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On the Painting Table: Sanson’s Farstriders

Hey Trophy Hunters!

I’ve not got any tournaments planned for this weekend or the next! So, I thought I’d take the time to get some paint on the next warbands I want to win with. Now I’m not a great painter. I’ve never claimed to be, and I probably never will be. It’s not something I want to put my free time into. More time rolling dice is more important to me.

After my Tier Breakdown I put the Farstriders into the bottom tier as I felt they were hit incredibly hard by the Banned & Restricted List (Nov 18) losing easy access to their Trap & Pit Trap damage cards, as well as their easy-to-score objectives meant I dropped them hard. I knew this was hyperbolic and would get people a little angry at their fall from grace, therefore I want to test them at a competitive setting and see if it’s truly as bad as my hot-take was. 

On the painting table for the next tournament

In my most recent newsletter I published my WIP deck list for the Farstriders. I’m pretty happy with how it’s performed in Lunchspire. However, my games have been against Zarbag’s Gitz. So, it’s been a bit of a one-sided fight. I’m hoping to get a few more games under their belt and face off against the higher health warbands.

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Finally, I wanted to say thanks to What The Hex? for the shout out in Episode 2! Their audio quality has improved leaps and bounds and have definitely slipped into my listen list!


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