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The Sepulchral Guard Rise Again

Hey Trophy Hunter!

My goal for the year was to win a Grand Clash. I can mark that off my to-do list now, but I’ve still got some things left to do on there. Fortunately I was able to scratch out two of the factions en route to winning a Grand Clash but now I’m turning my head back towards the Sepulchral Guard because I think they’ve got some playability with the new cards from Zarbag’s Gitz, Eyes of the Nine & Echos of Glory. Deck list to follow:

so far

This is the first draft of the deck list so will need some refinement for competitive play, but fortunately Nightvault has seen a resurgence of players at The Forge and we’ve got a regular group playing on Wednesdays. The perfect place for me to test my deck before hunting Glass.



Defensive Strike: I’m slow. People like to kill me. It stands to reason any kills I make will be in my own territory.

Martyred: A new objective! Score 1 Glory immediately if the first fighter taken out this turn is a friendly fighter. Seems likely.

Change of Tactics: 
No explanation required!

What Armour?: 
New Objective! friendly fighters attack with cleave succeeds – no need to kill. Just cause damage! This is a lovely buff for SG & Magores.

Keep Them Guessing: Seems like an easy to score 2 glory objective given the number of actions available natively to the warband.

The Warden is likely to be kept safe so some buddies around won’t hurt.
Escalation: With a third of my deck as score immediately i’ll likely be equipping mid-turn so Escalation just makes sense.

Fired Up: 
I’m going to bring back the Champion so it is sensible to earn a glory for him being alive.

Extreme Flank: 
I have a lot of models to take advantage of this easy to score 2 glory.

Shining Example: 
The Warden is going to get Inspired, and I’ll try to keep him alive so
makes sense to score glory for it.

Not a huge fan but it can swing games massively and if I get three objectives it would be rude not to try.

Superior Tactician: I am confident I’ll score half these objectives in a game and this end game uplift can really bring you out in the lead.

Glory Potential: 20 + Kills + Upgrades



Quick Thinker. Time Trap. Great Concussion. Ready for Action. Hidden Paths: cause…y’know.


It’s legitimately one of the best cards in the game. I can’t leave home without it.

Restless Dead: 
Allows more action economy and can be used up push that Inspire condition.

Quick Advance: 
Pushing two models is good. Especially with the objectives I have.


Spectral Wings: 
I’m slow. This makes me not as slow.

Irresistible Prize: 
I want to see how this functions on the table. You’ll notice I don’t have Alone in the Darkness – this can help prevent that or keep Well Guarded on the table.



Tethered Spirit & A Destiny to Meet: They’re just great cards.

Slumbering Key: 
A Destiny to Meet Strikes Back!


The Formless Key: 
Hold any objective for a glory seems doable.

Tome of Glories: 
It’s like The Formless Key but can activate a few times & helps with the
objective Supremacy & Keep them Guessing.

Sudden Growth: 
Because Deathly Fortitude is great, and I like new artwork.

Faneway Crystal: 
Fantastic applications on the table, helps with stopping Denial and pushes objective play.


Binding Shard: 
Experimental. I’m gonna try and use this to glue my petitioners onto objectives.

Frightening Speed: 
+2 Move is just so good in this warband.

More wounds = more effort to kill me. Chosen this over Deathly Fortitude (for now) as I don’t want to completely hamstring my movement.




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6 thoughts on “The Sepulchral Guard Rise Again

  1. Nice write-up! Just going to leave a friendly note that Tome of Glories won’t help you score Keep Them Guessing. (As the fine print notes, only actions on a fighter’s card count toward Keep Them Guessing.)

      1. Ah, very cool. I’ll look forward to those showing up in the states, I use that card all the time.

  2. Love it. My disappointment with Binding Shard is that a Great Concussion can still push away the holder first and then get at the dudes that you were attempting to pin in place.

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