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Trophies Trophies Everywhere But Not a Chance To Win

So this weekend I’ve had the opportunity to attend THREE (3!!) Warhammer Underworld Events. I packed up my Sepulchral Guard as I’m set on winning Shadeglass with them. I’ll be sharing their deck list once that mountain has been climbed.

Friday – GW Bolton

On Friday Games Workshop Bolton had advertised a Glass Trophy Event. Now this is an interesting thing that the GW Stores have begun doing. Why? Because they have expressly been told not to run tournaments previously, their function is player recruitment and the Independent Stockists maintain the community through events etc. However, this means that the managers tend to be out the loop of how to get players to their events if they don’t have a local scene already.

I tried to rally some local players to attend, but with it being the festive period only myself and one other were able to confirm. We attended but were the only two players to turn up. EVENT CANCELLED. Sad times. I went home quite bummed out that I wouldn’t get to play, but the manager was kind enough to sort us both out with the frosted Nightvault promo dice & dice bag so we didn’t leave empty handed…but what will happen to that trophy??

Saturday – The Forge Manchester

Today we had eight players turn up for the event in the Forge. Now, I don’t work for the Forge but I help run and promote their events. It’s my local gaming store & I want to see Underworlds supported there and kept in stock. It’s rewarding to run an event BUT I really wanted to throw some dice and put my models on the table. When we had eight players turn up plus myself to make it nine, it meant that someone who travelled far to be there would get the dreaded BYE. So, I dropped out for the convenience of the event.

I was extremely gutted not to get a game in and a second chance at a Glass Trophy gone amiss. This is the second time now that I’ve felt I should drop from the event to keep the numbers even. In future I’m just gonna pass the TOing onto the Forge staff as I’m fed up of missing out on games.

Sunday – Element Games

The Event at Element Games tomorrow (Stockport) is sold out. I bought my ticket well in advance, but was surprised on Christmas Day by my lovely girlfriend to a date day of an Escape Room, Cocktail Bar, and an evening at the Comedy Club. No chance of competing tomorrow.

It’s been a very annoying weekend. Tomorrow will be brilliant regardless but what should have been an amazing weekend of gaming has turned into a whitewash. I really needed this practice for the Grand Clash in January.


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3 thoughts on “Trophies Trophies Everywhere But Not a Chance To Win

  1. Oh dear! That’s rather unfortunate. I’d def leave it to the staff there next time if you can, otherwise you’ll never get to play!
    I’ve been enjoying this blog. Great content and really like your writing style. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you’re enjoying the content! Yeah, I’ll definitely be passing it over to the staff at the forge from now on!

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