What Armour?

With the recently released Ban & Restricted List putting the axe onto some of the better Score Immediately cards (Advancing/Defensive Strike & Change of Tactics) aggro players need to begin looking elsewhere for easy to score glory to get the murder engine running. If you’ve been under a rock then you may not have heard of the new hotness:


You don’t even need to kill your target, just cause damage to them. Brilliant! Cleave doesn’t even need to be used, this works versus models who Dodge! But who exactly takes the most advantage of this card? Well, it’s those models who have cleave printed on their card initially, then those who gain it on inspiration, then those factions that have a butt ton of Cleave Upgrades, then those models who trigger it on a Crit, and finally if you’re not included in anyone of them then you can have it via the generic upgrades. If you were to tally all those up this is how the chart would look:

On card Inspired On a Crit In-Faction Cards Generic Upgrades Total
The Farstriders 1 4 3 8
Zarbag’s Gitz 3 1 4 8
Sepulchral Guard 1 3 3 7
Thorns of the Briar Queen 2 1 4 7
Steelheart’s Champions 1 2 3 6
The Cursebreakers 1 1 4 6
Eyes of the Nine 1 1 4 6
Garrek’s Reavers 1 1 3 5
Gurzag’s Ladz 1 1 3 5
The Chosen Axes 1 1 3 5
Magore’s Fiends 1 1 3 5
Spiteclaw’s Swarm 1 3 4

So who should use What Armour?

By sheer availability of Cleave the table above gives an idea of who should be using What Armour?. But, it doesn’t put any weight on the importance of having cleave immediately available, or the playstyle you’ll likely be running.

Magore’s Fiends are ranked 2nd worst for availability of Cleave as only Magore has it natively, and Riptooth only has it on a crit. But who are the two most deadly warriors in that warband? Yup, Riptooth and Magore. So the liklihood is that the majority of your Attack & Charge Actions come from those two which makes What Armour? a very strong choice for Magore’s Fiends.

Sepulchral Guard it should go without saying but even the artwork is telling you players to use this card! It’s a fantastic score immediately, and if you’re not spending at least a single Attack Action with the Champion then you’re doing something wrong in my eyes. This works well in any Objective/Aggro/Defensive!

After those two outliers it becomes a bit more difficult to justify it’s inclusion. Cursebreakers are by no means a bad faction for this card, having Cleave natively on Rastus but they have so many good Score Immediately objectives available to them that they almost don’t need What Armour? and risk a Score Immediately bloat in their deck.

Farstriders might be a strong choice if playing an Aggro flavour, however with the B&R list in place for Organised Play it feels like their talons were removed somewhat with the loss of Trap & Pit Trap.

What do you think? Will you be including What Armour? in your deck?

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