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Is the new Tzeetch warband any good?

I’m sure we’ve all seen the reveal from Warhammer Community! If you’ve not then check it out!

Now my gut reaction is that this is a lacklustre warband with lacklustre stats! The faction cards will need to be really good! Let’s take a look at them:


So Vortemis the All-seeing is probably the only member of this warband who benefits from Inspirtation – going to 2 Dodge dice is a pretty big deal, and the increased damage on Bolt of Change is a welcome bonus, especially when they have a +1 to Spell Damage card in-faction. But this guy…


3 Health! 3 Health is a meagre offering for a Tzaangor! YES it hits for 3 Damage which is nice, but without access to Cleave his re-rolls on Inspiration don’t mean as much because…it’s only got 3 Health. This beast needs upgrades before flying in. I’m disappointed in it considering the GW article calls this guy the “Heavy Hitter”.


Tweedle-dee (Turosh) and Tweedle-dum (Narvia) are easy pickings for any aggro warband, or even any magic caster!! 2 Health! Bad. 2 Fury dice to make the Range 3 Attack to Inspire is just a bit…meh. And the Inspiration only gives an extra Fury dice for Narvia this lands on the Sorcerous Bolt and grants Cleave but it’s just a 1 Damage Attack. I’m super underwhelmed. Whilst Turosh gets the extra Fury dice in combat that’s better…but does he ever want to get into combat with just 2 Health and a single Dodge dice? A stiff breeze and he falls over. Khorne laughs in his face!


An interesting take on the Horrors – I actually like these guys and expect they’ll be integral to the way the warband functions on the tabletop. The Blue Horror is easy to kill but just results in a set of brimstone horrors that arguably are even more dangerous as they may attack twice in a row.


I’m happy to be proven wrong when we get to see all the Faction cards, but as a warband that majoritively uses Fury Dice and Dodge Dice I’m not overly enamoured with them and seem like they will fall hard without a strong set of Gambits and Upgrades!



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One thought on “Is the new Tzeetch warband any good?

  1. Well, on other side ploys that they show us are one of best ploys in game (Bound by Fire and Deceitful Step). Ability that you can re-roll how much dices you want on attack is much better for me than cleave. Actually i really like what i saw so for about them.

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