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Top 5 Tips for Board Placement

Placing boards is a huge topic and the actual placement of fighters and board choice has so many variables; Which warband are you fighting? Who is placing the board first? Which board have they chosen? What is your Objective Deck? What is their likely Objective Deck? How did the previous game go? etc. and it would be nigh impossible to go through all options available as we now have ten boards to choose from giving us 100 permutations of board pairing, and then followed up with how to align those boards – it’s just too much. So I’ve tried to create some ‘rules’ to help you through this incredibly important part of the game:

  1. If you’re choosing the board layout, consider what style of deck the opponent is playing and try to frustrate their options. Force aggro warbands to deploy as far away as possible whilst keeping defensive warbands as close as possible.
  2. If you’re placing the first board, try and pick one that plays to your strengths. If it gets rotated how will it impact your deployment? For example, this Shadespire Board is ideal for Skaven as it gives them good deployment options regardless of orientation.

    Shadespire Brown.jpg
    A fantastic choice for Spiteclaw’s Swarm regardless of playstyle
  3. Consider the option of the long board deployment. If you choose to go longboard does it benefit your opponent of you more? Contrary to popular belief long board isn’t as bad for slower warbands as you can focus you movement forward and backward rather than wide, with the high number of movement shenanigans in the game you can cover a lot of ground very quickly.
  4. Will you be in a place to score your objectives? If you have Well Guarded, Alone in the Darkness, Extreme Flank etc then how many actions will it take you to score these? Ideally you want to be as efficient as possible so having models deployed on edge hexes or near your leader is ideal. This Nightvault board is great for high model count warbands that have a multitude of positional objectives.

    Nightvault Clear.jpg
    Try to ensure that only one model is deployed adjacent to the opponent’s board and you’ll want to think about pulling them back to the mid-board in turn 1 activation 1.
  5. How do the Blocked or Lethal hexes impact yours and your opponents game? Board with lots of Blocked hexes can frustrate warbands that want to engage from range such as Farstriders or Eyes of the Nine due to the awkward line of sight rules, whilst lethal hexes are a boon for Orruks to control their Inspire Condition & Thorns of the Briar Queen to take advantage of.

    Board Pack Caludrons.jpg
    A great choice for Orruks and Magores as the central four deployment hexes allow you to rush into your opponent’s territory in Turn 1.


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for Board Placement

  1. How is the last board good for magores fiends? Only the top two deployment hexes are close to enemy territory. The lower two are at least 4 hexes movement away from enemy territory. I’m just not seeing it.

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