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New Stormcast – Nightvault

Yet more secrets escape from the Nightvault! Found on ‘The Shadespire Community’ Facebook Group are the three uninspired Stormcast!

They contain the ‘norm’ that we’ve come to expect from Stormcast:

Move: 3 Hexes
Defence: 1 Shield
Wounds: 4

But where these golden clad warriors differ is that there attacks are pretty pants! But we also get our first glimpse at a spell!

Spell Action (?): If this spell is cast, you can re-roll one attack dice each time this fighter makes an Attack action until the end of the phase.

Exciting stuff! The symbol next to the Spell Action (?) seems to be the symbol required to successfully cast the spell, and the new symbol next to the Name seems to be their casting ability. So Rastus the Charmed would roll one dice needing the symbol next to the spell name to be successful. The leader is more adept and rolls two dice, increasing the chance of success! The Stormcast also Inspire by successfully casting a spell – so it seems that Turn One may involve simply casting spells to prepare yourself.

What do you think of their attack stats?

Their attacks seem rather weak overall though we can make out that Rastus the Charmed has Cleave natively built into his second attack, and that Ammis Dawnguard has Knockback [X] on their first attack. It’s certainly a different approach to combat as these guys will struggle to take on other 4 Wound warbands out of the gate and will need Ploys and Upgrades to reach that mighty 4 DMG stat.

It’s safe to assume that when they Inspire they’ll be getting a second defence dice, but perhaps they’ll also get a DMG increase, which will make that decision to cast Empowered on themselves to reach the higher damage and then Attack with an accurate swing of their hammers!

I’m intrigued to see what Faction specific cards they get as their Objective cards will heavily determine how this warband is played. From the miniscule amount of information we’ve seen here it looks like another Defensive build to me. What do you think? It’s all very exciting times and I cannot wait to see how the Troggoth and Squigeon interact with the game.



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One thought on “New Stormcast – Nightvault

  1. Blowout! I was hoping they all had 222 attack stats to make them actually unique base attacks, not just worse Champs. The access to frontside Cleave with a reroll, or an effective 4 swords attack makes for interesting secondary attacks though.

    Those spells seem really difficult to cast. Rolling one dice and needing a hammer equivalent, probably as an action, is a 5050 to get a reroll, only on that model. And the spell we’ve seen so far looks like it’s 2 dice, needing 2 Hammers! Granted it looks like infinite range but still. Spending an action for a 1/4 chance seems not so great.

    Kind of glad that, so far at least, magic doesn’t look so powerful that it’s leaving the Season 1 warbands in the dust.

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