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Stormsire’s Cursebreakers – Faction Card Review


Measured Strike: An in-faction Precise Use of Force. This is a great objective!

Harness the Storm: Score Immediately after you successfully cast a spell. Inspire & score glory – nice.

Fight as One: With only two fighters I don’t see this being scored very often, at least it’s Score Immediately.

Devastating Blow: Killing two models in a single action phase for one glory – seems decent but this faction’s damage about isn’t quite there imo.

Blessed Banishment: Assassinate. As in my previous blog post, I’m not a fan of these unless there is a big glory swing such as with Victorious Duel.

Heavily Armed: Have all your warriors equipped for one glory in any end phase. Decent but not all that, possibly useful in a passive deck.

Magical Supremacy: Cast two spells to gain a glory – seems good if you have plenty of gambits in your power deck.

Purify the Earth: Hold an objective that your opponent previously held. Good glory but in the current state of the game doesn’t seem fantastic, as players largely ignore the objectives.

Overwhelming Storm: Score one glory if you have more surviving fighters than your opponent. Leave this one in the deck box. You only have three models, unlikely to get this.


Aetherwing Stance: Situationally useful. +1 DEF for the next Attack Action usually just means your opponent gets to draw a card.

Empathic Conduction: Hot-trash. Remove a single wound token from an adjacent fighter. Just take a healing potion for a guaranteed version of this.

Cry of Thunder: Nice ability to damage any fighter on the tabletop – there is no hiding from this. The casting value is tough but the effect might be worth the risk.

Gather the Storm: Gain Innate (Lightening) for the next spell – decent to get a guaranteed inspiration or cast one of those tougher spells.

Lightning Assault: Remake the attack you failed – nice way to mitigate dice variance.

Stormstrike: +1 DMG in the next activation – decent but Twist the Knife is a better option. Good to be able to double dip it though.

Lightening Step: Move or Charge like a ghost. Not likely to make it into the ten as it’s too situational. Just position better.

Chain Lightning: If cast and hits an enemy they suffer an auto 1DMG – simple to cast, if your opponents attacks in a conga line it has great potential!

Safeguard Spirit: If your fighter dies then your opponent doesn’t score glory. Great for a Passive Warband, jurys out if this also applies to Score Immediately cards that trigger off of death.

Stormwind: 3+ to prevent a spell – seems alright if magic becomes prevalent but outside of playing Chainrasps or other Cursebreakers it is weak at the moment.


Corposant Staff: Spell. If cast gain +1 Range on attacks. Could be decent but the cost of an action for that effect is an investment!

Lightening Whip: Basically Trap for all your attacks from Rastus or Ammis. Strong upgrade.

Hurricane Step: Push a fighter 1 hex after an attack action. Decent to charge in and then disengage after.

Tempest Might: Great Strength for Spells. Not really useful right now but likely to be included with more damaging spells in the future.

Unstoppable Zeal: errr, if you kill someone you get to make a weak attack against someone else – nice to set up another kill but likely means that your opponent had support on the first attack.

Warding Blast: Hits all adjacent enemies 2 swords for 2dmg – decent scything attack but not particularly accurate, probably not in the ten cards.

Stunning Blow: An interesting upgrade 50/50 to place a charge token an opposing model that fails an Attack on this model. Decent if you’re in the thick of it and want to try and prevent your opponent’s big hitter activating.

Eye of the Storm: Upgrade that gives Innate (lightning) decent if drawn early as spells become extremely reliable. Seems like a strong card if you double down on gambits.

Disarming Blow: Extremely situational card. Opposing model fails an attack, you roll a 50/50, and discard an attack action upgrade. SO specific, probably won’t see this unless there are lots of special attacks floating around in the Nightvault.

Blessed Blade: A 2 Hammer 2 Damage cleave attack upgrade. Decent but 2 Damage is pretty trash unless you can stack up Damage buffs. Not likely to make it imo.


Currently this warbands seems below the curve but I fully expect they’ll be the Reavers of the season and come into their own once arcane bolts and fireballs become commonplace. Join us tomorrow when we’ll be reviewing the NEW Neutral Cards contained in Nightvault!


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