat way to throw out an extra upgrade immediately and score Escalation of few glory. Because then you get the glory for taking someone out and equip another upgrade to someone else? It doesn’t actually do anything though. I’d LOVE to see an in-faction ‘Ready for Action’.

Brutal Sacrifice we already have Spoils of Battle and Ghoulish Pact, if you want to triple down on the effect and concede a glory point then… sure?

Path to Glory it’s slightly obscured but looks to be -1 wounds +1 dice to attack actions. With the caveat of upgrading on top of upgrades. It seems fine. I don’t think I’d be taking it though if I’m being entirely truthful.

Godsworn Hunt: Verdict

I love love love the design space that this warband has entered into. I’ll need to see the rest of the cards to get a proper analysis but colour me excited for this warband to be released!

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  1. Good article, let’s see what the cards do to them!
    (Psss… Is spelled vice-versa🤫)

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