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The Farstriders Review

Welcome Trophy Hunters, we’ve reached the final review article for the post-BAR List shakedown. It’s Sanson’s Farstriders. I’ll preface this article with a forewarning that having played with the Farstriders since the BAR List they are no where near as bad as I had expected. However, their power level is far more balanced and in line with other warbands compared to their vast power gap previously so it definitely feels like they are worse, but in actual fact are probably on the same tier as Ironskull’s Boyz or Garrek’s Reavers.

The Farstriders’ Weaknesses

The Farstriders, much like the Orruks, have a bit of an identity crisis. Their faction objective deck doesn’t know what it wants to be. It contains Hold Objective cards, Aggressive cards, and defensive cards. Now, Jamie, this means they’re obviously a Hybrid or Flex faction. I would agree with you, however they don’t play the Hold Objective game well (having only three models) and Defensive/Aggressive with the BAR List doesn’t really work that well anymore.

Bold raiders and expert scouts, the Vanguard-Hunters are tireless in their quest to slay the followers of Chaos, always striking from the perfect angle and leaving their quarry reeling in confusion.

Their Inspiration mechanic compounds the identity crisis. If they should play defensive or objective then they likely won’t Inspire as they need to be in their opponent’s territory to get their juicy stats. However, this is counter to both of the aforementioned playstyles. So agrro seems the likely choice? Well…yes & no. Yes because they have some of the best defensive stats in the game cleave falling out of the wazzo to combat other aggro warbands. But at the same time no, because until they’re inspired they’re a little bit pants.

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The Farstriders & the BAR List

The Farstriders despise the BAR List. They were hurt the least by Great Concussion & Quick Thinker, and benefited the most from the majority of the restricted cards – especially Trap, Pit Trap, Helpful Whispers, & Advancing Strike for aggressive play, and Soultrap, Tethered Spirit, & Destiny/Slumbering for defensive play.

Restricted Objectives They Love

  • Advancing Strike
  • Change of Tactics
  • Defensive Strike
  • Escalation
  • Extreme Flank
  • Fired Up
  • Precise Use of Force

Restricted Gambits They Love

  • My Turn
  • Pit Trap
  • Trap
  • Ready For Action

Restricted Upgrades They Love

  • A Destiny to Meet
  • Awakened Weapon
  • Helpful Whispers
  • Incredible Strength
  • Slumbering Key
  • Soultrap
  • Tethered Spirit

Which Five Cards Would I Choose?

Well, since what feels like their entire pre-BAR Deck is now on the restricted list it’s difficult to choose. In my Farstrider deck that I was running and tweaking (as shown to those signed up to the newsletter) I took:

  • Advancing Strike
  • Extreme Flank
  • Ready for Action
  • Trap
  • Pit Trap

This allowed me to still maintain the ‘plink’ damage playstyle, especially when combined with Raptor Strike, Encroaching Shadow & Shardgale. The Gambit slots were largely focused around damage and movement. The warband was deadly versus the swarm warbands with many low health fighters as eventually Shardgale would wipe out many models. Whilst, against high health models it effectively worked like a nuke to take out their big piece early (Fjul, Magore, Stormsire etc).

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The Farstriders: Faction Cards

Faction Objectives: I actually like ANY of the faction objectives. They are all a bit too hard to score, too specific, or too slow scoring. It’s far easier to build an objective deck made of generic cards than it is to start including their own faction cards.

Faction Gambits: The leaders pack broke this faction pre-BAR List.

  • Raptor Strike: A stupid ploy for stupid people. One unavoidable damage is amazing & should be included in every 👏 single 👏 list 👏
  • Rangers Advance: Pushing two models is good! It’s a less restricted Quick Advance, however becomes useless if two models are removed as it HAS to choose two.
  • Warning Cry: The Guard card. Love it for scoring Change of Tactics if you choose to run it, and generally just good for buffing defence stats.

Faction Upgrades: What the faction lacks in objectives it has in upgrades (that’s not a profitable trade!) I’d be looking to pick three or four of these to suit your intended playstyle.

  • Covering Fire: Providing support whilst moving in a pack is tasty!
  • Flashing Handaxe: Just a good offensive upgrade for the main man himself. Cleave & 3DMG.
  • Furious Blow: Make attacking this fighter scary because if you miss he’ll whack you one, or get stuck into a loop versus inspired Brightshield or a gorefist.
  • Lone Warrior: Helpful Whispers for your defence dice. Makes the double Block dice even better!!
  • Sharp Eyes: Give all Eagle-Eye’s attacks cleave. Including the gun!!
  • Swift Stride: +2 Move is so valuable, especially with the reliance of Sudden Growth & Deathly Fortitude to keep our fighters alive now.

The Farstriders: Board Choice

Regardless of set up there is a very good board for the Farstriders that I would recommend playing around with. Being comfortable with one board makes tournament games far easier, and that board is the Soul Refractor.

Regardless of orientation you’ll always be able to get at least two models into your opponent’s territory, and if you need to sit back then you can confusticate your opponent with the trio of blocked hexes to deny charges & block line of sight.

Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed this series of looking into the various warbands. We’re at a great stage in the game where any warband can win an event, and with Mollog’s Mob & Godsworn Hunt on the horizon it’s a very exciting time – what cards will they bring to shake up the meta again?

As for the Farstriders they are not in the bottom most tier as I initially knee-jerked to put them in. They are no where near as bad as Eyes of the Nine, but they aren’t the superstars they once were. If you’re a high model – low health warband then you should fear the Farstriders!


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