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Painted or Unpainted?

I’ve noticed on the various Underworlds groups that a horrible trend is appearing. People are ‘paint shaming’ others because they’re playing with unpainted minis. This is unacceptable. We’re all playing a game that provides the option to play unpainted, and we shouldn’t be chastising those who cannot or will not paint their toy soldiers.

Instead, we should rejoice that Games Workshop are looking outside their normal market to entice a wider audience by creating a game that doesn’t require glue to build miniatures, or any sort of painting ability to play at the highest level.

Warhammer Underworlds is marketed as “The Ultimate Competitive Miniatures Game” get on board with the idea of unpainted miniatures gracing the top tables of tournaments, or perhaps you need to reevaluate what you want from your hobby time.

Ultimately, if you enjoy painting then paint away, but don’t try to push that onto someone else. We all have our own ideas of fun and for me and many others it’s about playing not painting. I’d much rather spend those hours you spent painting rolling dice instead and improving my competitive skills.

If you see people posting online about a game they’re playing and they’re using unpainted miniatures rather than trying to shame them into painting their minis why not try simply engaging with them to discuss how their game is going or what style of play they’re using. Manners cost nothing and you might learn something too.

We’ve got a great community.
Let’s not alienate those who aren’t hobbyists.


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5 thoughts on “Painted or Unpainted?

  1. First off, no one should be shaming anyone. We’re all friends here, and we all love this game.

    That being said, I think there is an argument that you should want to make an effort to have your models look nice, because it adds to the overall gaming experience for you and the other player. My guess is that most people enjoy the games more, if only slightly more, when the models are painted. I look at it as a courtesy to the other player.

    I think it should be up to the event, and a table top standard requirement is perfectly fine IMO as long as it is clearly stated and announced early.

  2. I absolutely agree!
    Personally I love playing with and against painted minis, but the game is specifically built so that is not a requirement, to entice non miniature gamers into the scene, and younger players/those who do not like painted don’t feel the pressure to paint anything at all.
    I am quite comfortable playing against someone with unpainted models, and do think tournaments should definitely not be having a requirement to paint anything.

  3. Fully agree. Shaming is totally unacceptable!

    The rules clearly state painting is not required. Full stop.

    I’d rather enjoy a fun game than worry about painted miniatures.

    Shaming is not only mean and hurtful, it will even hurt the shamers in the end. When young Billy doesn’t like to play Warhammer Underworlds anymore after getting shamed for his unpainted miniatures, he might prefer to play X-Wing for example, where everyone uses the same pre-painted miniatures, and spent his pocket money there. Then Games Workshop might notice that the products don’t sell so good anymore and consequently mothball the whole line. Congrats. Not.

    I don’t think the community is so huge that you can shame people away without consequences.

    You should nurture newcomers instead and make them feel welcome. They might even take up painting at a later date. Or not. It’s really not that important.

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