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NEW CARD in Q2 Organised Play Kit Arrived!

The Organised Play Kit for Quarter Two has arrived…still no Magore’s Fiends or Farstrider Alternate Art Cards!!

But we’ve got a teaser of an upcoming card in the new sets & magic suddenly looks like it might carve out it’s own sub-catergory playstyle in Aggro with the card Unfocused Blast:

Combined with…

Colour me excited for Mollog’s Mob & Gosworn Hunt!


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6 thoughts on “NEW CARD in Q2 Organised Play Kit Arrived!

    1. Devastation (new card, reprint of butchery), Fired Up, Imbue with Life, Great Speed, Nullstone Axe, Nullstone Hammer, Charge Tokens, Alt Eyes & Alt Gitz.

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