Thorns of the Briar Queen – Faction Card Review


As Nagash Commands: A nice Third End Phase card – especially in the current ‘objectives don’t matter’ meta we have. Two Glory is good, but I think I’d rather have Superior Tactician given how easy some of the objectives are, reaching 6 shouldn’t be an issue.

Death Sentence: Crowding out with three friendly fighters would usually be an auto-pass for me, however with the way this warband is constructed and the fact it is a score immediately I’m actually considering this!

Drag Them Down: Requires three successful Attack actions – not a huge fan of this one as a lot of dice are involved. Two Glory Score Immediately is tempting though, and they do have a lot of cleave and dodge-cleave.

Execution: Assassinate. Overall, I’m not a fan of the ‘kill the leader’ cards unless it provides a big glory swing like Victorious Duel.

Swarming Spirits: Easily scorable Score Immediately, especially with Varclav’s Action! Notice the ‘move’ isn’t capitalised so Push actions count for this!!

Take the City: Hold all the objectives on one or more game boards. Nah. I’m good – if I’m going for hold objective cards there are straight up better choices.

Treacherous Foe: Score Immediately for making a Reaction. Yes please; Quick Thinker, Ready for Action, Twist the Knife, Trap, Tethered Spirit, Rebound – all these amazing cards have a brutal in-game effect…and score me glory. Auto include!

The Vengeful Dead: Inspiring these guys shouldn’t be a problem but getting all Inspired for one glory seems like a lot of work. Probably gonna skip this card.

Vengeful Advance: All surviving models into your opponent’s territory – this one is certainly achievable, however with seven models it’s easily disrupted.


Howling Vortex: 75% chance of success to cast Great Concussions big brother. This is getting taken. So much versatility!

Sudden Appearance: Ever wanted Illusory Fighter for the whole board? You got it.

Grasping Chains: Each Chainrasp counts as two fighters for supports. Decent but probably not getting taken.

Maddening Cackle: Reaction: Don’t Inspire. Don’t have fun. This is a VERY strong ploy – fighting for space in the 10.

Vengeful Curse: Very flavourful however not so keen on this one. The adjacent requirement makes it unlikely to come off…well unless you hunt as a pack.

Spectral Touch: Cleave for the next attack – decent but there are upgrades that do this.

Rending Scream: Tough to cast but if it goes off…that’s potentially a lot of damage!

Spectral Parry: The Guard Card. Great to score Change of Tactics – where possible this is in most of my decks now.

Endless Malice: ‘Try again Brag’ – if you messed up your first attack don’t worry we got you covered…and hey you also just scored Treacherous Foe!

Drifting Advance: Push all Chainrasps two hexes towards the nearest enemy fighter, this is money in the bank! Likely to Inspire, huge threat extension. God this just so good on paper.


Face of Death: Yep – make your opponent roll less dice, and it’s a reaction during an attack so prevents Twist the Knife. I’m game.

Grasping Thorns: ‘Get Over Here’ situationally useful. Can see some hilarious Lethal Hex play with it.

Shacklegheist Chains: Trophy Hunter for a model with DMG 3 and 2 Hammers. I’m in.

Inescapable Vengeance: Teleportation on tap. Yep. I’m sold.

Curse of Unbinding: 50/50 to prevent spells/gambits – magic doesn’t seem all that right now. May come back to this with later warbands.

Sadistic Strike: Nice ability if Varclav is uninspired. Scales very well with Great/Incredible Strength.

Strangling Coil: 3 daggers, 3DMG – solid upgrade

Driven by Hatred: Additional dice on the charge – not a bad upgrade but competing to be included.

Chill Touch: Cleave for Dodges – eyes on you Skritch, Reavers & Skeles.

Creeping Terror: Tokyo Drift your way through your opponent and get a cheeky 1DMG point for a 50/50 with no defence. Combos wonderfully with Sadistic Strike!


WOW! These guys are looking fantastic – solid upgrades (potentially some of the most thematic AND competitive in-faction upgrades!). I can’t wait to get these on the table and start swarming my opponents with ghosts! Check back tomorrow when I’ll be giving my thoughts on the Cursebreakers!


  1. I haven’t seen the text on Face of Death, but I can bet it won’t stop Twist the Knife. Even if both cards trigger “during an Attack action,” they go off at different times: FoD before the dice are rolled, and TtK after success is determined. There’s a FAQ ruling that works just like this, but I don’t have the FAQ on hand to check it out.

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