Nullstone or Shadeglass?

We’ve been treated to a whole heap of new weapons when we opened the Nightvault – Nullstone weapons. How do these differ from Shadeglass Weapons? Which should you pick? Is one plain better than another? Let’s set off with two very comparable sets of darts.

Both of these offer a great amount of Ranged threat with three hexes and a reasonable accuracy; hitting 70% of the time and critting 42%. Now against a Wizard the Nullstone Darts are far more accurate hitting 80% of the time and critting 52%.

Where the big trade off in these upgrade lies is that the Damage output of the Shadeglass Darts is far superior to the Nullstone Darts, since they provide 2DMG on a Critical Hit.
If you can only take one, take Shadeglass Darts.

The swords offer a high accuracy attack for a middling damage result, as we see Shadeglass Weapons do additional damage on a Critical Hit and Nullstone become more accurate versus Wizards, we now begin to see the drawback of Shadeglass weapons; when they successfully damage an opponent they are discarded.

Both weapons offer a base 88% chance to score a single hit and again 42% chance to hit a Critical Hit. Note that the Nullstone Sword does not get discarded and can be utilised again and again by a fighter who’s base attack might be a bit rubbish Chainrasps, Petitioners, Danglebros etc. because of this the Nullstone Sword take the biscuit here.

The big hitter of the Shadeglass arsenal, the Shadeglass Hammer hits for 3DMG, and when it hits a crit (31%) it does 4DMG – which is danger zone for nearly every model in the game, coupled with a single effect like Pit Trap, Twist the Knife and Trap this weapon doesn’t even need a crit to kill it’s target. If it is discarded after a kill, that is a fine trade in my opinion.

The Nullstone Hammer on the other hand lacks the weight behind the Shadeglass Hammer and only hits for 2DMG, but gains Knockback 1. We’re yet to see Knockback be used widely in the game, however it can be situationaly useful for setting up additional attacks from another model.

Due to the sheer killing potential and the fear models have when this hammer is brought into play the Shadeglass Hammer wins this one.

This is an extremely interesting comparison as we have essentially four profiles to dissect. The melee attacks are the same bar the native benefits and negatives to Shadeglass and Nullstone, if this were the only attack then I’d give the accolade of ‘winner’ to the Nullstone but we also have the beautiful ranged attack option to consider.

Range Three attack actions are rare. Ones that do two damage are rarer. Now, the option to throw your axe is one not to be made lightly because you’ll never be able to use it again but if it hits what are the benefits? The Nullstone Axe does a meagre 1DMG, never throw this away unless it’s a clutch damage or can be combed with some other Damage Modifier (Gloryseeker or Trap etc.) whereas the Shadeglass Axe does 2DMG base and can crit hit (31%) to do three damage, and still benefits from the same Damage Modifiers.

Personal Choice wins this one. I would prefer the ability to nail someone for 3DMG from three hexes away with the Shadeglass Axe but I can also appreciate the security of not having your weapon smash once it’s done damage.

Aren’t we missing some?

Correct! We are ‘missing’ a Nullstone Dagger and a Nullstone Spear. The Shadeglass Dagger has cemented itself as the ultimate assasin’s weapon as you desperately search for Crits (42%) to do 4DMG, I don’t see a Nullstone Dagger replacing this anytime soon unless it guarantees 3DMG but the trend has been to reduce DMG by 1 in the trade for not being discarded.

The Shadeglass Spear isn’t always seen in the most competitive decklists (that spot is reserved for the Dagger & Hammer) even though it boasts a threat extension and a pretty reliable Attack action. If the Nullstone Spear does 2DMG base then I can see it being taken in every deck, if it only does 1DMG then I don’t think it’ll break into the trim decks

What about Heroslayer, Kingslayer etc.

It didn’t seem right to include them in this article as they are a bit of a law unto themselves but I will look into those upgrade options in a future blog post.


  1. Nice comparison. I like the millstone sword but the others seem like pants. I think sword breaker is another to consider as it could be used to disarm someone who has been equipped with shade glass and missed (although that’s pretty niche and they will probably die from the 2 damage anyway)

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