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Year in Review – 2018

Welcome back Trophy Hunters! It’s a new year. Hopefully your head isn’t too sore after a few too many Potions of Constitution last night!! I wanted to jump on the blogger bandwagon and take a quick retrospective view of 2018 and what to look forward to in 2019, inspired by the end of year review from Steel City Underworlds.

How did the Blog perform in 2018?

On March 6th I launched the blog (then known as Perfect Planning) with the article “Into the Underworlds”. It was a review of my Skaven Deck that came 10th at my first Grand Clash – I was very happy with myself. That opening month saw the blog gain 2272 new visitors and 4876 views…people were coming back for more.

The June-August period was rough. The meta had settled. No new factions were being released. Nightvault hadn’t been announced. The Leader Pack in July gave Skritch a really easy objective and Farstriders got Raptor Strike for some reason. Pushing them to be the top two factions of the era.

In stark contrast since November & December the blog has seen a growth to between 5000-7000 unique visitors and between 18000-19000 views. I’m extremely happy with these metrics, especially for a niche game with an official audience size of around 16,000 (taken from the GW Facebook page).

Articles Everywhere!

Katophrane Relic managed to release 84 articles between March and the end of the year! An average of 2.1 per week!! Damn that feels like a good work rate! Fortunately, WordPress can show you your most viewed article per month. If you want to take a trip down memory lane here are the best articles of each month for 2018:

How did Giblin perform in 2018?

It was a good year! I managed to take home five Shadeglass trophies with Spiteclaws Swarm, Steelheart’s Champions, Stormsire’s Cursebreakers, and the Chosen Axes. Whilst also bringing home a Grand Clash Trophy with Spiteclaw’s Swarm, alongside my teammates Jay & Bax. Completeing my goal for the year – Win a Grand Clash.

In 2019 I’m looking to win a local clash with the Sepulchral Guard and hopefully add another Grand Clash trophy to the cabinet. I’ve also heard murmurings of an ETC or WTC which would interest me greatly!!

What to expect in 2019!

I’ll be continuing the analysis of my own play – including the spreadsheet of doom which tracks all my competitive games, my win percentage and faction vs faction win percentage. I’ll be finishing off the ‘Tier’ articles with Farstriders and Eyes of the Nine in January and begin waiting patiently for Mollog’s Mob & Godsworn Hunt.

As for the Blog itself, I invested a lot of my personal wage into the running and maintenance of the site, so will be running a few affiliate scheme adverts on the sidebar, and small banners like the Element Games banner above, to aid me in covering the cost of hosting, plugins, keeping the spammy ads away. Hopefully they don’t intrude on your viewing and since they are placed there by me; you won’t see anything that isn’t in some way relevant to your hobby.

Thank you everyone for your support this year. It’s been a brilliant ride so far. Warhammer Underworlds moves from strength to strength and I’ve loved every minute of narrating its journey. To those of you I see at events, thank you for the kind words regarding the blog in person, they honestly make it all worthwhile. Finally, to anyone who has commented on Facebook/Twitter/Katophrane Relic – thank you for taking the time out of your day to read through my ramblings.  


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3 thoughts on “Year in Review – 2018

  1. Those are some impressive viewing figures! A testament to your quality articles 🙂
    I’ll be going to the grand clash in Jan at WHW, so hopefully I can at least come and say hi, or get crushed by you if we are drawn together 😂

    1. Much appreciated – work has taught me a lot about blogging! 😉

      Awesome! You’ll have to pop over and introduce yourself! 😀

  2. Congrats on a very successful 2018!

    Katophrane Relics is without a doubt the most professional and prolific blog around, at least as far as I know.

    I like your recent thoughts on tiers, but as you said, any warband can pull a win with a bit of luck and in the hands of an experienced player.

    I’m looking forward to see where this blog will go in the new year.

    Good luck and even more success in 2019!

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