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Zarbag’s Gitz: Mid Tier Faction

Before I begin the Zarbag’s Gitz faction discussion. I wanted to say thanks to What The Hex? for the shout out in Episode 2! Their audio quality has improved leaps and bounds and have definitely slipped into my listen list!

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As part of my Faction spotlight series I’ll be looking at Zarbag’s Gitz today. Catch up on the previous articles here:

All factions are capable of winning an Event and we’re in a really good place for Game Balance. The warbands in the Mid-Tier are warbands that I see as having an inherent weakness but their strengths can overcompensate for this.

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Zarbag's Gitz art
Stab em’ in the knees!

What are Zarbag’s Gitz Inherent Weaknesses?

There is one very obvious weakness to the warband. And I can, just about, count them on my fingers. Yup. They have nine low health models just waiting to trigger their opponent’s Score Immediately cards. Life is cheap as a Moonclan Grot, and only the pluckiest (and luckiest) survive until the end of the game. 

Moonclan Grots are a Grot sub-breed. They live inside the mountains and dark places. Moonclan Grots dress predominately in black, and will only come out into the sunlight when they are suitably reinforced by considerable amounts of fungusbeer.

Moonclan Grots remind me of the crowd at Satan’s Hollow.

Their Inspire condition is very thematic in that they git gud at fightin’ once they’ve got some loot to look after. And oh boy do they Inspire! Double Dodge dice for all Grots once they flip their cards and a general improvement on attacks – especially Cleave from Zarbag! 

Zarbag's Gitz Fanatic
You gotta Spin to Win!

How has the BAR List Impacted Zarbag’s Gitz?

Well, in all honesty they didn’t see all too much play before the BAR List dropped. However, it’s safe to assume they will be happy with Great Concussion gone from the game. It shut down their Scurry mechanic HARD! Although, I think they’re sad to see Quick Thinker go as it seems very important to their turn one denial play. 

Their Turn One Inspiration is extremely important, and if the gitz aren’t Inspired after the first End phase then it’s unlikely to be a pretty site for them. So, expect to see Extreme Flanks, Fired Up, and Change of Tactics as easy scores in Turn One. It’s also likely that Mad Scurry & Keep them Guessing are present as they are both two Glory and really push for that Turn One Inspire.

Gambits & Upgrades

For Restricted Gambit Ploys the Gitz really want to focus on additional damage cards as the likelihood of killing in a single attack is low! Gambits like Trap & Pit Trap become tempting as they combo well with Zarbag’s Magic Attack Upgrade, whilst Ready for Action is such an important card it basically says there are four restricted card slots.

Zarbag’s Gitz upgrades will largely focus on cards like Acrobatic, additional wounds, with a smattering of Keys thrown in for good measure as it’s likely you’ll end up sitting on a few if you’re playing a Hold Objective game (you definitely should have some in there).

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Written by Tom Bond from Steel City Underworlds
Zarbag's Gitz

Zarbag’s Gitz: Faction Cards

In this BAR List world we live in your faction cards actually MEAN something now. No longer can we take a deck of neutrals. Well, what do Zarbag’s Gitz bring to the table?


Thematic, sometimes difficult but satisfying to achieve!

  • Mad Scurry – Scores two glory and requires five fighters to have made a move action. With Drizgits on card action & an adjacent grot you can score this in two actions and your opponent can do diddly squat about it. Fantastic Turn One objective to get the gitz Inspired.
  • Malicious Kill – Score two glory immediately upon taking a model with two or more upgrades out of action. Kills aren’t overly common and versus a low model warband this extra glory can really help out! Note: This doesn’t have to be an Attack action, Snirk can do it with his action, and ploys can do it too, so Trap and Encroaching Shadow are valuable here!
  • Obliterated – Scores two glory immediately (noticing a trend?) when Snirk kills someone. This can be amazing versus lower health warbands, but I’d prefer Malicious Kill personally.

Gambit Ploys

Solid ploys, tricksy plays.

  • Madcap Mushroom – the games ONLY innate Focus so far. If you’re going spell heavy this is certainly one to consider.
  • Sneaky Step – a duplicate Sidestep is super useful in a warband that can play the Hold Objective playstyle well.
  • Make Some Noise –  Two double pushes on your most accurate fighters is very useful for getting them around an opposing model so you can spend your activation to Attack.
Zarbag's Gitz Cards

Gambit Spell

One amazing spell. One gamblers spell.

  • Jealous Hex – Do you want a duplicate Abasoth’s Withering? Well this is as close as you’re getting!
  • Curse of da Bad Moon – I am NOT recommending you put this in your deck unless you’re willing to include Madcap Mushroom and hold it for this spell! But the massive splash damage this creates is obscene!


Yeah, they got the goods.

  • Grizzled Survivor – I like it for double Block dice but I don’t know how many people actually try to kill Drizgit as Inspired Squigs are terrifying.
  • Sniffer Spite – Glory through your upgrades and a simple Faneway Crystal or Hidden Paths to score it and prevent Denial is strong! If Zarbag survives that long of course.
  • Vindictive Glare – Range three Spell Attack that hits on Channel!. Apply Gloryseeker and Trap for maximum effect!
Zarbag's Gitz Winning Board

Zarbag’s Gitz: Board Choice

So, I won’t tell a lie. When Zarbag’s Gitz win the roll off they have a fantastic board choice, however when they lose the roll we’ve not been able to determine their best board choice…yet.

When winning the board placement choose to play long board and select the green Nightvault board above. As Tom says:

This board allowed me to set up lethal hexes at the enemy end of my board for a much-needed damage boost. You have to sacrifice one poor gobbo to the enemies first turn charge (I recommend Dibbz), but you can always score Martyred. Plus, there’s always the chance your enemy misses his opening attack, and the master baiter Dibbz can cackle madly as his buddies’ line up for the counter charge.

Thanks again Tom. Your article has seriously helped!

When losing the board placement…I honestly don’t know what is best yet. I’ve not played enough games with or against Zarbag’s Gitz to make a decision yet. However, you DO have three objectives so Supremacy shouldn’t be too tough to score, especially with a bunch of push cards!

Zarbag's Gitz Icon

Zarbag’s Gitz remain an enigma to be cracked. I firmly believe they are one of the toughest warbands to play. However, if you can persevere through the early stompings and get these Gitz rolling then I believe they have the utmost potential. 

I haven’t deemed them top tier as a good aggro player simply delights at this prospect and Aggro is still extremely popular. God help these grots versus Farstriders with Shardgale. It’s possibley one of the most horrendous match ups I’ve encountered.

Do you think Zarbag’s Gitz deserve their place in the mid-tier? How have they performed at your local club or store? Let me know in the comments below.


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