Sneaky Stabbin!

To wrap up the mini-series on generic weapon Upgrades (Part 1, Part 2) we’ve got the sneaky attacks which don’t give a weapon but change the way a fighter can interact with the game. On their own they can be lacklustre and rather niche but with another upgrade backing them up they can become punishingly brilliant!

Coordinated Attack can really boost the likelihood of hitting a model if you have a lot of supporting models like Chainrasps tend to do. You’re effectively doubling down on the Support mechanic by getting more dice too! The DMG characteristic is on the low side but in the game we’re at a point where there are cards to enable kills easily. That being said I’m not a huge fan of this attack in general, take the Swordbreaker for higher all-round accuracy and the same DMG output.

Disengage gives your fighter greater mobility and can be used to harass an opponent by skirting around them. However, the DMG output is just awful and for the cost of an attack action it’s a really niche ability. Leave this one in the binder.

Low Blow kick em in the dangly bits! The attack itself is very accurate due to counting Fury and Smash as successes, but for one meagre point of damage it’s never going to get used sadly!

Swift Strike suffers from the rubbish one damage again but has a high accuracy and allows you to push yourself one hex before making the attack. Nice to increase the threat range of a charge action, but ultimately a rubbish attack action!

Touch of Death now we’re talking 3DMG is not to be sniffed at – the restriction is a little, well, restricting as you need to have a Wizard to use it, but if the attack comes off (50/50 just to hit!) then you get to place a Charge token next to the fighter you damaged which can entirely scupper an opponents turn, though if you have hit and done 3DMG you can probably kill them with Twist the Knife or Trap or Pit Trap.

Unparalleled Strike is a 50/50 to hit, but if you DO hit then it always counts as a Critical Hit! Which is essentially the same as cleave – it’s like the Ghostblade but better because it can do more DMG. Combo it with Concealed Weapon for a semi reliable 4DMG on each swing, or just take Heroslayer.

In conclusion these are BAD upgrades and I don’t recommend you take them competitively. Shadeglass Weapons are the cream of the crop with the gold medal going to the Shadeglass Dagger for it’s one-shotting capabilities.

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  1. Swift Strike is actually pretty under rated imho. It’s great on really “sticky” fighters like Brightshield, Gurzag or Magore. Especially if you’re already planning on loading them up with accuracy buffs like Whispers or Awakened Weapon, any of the many Strength upgrades, or most importantly the Deathly Fortitudes.

    In practice, it makes them really difficult to ignore, as you take a monster that normally gets to threaten one charge a turn and then is done, and let’s them get 2 or 3 attacks, pretty reliably. Especially if you can drop it EOT1. Between the damage upgrades and ploys the damage penalty isn’t as bad as you’d think. And obviously taking a M0 fighter and letting them push 1 is nice too. Not quite as awesome as the nonsense a Super Skritch can pull off with the boot scoot but it’s an option for way beefier warbands who want to play aggressive decks.

    If all you’re using it for is to give them +1M on the charge, I’ll agree it’s obvious trash, but I think there’s something stupid like 6 cards that do that without having to take a likely worse attack.

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