Magore’s Fiends: Mid-Tier Faction

As part of my Faction spotlight series I’ll be looking at Magore’s Fiends today. Catch up on the previous articles here:

All factions are capable of winning an Event and we’re in a really good place for Game Balance. The warbands in the Mid-Tier are warbands that I see as having an inherent weakness but their strengths can overcompensate for this.

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What are Magore’s Fiends inherent weakness?

Magore’s Fiends suffer from a seemingly one-dimensional playstyle, though with the additional Nightvault cards that have come around they are definitely finding new ways to earn Glory besides taking skulls.

Eyes wild with murderous fury behind the vision-slits of their helms, the Blood Warriors barge through the midst of combat. Their axes run red with the spilt gore of their foes, while their enemies’ attacks clang from the thick plates of their armour.

Their Inspiration mechanic is extremely thematic; when they land a successful attack they Inspire! With their Inspiration they gain additional movement and damage on their attacks. Whilst Riptooth also gains an additional Dodge dice. Inspiration is BIG deal for Magore & Co as it allows them to accelerate their game plan. You are, however, entirely at the whim of the dice to allow you to Inspire. Unless you bring along their in-faction Inspire card to extend your threat range and hit harder!!


How did the BAR List impact Magore’s Fiends?

The Banned & Restricted List (BAR List) has both blessed and cursed the Blood Warriors. The Ban List has only helped these frenzied warriors by removing Great Concussion & Quick Thinker, now their charges are all the more likely to succeed!

However, the Restricted List has definitely hurt Aggressive warbands. In terms of objective cards; Precise Use of Force, Advancing Strike, Change of Tactics and Escalation would all have been firm favourites of Magores. Now I’d expect to see Escalation, Extreme Flanks, and Change of Tactics taken from instead. The new Nightvault objective ‘What Armour?’ is an almost auto-take for this warband as Magore has Cleave printed onto his card.

Gambits & Upgrades

For Gambit Ploys the loss of damage modifiers is a double edged sword – it keeps the Blood Warriors fighting for longer but reduces their pre-inspiration lethality. I’d be expecting Ready for Action and My Turn to round out their five Restricted Card slots.

Finally, upgrades are once again left entirely alone. Instead these are now largely filled with the new Nightvault upgrades like Faneway Crystal, Potion of Rage, Potion of Grace etc. I really feel sorry for so many of the upgrades on that Restricted list. That being said, the effective removal of Soultrap & Tethered Spirit is good for the Fiends though as they have more access to their Score Immediately kill cards.

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Magore’s Fiends Faction Cards

Magore’s Fiends boast some brilliant Faction Objective cards for the aggressive minded player. Rivers of Blood combos so well with Shardgale to slap a wound on every fighter and at some point you’ll score two Glory because of it, whilst Show of Strength grants you an immediate glory for Magore taking a model out of action.


This Faction has some very strong Ploys, though you will still likely load up on Neutral cards to pad these out:

  • Reckless Inspiration – Getting Magore & Riptooth Inspired is very important. Take Inspiration Strikes as well for good odds of finding at lease one card in Turn One.
  • Daemonic Resilience – We’re seeing very little damage mitigation in this new meta so being able to shut down an Activation is just strong.


Finally, the Faction Upgrades aren’t really anything to write home about but they can certainly help out!

  • Trophy Hunter – Getting two Glory per kill can seriously bring your Glory total up, especially versus the larger warbands like Zarbag’s Gitz, Sepulchral Guard & Thorns of the Briar Queen.
  • Gory Visage – An often overlooked Upgrade I would expect this to become popular in a game without Soultrap and Tethered Spirit. Ard’ Ead’ has the same effect for Orruks but it’s restricted to Hakka & Basha aka the ones that don’t matter. Wheras Gory Visage ensures that Magore keeps on fighting.
There may not be many auto picks in faction but they are very strong choices!

Magore’s Fiends have always been popular and will likely continue to be so. In their initial marketing spiel they were ‘as tough as Orruks and as deadly as Reavers’ which previously wrote those two factions out of competitive play. I still believe that if you want to play Orruks or Reavers you’ll have an easier time of it with Magore’s Fiends.

The Fiends will continue to struggle versus purely defensive warbands that are able to starve their bloodthirsty passion, but in a straight up fight they certainly compete for top dogs.

Do you think Magore’s Fiends deserve to be placed in the mid-tier? Where would you put them in relation to the other warbands? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. My kids and I are just getting into underworlds, your articles have been fantastic!

    It would be really helpful if you included sample deck lists with these, just as a starting point for folks trying the different teams.

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