What Tier is My Faction?

Since the BAR List landed we have been graced with, essentially, a brand new game. During this time of flux in the meta any warband can, and will, get a hold of a Glass Trophy. With the old meta gone there has been a huge shakeup in what tier a faction finds themselves. Based on my experiences I thought it would be a fun thought exercise to try and tier the warbands.

Tier 1The Cream of the Crop

These warbands have incredibly strong in-faction Score Immediately cards and objectives, strong Gambits and aren’t terribly hurt by the BAR List.

Tier 2 Competing for Glass

These are the warbands that excel at a certain playstyle, have very good in-faction cards and/or have strong base stats.

Tier 3 You’ll need to rethink your strategy post BAR List

These three seem to have been disrupted by the BAR List significantly. Reavers lost access to their hidden damage cards. Steelhearts defensive build got hit hard. Gurzag lost his accuracy bonuses, though he did reap the benefit of the loss of Great Concussion & Quick Thinker it hasn’t elevated them just yet.

Tier 4 A fall from grace

Dear sweet Farstriders, how you have fallen in my eyes. Previously they were the warband that I believed to be top of the pyramid – they lost a LOT in the BAR List. Their in-faction cards are disappointing, their damage output is low, they can’t play objective overly strong – they have potential to win and probably will still stay competitive. But their talons have been ripped out. Eyes of the Nine just seem bad and bar a few janky builds involving the blue horror I think they are the worst warband to brace Underworlds.

Now whilst these are tiered there isn’t a huge gap between any of the tiers every warband is in a position to win events, I just think you’ll have an easier time with the top two tiers than the bottom two.

What are your thoughts on the power level of factions? Let me know in the comments below & subscribe to the newsletter so you never miss out on an article.


  1. Quick correction: The Orruk Warband is called ‘Ironskull’s Boyz’, not Gurzag’s Ladz.

    PS. Love your blog. Has been a great starting point for me to get into the hobby!

  2. I’m pretty new to the game and managed to get an event win with eyes of the nine on the 1st down at Kirton games in Devon.

    I’m not sure what the meta is down here but a few lads travelled down from Weston / up from Cornwall so I’d guess it was fairly healthy but perhaps not too the levels elsewhere in the UK.

    In the end attendance was at 12 and I went 5-0 although some really close games and didn’t win a 2-0 until the final match against magores fiends.

    I think the eyes of the nine aren’t as bad as it’s made out there can be some pretty good objective plays through the blue /brimstone and he can be a real pain in the ass for opponents. The Tzaangor is a consistent heavy hitter although most of the time he’ll die in response. The wizard is fairly Legit as well swinging his staff for 2 at range 2.

    Just thought I’d post anyway as whilst I can’t comment for how competitive the scene is down here, the eyes can’t be that bad if a new player (started playing again a few days prior having played a few games at initial release) can win an event with them.


    1. Hey! Congrats!

      It’s certainly possible to win with EVERY faction. From my experience though there are definitely factions that are easier to win with than others.

      Personally I’ve found that the eyes of the Nine’s stats are so weak that they can get steamrolled too easily. What did you play against out of interest?

      1. Played against sepulchral guard, zarbags, eyes of the nine, chosen axes then magores fiends.

        Did often find it difficult if an opponent took the Tzaangor out early and if it went badly I generally lost that game hard and fast.

        I have a good competitive background from imperial assault and I think there are a lot of the same principles to apply in shadespire so that helped, but I didn’t feel like the eyes were any worse than my opponents options.

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