Thorns of the Briar Queen – Hot Take

We were recently treated to the Thorns of the Briar Queen warband, and the rules for all the models it contains. Before we begin, a huge round of applause to GW Community team for revealing this pre-release and for letting us get our creative juices flowing.

GW – if you’re reading this and want a level headed review of the Moonclan Grot warband I’d be more than willing to volunteer as tribute.

Let’s dive in!


Good Move. Good Defence. Good Health Pool. Good Casting. Strong Attack!

A worthy leader for the Chainrasps. Nothing flashy just a good strong profile.



Good Move. Good Defence. Good Health Pool. Good Attack. Amazing Action Economy.

I can see Varclav being used in an objective play deck, and super aggro to allow all five Chainrasps to descend upon their victims – Potential combo play into Time Trap and Ready for Action seems like a real possibility.



Great Move. Weak Defence (until Inspired). Average Health Pool. Average Attack (better Inspired).

I reckon this guy will regularly be the first to fall. 3 Health is in one-shot range for a lot of factions off the bat, and removing Cleave is vital to the majority of warbands.



Good Move. Weak Defence (until Inspired). Poor Health Pool. Poor Attack.

The Petitioners of the Warband. Though slightly better than the Petitioners due to the double defence dice upon Inspiration. I’d expect to see these guys used as the ‘warm bodies’ that clog up the way to the meaningful targets and provide Support to the named fighters.

Overall Thoughts

Looking very strong, could fall down to strong aggro play but I expect they’ll have shenanigans aplenty to help deal with them such as…


This card is terrifying for models such as Skritch, Grimnir, Riptooth, and Gurzag who want to be a one-rat/duardin/orruk wrecking crew! Join us tomorrow when we’ll be having a hottake of Stormsire’s Cursebreakers.

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