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New Nightvault Neutral Cards Review


No new universal objectives, other than new artwork.


Vital Surge*: Difficult to cast, removes two wounds. Just take a health potion for a guaranteed effect.

Grinding Earth*: Easy to cast, places a one turn lethal hex. Not great in my opinion!

Determined Effort: +1 Dice for the next Attack Action. Decent but not likely to breaking into a ten ploy/gambit deck. At least it’s a ploy the Shadespire warbands could use.

*are Gambits and unusable by Shadespire Warbands.


Escape Artist: Reaction after an enemy attack – good for stopping Trap. After a failed attack push yourself one hex. Decent for reengaging if pushed away on a tied fight.

Lucky Trinket: HOT TRASH! Roll 3 dice looking for a crit to stop a spell within three hexes – successful or not you must discard the upgrade.

final thoughts

Nothing to get excited about there, or to shake up the meta with. I look forward to seeing how the balance between Ploy & Gambit is balanced in the upcoming warband expansions. For Shadespire warbands the Gambits are essentially blank cards. The future is bright though, I just can’t wait to get my Moonclan Grot Fanatic.


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