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Shadespire or Nightvault?

Should I buy the Shadespire Starter Set of the Nightvault Starter Set to begin playing?

This is a common question that new players are asking in the various facebook groups, discords, twitter conversations, reddit etc.

There isn’t a right answer, both give you access to the core rules though Nightvault gives you the most up-to-date rules as it also includes how Magic interacts with the game. The only major difference besides that is the warbands contained. Stormcast Eternals vs Chaos or Stormcast Eternals vs Undead? I think your out-the-box play is better with Shadespire as the warbands are very straight forward and the decks don’t require a prior knowledge of the game, whilst Nightvault leans a little on prior knowledge to know how to get the most out of Reactions, timing steps etc

That being said…I’d jump in with the Nightvault starter set. The rules are NOT difficult to pick up and after your first 4 games you’ll get it. Then it’s a simple choice to grow your collection from there. Most of the Neutral cards are exactly the game bar the artwork so you’re not missing out on anything by buying one over the other.

Check out the unboxing of Nightvault by a very excited Giblin



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