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Nightvault – Chainrasps

So we had a leak of the Chainrasps on Reddit! Which gave us the Inspired & Uninspired version of a Chainrasp AND the amazing ploy that will get them Inspired!

So lets take a look at their base profile and break it down…


Underwhelming much!! 1 dodge dice, 2 health – these guys will be easy pickings for Aggro warbands as most warriors will be able to one-shot these ghosts!

Also! That attack is the most inaccurate attack in the game to date! Which makes me believe this warband is going to rely heavily on supporting each other to make their attacks more accurate, and given there are SEVEN of these ghosts I think it’s a safe assumption!

The ability to ignore Hazardous Hexes really make the board pack a tempting pick for this faction as your opponent will suffer whilst you’re free to place them wherever you want. The second part about ignoring blocked & occupied hexes give them almost complete freedom of movement.

Finally! Their inspire condition makes attacking them all-or-nothing; succeed and you’ll probably kill them, fail and you’ll inspire them. Push Ploys will also be a huge way to ensure they do not Inspire (or do if you’re playing them). Speaking of which…


Drifting Advance will allow ALL of your Chainrasps to push themselves TWO hexes toward the nearest enemy model! Play this at the end of your opponents activation and you’re very likely to Inspire multiple models, especially with their decent speed value.

So…now you’ve Inspired your Chainrasp what have you gained?


So, you’ve survived the attack or pushed yourself to Inspire. What did you gain? Plus 1 Move, an extra dice on your attack and an extra dodge dice!

All in it’s a good Inspire, and I expect the Mov 4 to enable the resurrection mechanic to get the fighters back involved (I think it’s safe to assume there will be a res mechanic). Two dodge dice are always good to have making it more likely to hit a crit, however the attack is still a little lack lustre. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if this faction had bonuses for crowd outs or allow them to CHAIN attacks together via ploys.

We’ll need to see the leader card to really get a measure of what this warbands playstyle is going to be. It’s exciting times for Warhammer Underwords and little snippets like this really get the juices flowing!

I fear the pits of obsolescence await the Sepulchral Guard with these guys though.

Let me know in the comments, on facebook or on twitter what you think the Chainrasp playstyle will be!


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