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Top 5 Tips When Making Your Deck

20180902_185814Are you attending a Grand Clash? Want to win the delicious swag? Perhaps you’re taking your first leap into Warhammer Underworlds? Follow these five rules and you won’t go too far astray. Whilst you’re here check out my Top 5 Tips for Competitive Play too!

Jamie’s Top 5 Tips for Building Your Deck

  1. Identify what your chosen Warband WANTS to do – It sounds simple enough but typically a warband is steered a certain direction by the Game Developers to be good at a certain thing. Try to identify what that is and build into your strengths.
  2. Start with your Objective Deck – Gambits are cool! Who doesn’t love spells and ploys that do incredible things on the table? But without knowing what your Objective Cards are how can you build a deck tailored to completing those objectives? Pick an archetype or theme and build your Objective Deck around it.
  3. Pick Gambits relevant to your Objectives – Try to pick Gambits that feed into your overarching playstyle. For example, you’ve picked all the Hold Objective cards. How will you score them? Obviously by Moving onto them. But when your opponent drops Great Concussion and moves all your fighters, how will you recover? Push cards of your own will help here!! Similarly gambits that boost the Damage or reliability of attacks help Aggressive Warbands
  4. Upgrades are important! – Choosing your upgrades is just as vital to success as your Gambits. These will typically come into effect in Round 2 & 3 so you’ll want upgrades that aid with your Objective Deck. For example if you’re running an aggressive deck then cards such as Great Strength or Helpful Whispers will make your Attacks hit harder, or be more accurate, whilst a Hold Objective deck may want to max out on Key Upgrades to ensure a windfall of Glory in the final turn!
  5. Hone your Deck – It’s very unlikely that you’ll get a Grand Clash winning deck right first time. Every player finds something they would personally change in any deck off the internet, and that’s because it might not work for you. I love Spoils of Battle for a cheeky turn one upgrade, but my regular opponent dismissed it because they don’t like a card effect that a point of glory achieves.

Honourable Mentions

Some Neutral Objectives and Netural Gambits go hand in hand, and if you include one then you should probably include the other.

  • Alone in the Darkness & Great Concussion
  • Change of Tactics & Inspired Command (or a faction specific Guard Card)
  • Supremacy & Quick Advance
  • Bloodless & Quick Thinker
  • Blooded & Shardgale


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